Galvanized Color metal glass wool sandwich panel for roofing and wall and warehouse

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1) light weight.roof tile
2) high strength
3) waterproof and fireproof
4) fast and convenient construction

The galvanized color steel sandwich panels are polystyrene sandwich panels, which is very good at heat insulation.

1. The width of the sandwich panel is 930mm, and 1,150mm
2. Upper and lower layer: uses color steel plate
3. Thickness of the color steel plate: 0.3 to 0.6mm
4. Middle: polystyrene foam board
5. Thickness: 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, etc.
6. Length: according to customer's request
7. Color: white, green, blue, red, etc.
8. The products has good at warm keeping, and it is in low price

Base metal: PPGI,prepainted steel panel

Content of composite panels: Foam or Rock wool

Appliance: Wall panel and roof panel

Type of wall panel: one-side iron with foam;bottom with silver paper foam composite steel panel;bottom with film foam composite steel panel;jack type composite steel composite panel etc.

Type of roof panel: PVC and both sides iron panel;rock wool roof panel has buckle-style panle.

Thickness of foam: 5,7.5,10 cm

Weight of foam: 7,8,12 kgs

Thickness of rock wool: 5,7.5,10 cm

Weight of rock wool: 7,8,12 kgs

The colors,patterns,thickness of steel panel,measures are all designed by customer's request.

Packing the pipes into the bundles by the steel strip (2)packing the welded steel structure parts by some fabric (3)packing the small parts by bags and EPS foam (4)packing sets parts by some box or stock

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Q:How to distinguish between steel structure materials and structures, steel types and specifications?
According to the use can be divided into: structural steel, tool steel and special steel;According to smelting method can be divided into: converter steel and peace furnace steel;According to deoxidization methods can be divided into: boiling steel (F), semi killed steel (b), killed steel (Z) and special sedation steel (TZ), calm steel and special calm steel code can be omitted;According to the forming method can be divided into: rolled steel (hot rolling, Leng Zha), forged steel and cast steel;According to the chemical composition can be divided into: carbon steel and alloy steel.
Q:How are the steel structures single, multi story and tall, super high-rise?
Tall, super high-rise, mainly using steel mixed structure, such as cross column. Box shaped column and other structural forms.
Q:What is the steel structure of portal frame and frame difference
The bent frame is the two row of columns, the roof trusses above, and a board placed between the roof trusses of the two rows of columns, forming a continuous structure.
Q:Who are the customers of color steel and steel structure?
The customer is on the construction site, the direct customer is the construction company, and the indirect customer is the project investor, that is the owner. Construction of steel structures for all walks of life, equipment, steel structures, large pressure vessels, bridges, steel structures, bridges and other industries, towers, masts, steel structures, communications towers, and the like
Q:What is pre assembled steel structure, what is called steel structure assembly?
In general, the components or components of each plate are assembled into a new component through the welding and riveting process
Q:In steel engineering, what is called rigid connection? What is articulated? What kind of nodes or structural parts are applicable to the two?
Rigid connection refers to the connection between two members of a rigid joint.In steel structures, for example, the I-beam is rigidly connected, which means that the two flanges are connected to the flange and the web, while the hinge is just the web connection. The flange is not connected.
Q:What CL6-3a stands for the steel structure of the roof purlin
Purlin in slope roof often used in roof or inclined beam, coupled with its shop on the rail and the waterproof layer, as a downstream component attachment. The modern steel structure building commonly used C/Z steel, Z steel for building a better bearing capacity of purlin.
Q:What is the difference between rigid connection and hinge in steel structure?. Are all high strength bolts connected just now?
If the steel column base section reduced, ribbed or not and anchor bar closer to the section is more biased hinge. Whether the beam has been joined or not, the simpler way is to see if the flange is welded. If welding is partial to the line, if it is not welded, it will hinge on the hinge.
Q:How much is one square meter for steel structure paint?
Different paint, brush mode, operation height have an impact on the cost, the specific circumstances of the specific treatment.
Q:Can steel frames and channel steel be welded longer?
As for the joining of the main structural members, the welded reinforcing plate should be welded at the joint.

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