Garden Sofa Furniture Rattan Outdoor Furniture B-239

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Product Description:

Product Description:


Material introduction:

1)  PE Rattan: UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, moisture proof , easy to clean, durable, elastic, environment-friendly

2)  Aluminum: brand-new aluminum, not recycled. 1.2-1.5mm thickness, Strong structure and light weight with good powder coating.

3)  Fabric: 100% polyester , UV and water resistance, color optional, colorfast.

4)  Wood: Plywood, powder coating Aluminum frame.

Product series:

1.Chair series: patio chair, beach chair, folding chair, stackable chair, wicker chair, Rattan chair, wooden chair, cafe chair, coffee chair, Leisure chair, garden chair, Arm-chair, reclining chair ect.


2.Table series: Wooden table, rattan table, coffee table, wicker table, Garden table, patio table, dining table, picnic table, tea table, BBQ table ect.


3.Sofa Series: outdoor sofa, indoor sofa, rattan sofa, wicker sofa, two seat sofa, three seat sofa, combination sofa, single sofa, love seat, corner sofa, leisure sofa, sofa bed, round sofa ect.


4.Others:Couch,canopy,gazebo,swing,hammock,footrest,bench,lounger,chaise longue, sun umbrella, garden furniture in sets, cane furniture ect.

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Q:What goes with a brown suede corner sofa?
If your sofa is more or less modern, or casual looking, then you can go with a very trendy color scheme, like chocolate brown (sofa), muted pale blue (for example window treatments, like nice heavy velvet or sherry organza or silk), earthy taupe (walls: important taupe should be much lighter then your sofa's color!). Furniture could be dark brown and simple (espresso), or light colored like maple (but than it should be very stream-lined) or even lacquered white and chunky. You can get a lot of inspiration for this color scheme at west elm's web-site. You can replace pale blue with apple-green, it's much more punchy and casual. For the accents, you can bring Burnt Orange to both color schemes and add some organic elements like woolen rug (flokati) or some art work made out of wood, ceramic or glass!
Q:do u like to sleep on ur BED or SOFA !!!!????
Sofa, but everyone else always make me go to the bedroom.
Q:How did u guys get a sofa into ur new house the last time u moved?
Sometimes if you cannot fit furniture into your entrance it helps to try to reduce the size. Perhaps remove excess packaging or remove the legs. This provides the additional clearance that you might need. Another option is to simply tilt the sofa upwards assuming you have normal height ceilings. This will allow you to enter the room without having to turn the sofa nearly as much
Q:curve sofa or corner sofa...?
Ask a furniture salesperson for a curved wedge sectional sofa. Most sectionals are made from a sofa with 2 arms and a sofa with one arm and they fit together in a corner. What you want a sectional that is two sofas with arms only on the opposite sides and a curved wedge to join them. This is not hard to find in cloth or leather. It is my preference because no one wants to sit in the square corner but someone will sit in the curve. Good choice. Consider a suede microfiber with a texture if leather is too expensive. It will wear well, won't stain. Get a leather that does not scratch with your fingernail.
Q:how can you get red of urine smell off the sofa?
You could hire a stream cleaner?about (£15) to hire. it would take a little while for your sofa to dry out but it would come up clean. You could just unload a whole can of fabreeze onto it? you could have it cleaned by a professional and then have it scotch guarded too keep away smells in the future.
Q:? about furniture (love seat/sofa w/ recliners built in)?
You could get leather, as leather will go with anything. However, there are a lot of styles and qualities of leather sofas. If you have a lot of kids and pets, I would wait on the leather. Go to a furniture store and look at what they have. Most stores have a designers section where you can check out fabric samples. I would suggest getting a durable fabric with a high # rating that will last for years and... get one that is in a print with lots of different colors (easier to hide spills and stains).
Q:Outdoor furniture in the chair, rattan is plastic?
The same effect can be achieved is beautiful and practical, it will be your chair, Shenzhen Kang Ford Motor Co have multiple choices, you can refer to.
Q:Looking for a comfortable yet affordable sofa bed?
Have you learnt the position in Caloocan the place you purchase those furnitures? Close fifth avenue, alongside the street of SANGANDAAN. Plenty of selections and its less expensive than going to places within the mall.
Q:Where can I find inexpensive, good quality, modern sofas or living room furniture.....?
Q:Does Broyhill make good sofas?
I think they are a good quality midprice Co. I found websites that had the manufacturers specs and the warranty info for you , by searching broyhill manufacture sofa construction specs.

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