Galvanized Steel Channel Model of Q195,Q235

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Product Description:

Galvanized Steelrigid U Channel Specification

  • Material:carbon steel,Q195,Q235

  • Finish: pre-galvanzied or hot dipped galvanized

  • Dimensions: 41x41mm,41x21mm

  • Thickness: 1.5mm~3mm

  • Length: 3mtr, this can be adjusted according to your own requested.

  • Type: Slotted or Plain type, the slots size and location can be in your drawing paper to manufacture.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:packed in 50 pieces per bundle. this quantity can be adjusted according to your own requested.
Delivery Detail:15~20 days

Galvanized Steelrigid U Channel Performance:

  • convenient in construction and save much time and labor.

  • light and cheap.

  • high mechanical strength.

  • various kinds of fittings can make up of many combinations also for sale

  • attractive in appearance.

  • length of the product can be manufactured according to customers' requirement

Galvanized Steelrigid U Channel Pictures

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Q:What does channel 20# mean?.
Channel steel is a strip of steel with a cross section. Its specifications are X (waist height) (H), leg width (b) X, waist thickness (d) mm number, such as: [200X73X7, indicating waist height of 200 mm, leg width of 73 mm, waist thickness of 7 mm channel, or called 20a# channel. Among them, a means waist high, 200 of the channel has different leg width and waist thickness, so in the right side of the model plus a, B, C to distinguish, such as: 20a#, 20b#, etc..
Q:You design expert asked: do barrier 5 meters, how long the channel to bear?
Through my own experience, you need 10 cm or 12 cm Fang Gang (Pihou requirements GB) as the main girder, the main girder can not be separated, to ensure his strength, if conditions permit can be supported by channel 10 cm at the bottom, so it is very strong, and the spacing between the main girder beams can not exceed 400MM.
Q:6.3# how long is the channel length?
More than 6 meters, 9 meters in general, 12 meters of basic No. You said that the specifications of channel steel, many in the design, have to use steel plate to bend, or angle / rectangular tube replaced, the specifications are too small, are non-standard, can be replaced by a lot.
Q:What is 16a# channel steel?
Specific dimensions are as followsh=160mm;b=63mm;d= 6.5mm;t= 10.0mm;r=10.0mm;r1=5.0mm
Q:Galvanized steel plate, channel steel, angle steel how to take samples, how to submit?
Galvanized steel plate, channel steel, angle steel how to take samples, how to submit?
Q:How are the two channel welds welded?
Need a connection plate welding, welding parts.
Q:Can concrete slabs be made of channel steel?
The concrete of channel steel is made of concrete and steel bar. This kind of floor has the advantages of firmness, durability, rigidity, high strength and good fire resistance, and is widely used at present. According to the construction method, it can be divided into two major categories: cast-in-place reinforced concrete floor and prefabricated reinforced concrete floor.
Q:10kV and below the distribution cabinet in the room, the basic channel should be higher than the indoor ground level? Which specification is clearly defined?
Power distribution cabinet (box), power distribution cabinet (box) and lighting distribution cabinet (box), measuring cabinet (box), is the last stage equipment of power distribution system. Power distribution cabinet is the general term of motor control center.
Q:The back of the channel steel deviates from the 30mm. The upper and lower iron plates are welded at intervals. Is the cross section resistance moment the sum of the two? No, is it big or small? Thank you
The direction of the X axis distance of the centroid and centroid of single channel and two channel combination from coincidence (the same), so the moment of inertia of the two combinations of two single channel channel is equal to the moment of inertia and resistance moment and is also. (resistance moment = moment of inertia / centroid distance)The Y axis direction, back to the departure from the 30mm two, the centroid distance than the centroid of the single channel combination channel distance increases 15mm, moment of inertia is the centroid distance square by channel section, so a combination of two channel resistance moment is far greater than the two single channel and.
Q:Channel 12, span 5 meters, how much weight can be carried?
8.5 meters tall, *11.8, inside the half second layer, 3 wall, 11.8 meters side horizontal pull a beam (bearing), I would like to ask how much channel (GB)

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