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Product Description:

Product Description

Type GC series multistage Pump
Single-suction, multi-stage centrifugal pump
Capacity: 6-55m3/h;
Head: 46-576m
Power: 2.2-400KW;
Outlet: 50-200mm;
Temperature: Less than 110 degree celsius
Clear water without solid particles or other liquid which is physically and chemically similar to clear water.
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TypeSCSize mmFlow
(m ³ /h)
H (m)
Shaft sealFiledNoted
Slurry pumpLWA1" ~12"4~25005~99Centrifugal seal
Packing seal
widely use in metallurgical
, mining, coal, power, building material
Submerged Slurry pumpLWYZ(R)40~3008~15005~35-Abrasive, large particle and high density slurryvertical without shaft seal
Slurry pumpXZ XZL TXL40~30015~230015~134Expeller sea+packing seal
Packing seal
Power metallurgical mining coal and building materialMAX Cw
45%(ash); 60%(ore)
Flue gas desul furizationDT(L)40~8004.3~97001.4~88-FGDph 2.4~1.3
Cl - less than 60000ppm
Cw less than 60%
Tem. Less than 120º C
Submersible Sewage pumpLWQW40~5007~30007~45-sewage pump for buildings, residential quarters, municipal, road, sewage plants, sewage treatment plants, hospitals etcenergy-saving, non-blocking, anti-winding and long life
Double-suction centrifugal pumpLWS SH150~600120~1400010~120soft packingIndustrial, mines, water supply, power station, hydraulic engineering, irrigation or drainage etcTem. Max
80º C
Water pumpHJ(R)B50~2006.3~4005~125-Industrial and urban water supply discharge and agricultureTem.   Max
80º C
Boiler water supply pumpLWD(G)C40~2003.75~30069~1050packing seal
water(Cw less than 1%, D less than 0.1mm)Tem. Max
160º C
Boiler feed water pumpGC-6~5546~576-Boiler, factories and cities feeding waterTem. MAX
210º C

