Garbage Truck Natural Gas Fuel Kitchen

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Product Description:

 Garbage Truck Natural Gas Fuel Kitchen

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:HJK5160TCAN5


Fuel:Natural Gas

Certification:ISO9000, CCC, CE


Emission Standard:Euro 5



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Origin:Xianning City, Hubei Province


HS Code:8705909990

Production Capacity:3000 Units/Y

Product Description

1. Basic Information:
Vehicle dimensions (mm): 7940*2490*3130                 Total mass (Kg): 16000
Rated load (Kg): 6340                                                          Curb weight (Kg): 9660
Wheel base (mm): 4500                                                     Chassis model: EQ1160GD5NJ
Engine model : YC6J190N-52                                           Max. speed (km/h):90
Unloading lifting angle of container:45o                     Rated pressure of hydraulic system (Mpa):16
Volume of container (m3): 8.4                                       Volume of water tank (m3): 0.4

Chassis modelEQ1160GD5NJEngine modelYC6J190N-52
Engine Power140kwTotal mass (Kg)       16000
Rated load (Kg)6340Curb weight (Kg)9660
Wheel base (mm)4500Vehicle dimensions (mm)7940*2490*3130
Garbage Container Volume (m 3 )8.4Water Tank Volume(m 3 )0.4

Garbage Truck Natural Gas Fuel Kitchen

Garbage Truck Natural Gas Fuel Kitchen

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