G Series 3~4.5T AC Electric Tractors - Stand-up Rider Type

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Model QYD30S-L2QYD30S-B2QYD30S-L2
Operator type Stand-up rider type
Traction weight kg


Wheelbase mm 1120
Towing attachment height mm


Overall height mm


Overall length mm


Overall width mm750
Min. turning radius mm1350

Travel speed

(with/without load)


Gradient performence

(with/without load)

Weight kg650850740
Battery weight kg285380

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Q:Are there any 2 license plates for all tractor and semi trailer?
Tractor is a brand, trailer is a brand. The brand of the tractor is just like the brand we see. Such as: "Beijing A12345 Trailer" brand is on the brand with a hanging. Such as: Beijing A1234 hung,Semi trailer tractor is a commercial vehicle equipped with a special device for towing semi trailers.
Q:What kinds of tractors can be divided into?
There are two ways of connecting tractors and trailers:The first is the front half of the trailer, which is attached to the traction saddle on the rear section of the tractor. The rear axle of the tractor bears part of the weight of the trailer;The second is that the front end of the trailer is attached to the rear end of the tractor, the tractor only provides the forward pulling force, and the trailer is towed, but it does not bear the downward weight of the trailer.
Q:What's the difference between a tow truck and a dump truck?
Also called tipcart. The utility model is composed of an automobile chassis, a hydraulic lifting mechanism, a cargo box and a force taking device. Buy truck can choose JAC JAC Kangling, we is a set of commercial vehicles, passenger cars and powertrain research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of integrated automobile manufacturers, our company product types, good quality, welcome to buy.
Q:What do you mean by the total quality of the tractor?
The total mass here refers to the total weight.The traction quality and the running speed interact with each other under the condition that the rolling stock and the line condition remain unchanged. With the increase of traction quality, the running speed of the vehicle decreases naturally.
Q:Dongfeng dragon 451 horsepower semi-trailer, how much is the headstock?
So tell you, different semi-trailer brand, their prices are different. Even the same brand of semi-trailer, but different configuration, their prices are different.
Q:What is the difference between full trailer and semi trailer?
There are many kinds of trailers, and their basic frame, body and walking system are basically the same as those of freight cars. The bar plate generally made of thin steel plate, stamping concave edge plate longitudinal carriage fence, welded with transverse ribs, used to increase the stiffness of the car, reduce car compartment floor quality; commonly used wood and covered with a thin plate, or the bottom frame structure composite; usually used 16Mn steel plate molding material welding or by a willow. The longitudinal beam of the frame, the slot type interface structure, two longitudinal beams after width arrangement, the frame has good bending performance.
Q:What do tractors "6x4" and "4x2" mean?
The bridge also known as axle, through the suspension and frame (or monocoque) connected to install it at both ends of the wheel, its function is to transmit the frame (or body type bearing force and torque between the wheels) and each direction. According to the vehicle wheels on the axle, divided into: drive axle, steering axle, steering axle. Support bridge, which support the bridge towards the bridge and the bridge are driven.
Q:What are the types of Container Stacker machines belonging to the internal motor vehicles? Forklift truck? Van? Tow truck? Push cart?
To be exact, it belongs to counterbalanced forklift.
Q:What are the most popular tractors for consumers?
The domestic tractor at home and the best is the most expensive heavy truck joint jointly built by Chery automobile, Yuchai power, fast gear box, in combining the cooperation, including joint heavy truck tractor U460 is currently the largest horsepower tractor, price of the most expensive, priced at 640 thousand yuan. However, as a domestic brand independent heavy truck, itself in the visibility is not high, the price is too expensive, cost-effective no advantage, it is better than now sales of very good Dongfeng dragon and liberation J6. Especially Dongfeng Tianlong, has been leading heavytruck sales champion, Dongfeng Tianlong 420 is a good traction car, the car uses the Renault DCI engine, with strong power and fuel economy, and the quality is very reliable, the gearbox is a famous Germany ZF16 gearbox, the steering system is used ZF steering, the car is is the use of these imported core hardware, so that the car cost increase many, 360 thousand of the price is acceptable, it is now the reason why Dongfeng Tianlong sell fire.
Q:What brand of imported tractors is good enough to pull 90 tons?
Main features of foreign tractors:Volvo FMThe FM series offers a wide range of mid - and heavy-duty models, available in four cab types, including a low - altitude sedan type. The engines are ou V, SGR, and EGR engines.DuffOnly 4 * 2 chassis configuration, target localization of CF75 in the "supermarket" distribution transportation field, in the field, the payload is more important than the weight of the vehicle. Since the Euro V engine truck lightweight Paccar configuration of the moderate entering the market, the optional ZF AS-Tronic automatic transmission.

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