Garbage Truck Safe Container Detached for Sale (HZZ5140XLJ

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Garbage Truck Safe Container Detached  for Sale (HZZ5140XLJ

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:HZZ5140XLJ


Type:Garbage Truck




Emission Standard:Euro 3


Engine Type:4 Stroke




Drive Wheel:6×4





Gross Weight:25000kg



Tare Weight:11620kg

Axle Payload:7000/18000


Front/Rear Overhang:1460/1590mm

Wheelbase:4325+1350, 4600+1350mm


Approche/Departure Angle:15/19degree

Spring Leaf Steel:9/12, 10/12, 10/-


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:China. Jinggong



Standard:ISO9001, CCC


Origin:Hubei, China

Production Capacity:20units/Months

Product Description

Chassis ModelEQ3141KJ
Chassis ManufacturerDONGFENG
Outer dimension(mm)6700×2490×3250
Wheelbase (mm)3800
Number of Axle2
Tare weight(Kg)8205
Engine model/Engine power(kw)ISBE185 30/136
ISDe180 30/132
ISDe185 30/136
ISDe210 30/155
Fuel typeDiesel
Vehicle emission standardIII(National III)
Spec. of Tyre10.00-20/10.00R20
Max. Speed(km/h)85

Garbage Truck Safe Container Detached  for Sale (HZZ5140XLJ

Garbage Truck Safe Container Detached  for Sale (HZZ5140XLJ

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