G Series 3~4.5T AC Electric Tractors - Stand-up Rider Type

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Model QYD30S-L2QYD30S-B2QYD30S-L2
Operator type Stand-up rider type
Traction weight kg


Wheelbase mm 1120
Towing attachment height mm


Overall height mm


Overall length mm


Overall width mm750
Min. turning radius mm1350

Travel speed

(with/without load)


Gradient performence

(with/without load)

Weight kg650850740
Battery weight kg285380

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Q:What is tow tractor?
And the trunk can also be pulled away from the front of the car and pulled by other locomotives.
Q:Which brand of tractor has the best oil?
Shell "extraordinary HeineKen" is a 15W--50 total synthetic oil, and the general "HeineKen" semi synthetic products are different, that is in line with the United States API grade SJ, European A3--96:B3--96.JASOSG class. Is mainly to provide better protection for the multi valve engine and high performance cars have special effects for the smooth operation of the engine and clean, but also Ferrari formula one team and its designated car oil production selection.
Q:What about Xugong long tractor?
If you take into account the maintenance cost and the difficulty is to choose the old brand is better, for example, Auman Shaanqi and faw.
Q:How many tractors does it take to pull 150 tons?
It takes 390---420 horsepower to pull 150 tons. It's not horsepower, it's the speed ratio of the car, the wheel bridge.
Q:The tractor chair is what
Traction saddle car, butter on the disc surface, in order to reduce the friction and the connection part of the trailer but there is a hole in the middle of the mill, traction pin Trailer card inside, used to connect the trailer in simple terms, is put on the trailer towing pin card into the card slot in the front traction
Q:Matching requirements for tractors and semi trailers
There are two main points. First, determine whether the saddle on your tractor is 50 or 90, and the 21 one is to determine the height of the saddle of the towing vehicle
Q:How to judge dump trucks and tractors?
The full trailer is usually two carriages, the front of the car and tractor head is one, and then back with a car
Q:now, What kind of tractor is it?
The two (6 x 6) tractors were developed on the basis of Ivico Mcgirus off-road vehicles. 330-32ANWTM car was Magee Ruth 320D34AS, and the 330-40ANWTM type car used for Mai around 400M33AS adams.
Q:Do trailers belong to large vehicles or tractors?
And you can't drive a medium-sized or large truck with a yellow card! So you have to drive A2 now to drive a semi tractor! Specific to the driving school registration, driving A2 card, and then the same to re - learn and practice the car, and finally participate in a unified examination, after passing, in order to obtain A2 driving permit.
Q:What is the difference between the vehicle weight and the maximum total mass in the tractor parameters?
8.8 tons refer to the weight of your tractor. 25 tons refer to the total weight of your tractor

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