Garden Sofa Furniture Rattan Outdoor Furniture B-251

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Product Description:

Product Description:


Material introduction:

1)  PE Rattan: UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, moisture proof , easy to clean, durable, elastic, environment-friendly

2)  Aluminum: brand-new aluminum, not recycled. 1.2-1.5mm thickness, Strong structure and light weight with good powder coating.

3)  Fabric: 100% polyester , UV and water resistance, color optional, colorfast.

4)  Wood: Plywood, powder coating Aluminum frame.

Product series:

1.Chair series: patio chair, beach chair, folding chair, stackable chair, wicker chair, Rattan chair, wooden chair, cafe chair, coffee chair, Leisure chair, garden chair, Arm-chair, reclining chair ect.


2.Table series: Wooden table, rattan table, coffee table, wicker table, Garden table, patio table, dining table, picnic table, tea table, BBQ table ect.


3.Sofa Series: outdoor sofa, indoor sofa, rattan sofa, wicker sofa, two seat sofa, three seat sofa, combination sofa, single sofa, love seat, corner sofa, leisure sofa, sofa bed, round sofa ect.


4.Others:Couch,canopy,gazebo,swing,hammock,footrest,bench,lounger,chaise longue, sun umbrella, garden furniture in sets, cane furniture ect.

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Q:I'm trying to locate those support pads they advertised that goe under sofa cushions for reinforcement.?
This Site Might Help You. RE: I'm trying to locate those support pads they advertised that goe under sofa cushions for reinforcement.? They use to be advertised on tv. You put them under your sofa or chair cushions to give the couch more support under the cushions. Anyone remember what they were called or where I could find some? Thanks so much!
Q:Most comfortable sectional sofa?
I have this sofa: And it is very comfortable.
Q:Modeling under SOFA stamp?
Although she is probably not a korean national, she should be able to find work 'on the economy'.
Q:What kinds of materials are used for outdoor furniture?
Walnut trees, evergreen trees, "African tree king". Producing areas are mainly Burma, India, Vietnam and so on. This wood has uniform color, oily feeling; heartwood brown to reddish brown, with a thin dark or light fine lines, dark holes containing gum tube; texture straight or wavy; wood strength, hard material, fine structure, uniform, corrosion resistance, good toughness, good wear resistance, dry shrinkage small. It is suitable for making precious furniture, high-grade decoration, making expensive musical instruments and so on.
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Q:what can i do to stop my cat who is 6 years old from using my new sofa arms as a scratch post he already has?
Put some double side tape or rolled up duct tape on the side of your couch or where ever he is scratching. Just keep that there for some time and after a while he will stop scratching.
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try goop
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