FZD series cleaning type branch cable

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Product Description:

FZD series cleaning type branch cable

Product Description

Main characteristics of XYFZD series branch cable.

Safety in power supply

Trunk cable conductor without joint has good continuity and reduces trouble spots

Branch joint made through whole course mechanical processing in the factory greatly reduces poor quality phenomena due to manmade factors

Branch joint of rational structure and made through advanced LYZ workmanship has little contact resistance and cannot be affected by thermal expansion and cold shrinkage.

Pressing mould jacket processed in short time avoids variation of contact resistance owing to oxidization of copper core at the joint position that is exposed in the air for long time.

Branch joint has strict technical standard,inspection requirement,and quality control system as well.

Simplexes in installation low requirement to environment,and convenience in construction.

Small land-covering area facilitates effective use of floorage .There is no requirement to land construction space.

Low requirement to environment and low requirement to installation precision

Simpleness in installation and low requirement to installation technology.Referring to installation equipment,a normal windlass is enough.The installation period is short only 1/10 or 1/20 of that of bus duct.The labor strength for installation is small.

Small bending radius greatly reduces installation difficulty and reduces space size.

Excellent shock resistance, air tightness,waters proofing quality and flame resistance.

Excellent shock resistance,Generally,the bus duct joint connected mechanically will be loose upon the wall is shocked But XYFZD series prefabricated branch cable will not be affected. Especially passing through building sedimentation slots. No measure is need.

NH type prefabricated branch cable remains normal power supper operation for 90niin under flaming condition.

Free of maintenance

High once opening rate has prefabricated branch cable after being installed according to stipulated ways.

While normally work,prefabricated branch cable system is free of maintenance generally. The fault rate is zero

Distinctly reducing electric distribution cost

In comparison with bus duct, it can reduce engineering cost, and has high technical and economical index, and remarkable comprehensive economic results

Multiple categories and specifications, flexible options,and combination at will

Main cable from 10mm2 to 1200mm2,and branch cable from 10mm2 to 95mm2 can be combined at will.

Multiple cable categories,e.g.VV,ZR-VV,YJV,ZR-YJV,and NH-YJV,etc.can be chosen according to the demand

Branch joint can be set up branch cable at will according to the floor requirement.

XYFZD series branch cable

Insulation resistance 200MΩ;

Insulation withstand voltage 3.5kV/5min;

Excellent air tightness and water proofing quality.When immerge branch joint into water,measured insulation resistance between water and cable core,and power frequency withstand voltage meet the requirement of items;

Little contact resistance of branch joint. The ratio value of contact resistance Vs reference resistance of equal length branch line is equal to or less than 1.2;

Large joint short,circuit strength.The variation rate of contact resistance ratio after short circuit is equal to or less than 0.2.

For ZR-YJV type flame-retarded prefabricated branch cable,self extinguishing time of jacket is equal to or less than 12s and meets GB 1266.5;

Besides power supply in normal working condition,NH fire resistance type can remain normal operation for 90min under burning condition:

Max.working temperature of copper core of VV type cable is up to 70°C and that of YJV type cable up to 90°C.

With excellent corrosive resistance, it can keep from eroding of inorganic salt,oil,base,acid,organic solution and so on;

YJV-type branch cable has excellent thermal stability and aging resistance.

Variety and model demonstration of XYFZD series preset branch cable.

YJV...XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed power cable.

ZR-YJV ..XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed flame retardant power cable.

NH-YJV.XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed slow-burning power cable

VV..PVC insulated and sheathed power cable.

ZR-VV...PVC insulated and sheathed flame-retardant power cable.

NH-VV...PVC insulated and sheathed slow-burning power cable

Notes:The cable is single core copper cable with 0.6/1kV rated voltage(U0/U) without special indication.

The main cables are electrical ones applying black protection cover.

Without special indication.the branch cables all apply the same type of electric ones as the main cables

If the branch cable requires model BV-200 wire with color marks(yellow,red,green.light blue,yellow/green). It should be specified during ordering

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