Galvanized Steel Channel Model of Q195,Q235

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Product Description:

Galvanized Steelrigid U Channel Specification

  • Material:carbon steel,Q195,Q235

  • Finish: pre-galvanzied or hot dipped galvanized

  • Dimensions: 41x41mm,41x21mm

  • Thickness: 1.5mm~3mm

  • Length: 3mtr, this can be adjusted according to your own requested.

  • Type: Slotted or Plain type, the slots size and location can be in your drawing paper to manufacture.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:packed in 50 pieces per bundle. this quantity can be adjusted according to your own requested.
Delivery Detail:15~20 days

Galvanized Steelrigid U Channel Performance:

  • convenient in construction and save much time and labor.

  • light and cheap.

  • high mechanical strength.

  • various kinds of fittings can make up of many combinations also for sale

  • attractive in appearance.

  • length of the product can be manufactured according to customers' requirement

Galvanized Steelrigid U Channel Pictures

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Q:What does channel 100*48*5.3-39 mean? (what are the specific parameters?)
That is to say, 10# channel steel, size is 100 wide, leg height 48, thickness 5
Q:Steel structure, floor load, channel steel welding between parts of rust?
Rust is a common phenomenon, it is a complex process. The rust is process of metal and oxygen in the air, carbon dioxide and water vapor phase. There are many factors affecting metal rust in general, the more pure metal is not easy to rust. Ordinary iron, a rust and moist air. A piece of pure iron is drown in the water a few years or a bit. I am still my old self., not rust. Processing methods have effect on rust. A piece of iron into a crack, then beaten, although no crease, but crease place is easy to rust. The smooth degree of metal the surface rust and also has a relationship, is not easy to rust surface more smooth, more rough, more easy to rust. The metal met local overheating or beat produce thermal stress and mechanical stress of the parts, rusty faster some.
Q:You can use steel purlin
Not the best, I remember the US steel purlin is C, also called C purlin, around 2MM made of iron, and steel, the weight is too large, the roof girder pressure is too large, and too wasteful.
Q:10# how much is it per kilogram of channel steel?
National standard:Hot rolled plain channel [(GB) 707-65] (unit mm)Height =100, leg width =48, waist thickness =5.3, average leg thickness =8.5, inner arc radius =8.5, leg end arc radius =4.25, sectional area (cm2) =12.74, theoretical weight (kg/m) =10.00
Q:What direction does channel steel use best?
The channel steel can be placed in three directions, that is, stand, place, tilt, and lie prone
Q:What is the wall thickness of national standard 8* channel steel?
Should refer to the GB 8 channel height 80 leg width 43 waist thickness 5.Channel steel is a strip of steel with a cross section. Section steel with groove shape.Channel steel is divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel. Standard Specification for hot-rolled plain channel steel is 5-40#. Specifications for hot rolled flexible channel steel supplied by supply and demand agreement are 6.5-30#. Channel steel is mainly used for building structures, vehicle manufacturing, other industrial structures and fixed plates, cabinets, etc., and channel steel is often used in conjunction with i-beam.According to the channel shape and can be divided into 4 kinds: cold bending equilateral channels, cold-formed non equilateral channel steel, cold rolled edge channels, the cold bending edge channelsAccording to the theory of steel structure, it should be stressed by the channel plate, that is to say, the channel should stand rather than lie prone.
Q:How to input the sign of channel steel in Excel
The channel is the section for the steel strip shape groove, the specifications with the waist high (H) (b) * * legs wide waist thick (d) mm number representation, such as 100*48*5.3, said 100 mm high waist, leg width is 48 mm, 5.3 mm thick waist channel, or 10# channel.
Q:What kind of ceiling is suitable for the shape below the channel barrier?
Channel steel in the laying of must have specifications, that is, there are spacing, such as the lattice of 60cm*60cm; in this case, the most direct is to do lattice ceiling, it is up to the concave shape of the lattice;
Q:Do galvanized steel channels need anti rust treatment?
Just like roadside poles, most of them are hot-dip galvanized, and they also have to be passivated. Of course, if you apply the paint again, the rust proof effect will be better.
Q:Channel 12, span 5 meters, how much weight can be carried?
Check the ordinary channel capacity should be B (i.e. limited channel material can only bear much of the force, this is the state), because the common channel is Q235 type steel structure, the allowable stress of [b]=1400kg/c square meters

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