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Product introduction: selected galvanized wire and then processed, the line is arranged tightly,

and fixed with a bracket, or make a bundle rolled wirethe products produced are very beautiful,

is also very convenient to use. Size range 0.6mm6.0mm. This product is mainly used in binding

and manor  garden decorations, both functional and beautiful,the price is very cheap, it is a

garden binding choice products.

Packing:Plastic packing then in carton




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Q:why do prices of electrical wire follow oil prices?
It's merely a coincidence.. The price of OIL and the price of COPPER have been in flux for years... Precisely why in america they want to get rid of the penny... it will soon cost more than a penny to make them. Just imagine if they were solid copper like the old wheat backs.
Q:Is this wire good for Guitar Wiring?
Given I hope this will help with your decision. Good luck!
Q:Wiring a duct booster fan?
As you say, the black wire is hot and the green wire is ground. The white wire is called neutral. It's the return path for the voltage from the hot wire. Connect the black and white wires to the two power wires in your duct. Hopefully the colors are the same. The hot wire in the duct may be a different color, red or something. Colors like this are frequently used to mean a hot wire that's switched. It sounds like there's a plug for the fan. You can wire on a 3 pin plug and use an adaptor to plug it into a 2 pin outlet or just wire on a 2 bladed plug and leave the green wire off. Make sure it can't touch anything and cause a short.
Q:Wiring a ceiling fan.?
The blue wire is the supply connection for the fan motor, simply connect this wire to your homes black wire. ( blue and black from fan) to the black wire in the box. Splice the two neutral ( white ) wires together. If you plan on using a dimmer switch use one with motor control. Green is your ground connect it to the bare copper wire in the box or screw Its a good thing you picked up on that white wire at first glance I was thinking the fan had 2 whites, .. You will have two switches if one of the white wires in your box is a switch leg, if there is two switches, make sure you separate the wires in the ceiling box, place a marrett on each individual one for safely, turn the switches on remove one marrett a time test with a multimeter white to ground to identify you hot and neutral
Q:High voltage with small wire?
The limit on the size of current carrying conductor is the heat produced due to power losses which leads to failure of the conductor, the power losses depends mainly on the square of the current (P=I^2R) so in power transmission voltage is being stepped-up to high values to decrease current and, in turn, the conductor size is reduced. Theoretically we could step-up the voltage to extremely high values and thus we could have a very thin wire to carry the small current because P=VI so at constant power as voltage V increases the current I decreases. But there are also limits for stepping up voltage as the insulation is directly affected by the voltage. In case of insultaed cables, the insulating material (PVC or XLPE) will fail if the voltage reaches its Break-down Voltage. In case of overhead transmission lines (OHTLs) the conductors are insulated by air between phases and the suspended disk insulators each has their own breakdown voltages. It should be noted that safety regulations determine a safe distance of 1 cm per Kv that you should keep from high voltage conductor. This means that for a consductors carries voltage of 500kv you should allow a distance of 5 meters away from it for your safety as its magnetic effect is not exlusive on its surface but for a distance around it proportional with the voltage.
Q:where do you connect the wire in screen filters?
For Earthing to stop static Electricty, connect the wire to the Casing
Q:How To tap car wire?
What are you trying to add?
Q:wiring schematic for harley L.E.D. tail light?
My tail light wires are black,, blue and red/white stripes , 2001 Road King police. , which is for brake light?
Q:why use steel wire in building construction?
What burns in a building are mostly the furnishings and interior, not the frame it's made of. Steel buildings are more expensive to insure against fire than wood frame buildings, because in a fire more steel is damaged by warping and distortion than would happen in a wood-framed structure, and wood structures are easier (and cheaper) to repair. Of course, if everything in a building was non-flammable, fire would never occur. That doesn't usually happen, though, and it's all the flammable stuff that most buildings house inside that burns.
Q:What is the function of a wire for braces?
The wire is what makes braces function. When an orthodontist tightens braces, s/he adjusts the wire or replaces it completely, which causes the teeth to move. Removing the wire ceases the functionality of the braces.

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