Gas Fire PIt Gazebo Patio Heater Outdoor Furniture Buy at okorder

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Product Description:

Product: outdoor patio heater


Quick Details

  • Type: Fire Pits

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: WELLFP-S-C

  • Feature: Stocked

  • COLOR:: according to requirements

  • Material: Steel/MGO

Packaging & Delivery

Standard Package. (Details as follows) 1pcs/1carton, 76pcs for 20' Container, 160pcs for 40GP Container ,194pcs for 40HQ Container.


World Top 500 Enterprises

Custom AA

Authorized Safety Certification

Gas Fire PIt Gazebo Patio Heater Outdoor Furniture Buy at okorder


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1 sincere

CNBM International is a state company, now is one of the largest state-owned group cooperation in China! All the outdoor heaters produced by CNBM are compliant with the national level quality.

2 professional

Our engineers will at your services 24hours to answer your questions. Our goal is to provide the best professional services.

3 quality

 CNBM International’s outdoor heater have strict quality control, only the best quality products can pass the test.


 We have professional sales team to guarantee your reply within 12hours to save your precious time.

5 After sales

If the tower crane has any problems, we will solve your problems in first time.

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