Galvanized Iron Wire For Chain Link Fence

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Packaging Detail:1. Inside with plastic film, outside weaving bag. 2. Inside with plastic film, outside hessian cloth.
Delivery Detail:15~30 days


1. Material is Q195(C is 0.06% ~ 0.12%)
2. Zinc coating is 40/m2 ~ 60g/m2
3. Tensile strength is 400N ~ 600N

Hot-Dip Zinc-Plating Iron Wire

Material: super carbon steel Processing by drawing, hot-dip zinc-plating Standard wire gauge from 8# to 24# Thick zinc-coating layer Super in corrosion resistance Firm coating layer Custom size available

Hot dipped galvanized wire and Electro galvanized   wire

Metric system

British System



Tensile strength: 30-55kg/mm2

Zinc coating: 20-32g/m2 6-295g/m2

Packing: inside   polyethylene film, outside PVC film or hessian cloth

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Q:What is the current in the wire?
Wiring that previous could desire to get replaced. Insulators wreck down over the years. In Edison's day insulation became into, rope and tar, or fabric, with glass insulators to guard lumber. you like a rectifier to create pulse ac (see image voltaic Panel grant) i hit upon it not straight forward to have faith anybody might grant DC power. The generator could desire to be on the threshold of factor to apply, do to severe voltage drop in DC cutting-edge over long distance. through fact of this AC is used now. till that's an Edison Museum image voltaic power is DC too. I advise studying image voltaic power for ideal DC wiring practices. I actual have been a electrician my total existence and know little or no approximately DC wiring and contraptions. in case you presently have electrical energy, get multimeter attempt for ac voltage first. then DC to steer away from unfavorable the meter, to confirm what power you have
Q:appliance cord hastwo black wires....?
The two black wire cord is one wire short to properly connect the dishwasher. The black wire on the dishwasher is the one that is supposed to get connected to a hot wire (it is supposed to be black), which goes all the way back to a breaker in the breaker panel. The white wire is supposed to be connected to a wire (it is supposed to be white) that eventually gets connected to the neutral bar in the breaker panel where all the other white (neutral) wires are connected. The green wire is for safety, it is the ground wire. It is supposed to be connected to another green wire (or a bare wire) that will go all the way back to the breaker panel and connect to the ground bus in the breaker panel with all the other green or bare wires. The two black wires, one ribbed, is just a two wire cord. The fact that one is ribbed, just makes it easy for anyone to know which is which. It is typically used for lamps that do not need to be grounded, so there is no need for the third green wire. It is not suitable or legal to use to hook up a dishwasher. It is also doubtful that the two wire black cord is a large enough gauge (size) of wire. If a wire is too small, it can overheat and cause a fire. The minimum wire gauge recommended for dishwashers is 12 AWG copper.
Q:electrical wiring problem?
your outlet has 4 poles on it, 2 on each side, run the existing wires (black and white) to the top poles, black (+) on the brass side, then run your new wires from the bottom poles to the switch. when you get to the switch run the black wire to either pole of the switch, and continue your white wire to the new outlet, then tie a black wire to the other side of the new outlet and back to the switch. remember that outlets have polarity, hook the hot (black) to the brass side only. if you have any doubts obtain skilled help, you can get hurt very quick or start a fire if you haven't wired it correctly.
The wires you describe control the relay that starts the AC unit. The main power wires are heavy duty (black and red if this is a 220 volt unit). The light guage wires are low voltage AC and connect to the thermostat. DO NOT joint the red and white wires. There will be a terminal for the red wire. You will have to find out which one it is. Try to get the wiring diagram for your unit from the Internet or call a service professional.
Q:how do i wire a l6-30 plug with 10-3 wire?
You can't. You need a 4-wire receptacle to use with 4-wire cable. That is the only to wire this circuit to code. You will need to replace the cord on your appliance with a 4-wire as well.
Q:how to wire a receptacle with 6 wires?
use 3 wire nuts and 3 jumpers, color to color and then connect the others together. Black wire to the dark screw, white color to the silver screw and the green to the ground connection. If this does not make sense to you contact a local qualified professional electrician to do the work.
Q:What are under-wired bras?
The under wire is a stiff piece of plastic, wire or some other kinds of material, that is sewn into the bottom of the cup for added support. If you are not really busty or sagging, you don't need them. They are also pretty uncomfortable because the under wire always seems to push directly onto a rib.
Q:homework problem, trouble with wires?
The cross-sectional area of the steel wire must be (.70 x 10^11 / 2.0 x 10^11) of the aluminum wire. So the area of the Al wire is pi*(0.55mm)^2 = 9.50331778 × 10^-7 m^2 The area of the Steel wire must be 3.32616122 × 10^-7 m^2 now solve for the radius of the steel wire. A = pi*r^2 - r = 0.32538 mm d = 2*r = 0.65077 mm
Q:How To tap car wire?
What are you trying to add?
Q:Bathroom Exhaust Fan Wiring?
Blue, black, and red are all hot wires. Just attach each hot wire and its corresponding white wire to each switches black hot wire and white wire. When finished each switch will turn on the heater, light, or fan.

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