Gasoline plate compactor 100KG type drived by Gasoline engine

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200 set/month

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Quick Details

  • Condition: New

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: JINYAO

  • Model Number: HZR100-A

  • Power(W): 5.5HP

  • Weight: 90KGS

  • Dimension(L*W*H): 80*55*75CM

  • Certification: CE

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided


Packaging & Delivery



100 type Plate compactor HZR100-A,centifugal force 15KN,compaction depth 30cm,drived by gasline engine 5.5hp


Anti-vibration handle, reduces vibration to the operator by 50%
Economical price tag
Solid, high-strength steel base plate with curved edges for excellent performance and smooth turns on wet concrete surface
Highly maneuverable, ideal for tight, confined areas
Rubber Wheel for convience carrying
Folden Carrying Handle Easy Carry & Stand small Space

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Q:Carburetor gasoline leak automatic ramming machine
The oil needle on the carburetor float doesn't seal properly. Just open it and clean it
Q:Vertical rammer leakage repair
If crankcase ventilation is poor, it is likely to cause pressure in the crankcase to rise, resulting in multiple oil seepage.If the oil filter and some of the oil pipe joints after tightening or oil leakage, should pay attention to check whether the oil pressure is too high, the oil pressure limiting valve is not working well.
Q:Ramming machine excavator and compacted soil which good?
When the excavator can tamper with, because of a large amount of backfill construction, ramming machine is too slow, the excavator bucket inside will be filled with soil, and then down the row, when ramming machine, as for the effect, general.
Q:CFG pile base can use tamper tamp it
1, CFG pile profiles:CFG pile is English Cement Fly-ash Gravel Pile abbreviation, meaning cement fly ash gravel pile, by gravel, stone chip, sand, fly ash mixed with cement, water mixing, with a variety of pile machine made of variable strength pile. By adjusting the amount and proportion of cement, the strength grade varies between C15-C25, which is a kind of pile type between the rigid pile and the flexible pile. CFG pile and soil between piles with the formation of CFG pile composite foundation to work together through the cushion, so it can be based on the behavior of composite foundation and calculation in engineering design. CFG piles generally do not need to calculate the reinforcement, and can also use industrial waste, fly ash and stone debris as admixture, further reducing the cost of the project.
Q:Rammer tamping machine safety operation regulation
1. tamping machine before using the built insulation lines, leakage protection, directional switch, belt, eccentric block, confirmation before use.The operation of 2. tamping machine two, a rotary machine, a finishing wire, prevent the ramming interrupted power line, electric shock accidents.3. tamping machine not in frozen soil, stone, broken bricks and stone miscellaneous soil tamping, tamping machine turn, turn and not fiercely spreading does not help their free walking.4. tamping machine operation, machine 2m no one. Taiwan compactor is hit, the distance not less than 5m. The distance is not less than 10m. The operating personnel must wear insulated shoes, wear insulated gloves.5., the random power supply should maintain 3-4m margin, found cable kinking, winding, when broken, should promptly power cut, stop operation, repair immediately6., move the machine before the power off, tie the eccentric block, good cable.
Q:Vibratory plate compactor and impact rammer which effect is good
Tamping large area sand and crushed stone should be done by flat rammer,Compacted clay like long and narrow groove foundation shall be impacted by vertical impact rammer. Hope to help you.
Q:Each layer requires ramming machine in the construction standard of soil thickness after compaction or virtual shop
Each layer requires ramming machine in the construction standard of soil thickness is the virtual shop
Q:Do not pull a gasoline rammer
If you do not describe your problem clearly, there is no way to help you.
Q:What materials need to tamper
This process is called ramming compaction foundation. Before ramming with stones, with four people carrying a ram. Now there is a rammer, more simple.
Q:The slope, there is a tamper budget, is the ramming area is how calculated? Fifteen
No matter how many layers, the floor area of the ground surface is constant, so the area required by the ground surface is calculated.

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