Garden Plastic Watering Can With Capacity 900 ML

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500000 pc/month

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Garden sprayer, agriculture sprayer, manual sprayer, hand sprayer, water sprayer, chemial sprayer, weedicide sprayer, insecticide sprayer, pesticide sprayer,  plastic sprayer, stainless steel sprayer, trigger sprayer, pressure sprayer. 


Tank material:Blowing PE

Lance:60CM Fiber Glass Lance

Nozzle:Double/Fan Style/Adjustable nozzles


Hose:1.2M PVC HOSE

Working pressure:0.2-0.4 MPA

Max pressure:1MPA

Spare kits:o-ring, sealing washer, sealing cup.

Packing1pcs/color box


Loading capacity:1x20'GP can load  760pcs

           1x40'HQ can load 1720pcs


 Garden Plastic Watering Can With Capacity 900 ML


1.Made of PE hand sprayer

2.Fully adjustable nozzle and trigger lock

3.6L tank volume 0.15-0.3Mpa

4.1.58 gallon sprayer 



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1. Can supply with both Mold  & Molded parts.

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3. With more than 25 years experience.

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5. Accept only OEM / ODM / Customer Projects. We do not have any existing molds for sell.

6. Mold building lead time: Around 40-50 days, with 1st Mold trialing report and Mold trailing samples.  

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