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Q:what would cause a domestic water pump to seize?
These pumps can have their own bearing or they may rely on the bearings in the motor. Most of these are anti-friction bearings that have a limited life. Also if the pump runs dry it can over heat and seize.
Q:Multi storey residential buildings also need to set up pressurized water pump room, direct water supply can not be?
Multi-storey residential building in general can use tap water pipe network pressure water directly, but all regions due to different network differences, in some areas, because of the lower pressure of the municipal pipe network, such as lack of high-rise building 5-6 pressure, can direct water supply cannot meet the demand of domestic water use, then you need the two pressurized water supply. The general water supply equipment needs the construction of pumping stations, and the pump house can be built on the first floor or the ground floor. There are also no water supply equipment, such as pipe pump, frequency conversion water supply equipment, the water supply equipment from outside to see, is a group of stainless steel pipeline, no pumping room. Outdoor box type water supply equipment is also a choice, water supply equipment comes with equipment, can be placed outdoors. Zibo Boshan new Duke water supply equipment
Q:86 535i bmw water pump? installation ?
What is easy for you may be hard for others, so I would not give the job any hardship rating. But the approximate job entails doing these...descriptions from viewpoint of person standing infront and looking towards the engine... a) remove fan blade with fan clutch by turning big nut clockwise (reverse thread) b) remove fan belt, then remove pulley attached to water pump c) remove radiator fan shroud if you can to have more space to work in d) put basin underneath engine to catch coolant and detach radiator hose connected to water pump e) remove 6 bolts holding water pump and remove pump f) clean surface of engine block to remove left over sealant/gasket g) install new pump and other removed parts in reverse order h) add coolant, bleed (using bleeder screws in thermostat housing and upper radiator hose), then top-off coolant to proper level marked on expansion tank near windshield. i) ran engine or roadtest, then recheck coolant level after overnight stay or when engine cools down.
Q:USB controlled water pump?
I'd look for a USB IO module, add a relay, and switch a standard pump.
Q:What is the reason that the water supply of pump is getting smaller?
1, the water pump screen plug, should remove the filter screen sundries.2, the use of lift is too high. Over the pump range, the pump should be adjusted to use height or replace the pump head.3, pump impeller plug or wear, should remove the impeller sundry. Replace the impeller if worn.4, pump outlet pipe blocked by debris, should remove the debris in the pipe outlet.5, diameter and pump does not match, replace the outlet pipe.6, the pump cover gap is too large, increased pump volume loss, should adjust the gap.7, pump body and pump cover leakage, should tighten the pump cover screw, make the pump body and pump cover close coordination.8, the pump speed is low, the use of voltage is too low. Should adjust the voltage to the rated value, replace the thicker cable or avoid peak use.9, water pump diving depth is too shallow, there is air intake, should adjust the diving depth. Pump running depth is not less than 0.5 meters.Yi Mai water pump to help you answer, I hope to help you
Q:22KW pump motor direct start circuit breaker and contactor size? Concrete calculation method
22KW the water pump motor is 380V. 22KW rated current is about 44A, 10 square copper wire is enough, the motor will often start off ah, if it is not available for DZ108-63 50A, CJX2-50 50A contactor is 380V.Pump motor (pump motor) according to the structure classification, should be divided into horizontal motor and vertical motor. Because of the work characteristics of pump starting torque is relatively small, the starting frequency is relatively small, relatively long time continuous operation and other characteristics, so the majority of pump motor asynchronous motor cage rotor or synchronous motor.The pump motor should be selected according to the selection of shaft power; motor shaft power power is greater than one level; for example: axle power is 15KW, select the motor should be: 18.5KW for motor with very few, according to the actual working conditions. 2 pole motor is generally used in the head of micro height, flow is not large (calculation is more complicated). Large flow, small lift occasions can choose 4 pole motor. Super large flow, lower head select 4 or 6 pole motor, when choose six pole motor, power can be reduced according to the shaft power of a grade.
Q:What made my water pump lock up?
I have a '93 Cherokee too. So I can answer any question you have about it. Water pump failure is caused be bad seal or bearings. Since it locked up, your bearings were the problem. Maybe the belt was too tight? At any rate, before you give all of your money away on any more probs, give me a ring, K. BTW, I changed my water pump out last month. It was an Autozone special w/lifetime warranty. Since it was a replacement, I didn't pay a dime. Contact me via email with any more Jeep probs and I'll walk you through it. Water pumps on '93 Cherokees are tightened throught the Power Steering pump mounting bracket, no tensioner. Replacements is considerably more than a simple belt swap. You must remove the clutch and elec fan to access the water pump bolts. I had to unbolt the A/C compressor and move it out of way. It took me about 4 hours to do the waterpump and thermostat. Not for the faint of heart. But if you are willing to save a few bucks and have access to a few tools, it's all pretty easy.
Q:How much can you safely restrict a water pump's flow?
I wouldn't restrict it more than about 10% or so personally. I would ask you to think about this: The rated flow rate on a pump is under perfect operating conditions and is usually a mathmatical model that cannot really be acheived in the real world. Your pump probbaly is several gallons per hours behind that. If the tank is on a stand and the pump on the floor, the head pressure alone may slow it to 1300 or below. Additional tubing, especially hard angles will further reduce the flow. I would suggest you get a flow meter ( you can probably borrow one from a plumber for a day) and test the actual flow rate in your set up. Remember that the chiller will further reduce the flow itself. Odds are good you are closer to the needed 1300 than you think. You can also install a small diverter valve in the line. Basically splitting the output from the pump into two lines. One can carry about 1250 GPH and the other the rest which it just returns to the tank unchilled. Hope that helps MM
Q:replaced my water pump?
Could be the check valve in your holding tank is allowing it to bleed the pressure back into the well thru the pump and once the pressure regulator drops to cut-in press the pump runs. Get a chair and watch the pressure gage.
Q:How to replace a water pump on a 1996 mercury 200 hp?
Save yourself a lot of time and trouble and take it to a certified Mecury mechanic.

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