Garage door autolatch striker

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Garage door autolatch striker:
(1)DEC:Autolatch Stirker
(2)Suitable in combination with Autolatch
(3)We can tailor-made for y

Garage door autolatch striker:

(1)DEC:Autolatch Striker
(2)Suitable in combination with Autolatch


(4)Long hole size:7*61mm

(5)Finish:Zince plated


(7)Packing:according to customer's requirements

We are a professional exporter of punch parts.
We are one of the largest enterprise of design,develop, manufacturer,sales of garage door part and OEM seivice.

So we can also tailor-made for you.

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Q:How to hang curtains on the curtains to look good
You do what style of the curtains, need to look at the beautiful hook
Q:How to compensate when the window is demolished
The original residential building may require compensation for commercial premises.
Q:Home decoration to buy the door and the windows above the stickers did not tear up, but after the decoration can not afford to tear off, how to do?
With the banana water wipe off, is to sell the decoration materials store, a bottle of 3 quick money around, pay attention to wearing rubber gloves, the banana water poured on the rag, with a rag paint on it.
Q:How to connect the curtain curtain and curtain hook
1, line positioning. Taking into account the fixed firmness, to avoid the spacing of the fixed parts can not withstand the tension, first measure the size of the required installation track, and then calculate the fixed pitch, the general spacing of the fixed parts of not more than 50 cm, and then line positioning, The accuracy of positioning is related to the success or failure of curtain installation. 2, the installation of fixed parts. General installation of fixed parts for the cement wall or roof need to add expansion screw. 3, wear pulley. When the window width is greater than 1200mm, the curtain rail should be broken, broken open simmer curved staggered, simmer curved should be smooth curve, lap length of not less than 200mm. To wear the pulley on the track, be sure to pay attention to the length of the track, the general specifications are: 1 meter long track to install seven pulleys, so as to ensure the installation of curtains after the size of the force and force of the uniformity. 4, the window rails installed pulley, in order to avoid the pulley from the track roll out, but also to avoid the corners of the track at both ends of the scratch to scratch the flaws in the window track at both ends of the seal with a seal, Then use a screw to seal the seal. 5, the convergence of the fixed card slot and track. Will be put on the pulley curtains into the fixed card slot, and then set the hoisting clip, so that the fixed pieces of the hoisting clip and track into 90 degrees, with screws will be hoisting clamp tightening, so that hoisting the clip firmly clinging to the curtain track.
Q:A method of making a curtain
Can be complete training curtains measurement, budget, design, tailoring, sewing, installation
Q:How much is the door and window installed?
The door is safe about 1500 or so is normal. Zhejiang cheap. The window is about two hundred or so
Q:The window was changed
Feng shui good or bad is to look at the whole, if you believe feng shui, it is better to find a feng shui phase to help you see, I believe you will not answer for this and then casually change it
Q:Decoration: the door and the window side are black walnut, wall painted into pink, what color with the bed and curtains?
Bed: black plus powder dots, curtains: rose red, the top of the curtain to do a pink bow, like a good look! Try it! I often help others with the Oh!
Q:Doors and windows are closed?
You should first ask yourself, what do you want, what you need! Do you want to live in the room or do you want to live outside the room? If you want to live outside the room you have to break yourself, because this is the only way!
Q:Home repair cover two and a half houses, the results in the repair layer, the door did not do with the beam beam
Only two of the 16 steel is not play any role, the windows and doors will be deformed: your home hollow glass windows will be broken, the door will slowly open. Solution: 1, in the doors and windows at both ends of the take away 240 brick, fill the beam, reduce the size of the doors and windows, not recommended, because the doors and windows will affect the use of smaller features. 2, remove the steel bars above the cast-in-place brick wall, doors and windows on both sides of the wall do not have to remove, and then remove the steel, done beam.

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