FUXIANG Tower Cranes TC4807A (Top-Slewing)

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 Crane specifications
•  Hook height 108 m with reinforced mast sections due to seismic constraints
•  Radius 80 m / Tip load 10 t
•  Maximum load 40 t
•  Local power supply 460 V / 60 Hz

The Yeywa hydropower dam is located on the Myitnge river which is 50 km from south-east Mandalay. This RCC dam has a crest length of 197 m and a max height of 137 m. The top width is 12 m. It is the largest hydropower project in Myanmar. The whole Yeywa hydropower plant will generate 3,55 billions kWh of electricity per year.Gezhuba corporation purchased the MD 650 crane on fixing angles for the construction of the power house.
Crane specifications
•  Fixing angles
•  Hook height 67 m
•  Radius 80 m, tip load 5,9 t
•  Maximum load 25 t at 24,3 m
•  Counter-jib length 31,4 m
•  Hoisting winch 150 LCC 63 (110 kW) DC
•  Trolley winch 15 DVF 16 (11 kW) equipped with frequency inverter technology
•  Slewing mechanism RVF 192 Optima equipped with frequency inverter technolog

The Tocoma Dam is located on the Caroni river in the Guyana province. Odebrecht, one of the largest construction companies, acquired an MD 650 and 3 MC 475 (25 t capacity) for the dam concreting.
Crane specifications
•  Travelling crane on chassis 8 m x 8 m
•  Hook height 68 m
•  Radius 70 m, tip load 7 t
•  Maximum load 40 t at 15,1 m
•  Hoisting winch 250 LCC 100 (180 kW) DC
•  Vision cab equipped with air-conditioning, indicators and anemometer.

Two giant cranes MD 3600 participated to the construction of the the 3rd. Nanjing bridge, located above the Yang Tse River. They were specially designed to lift steel structure elements of 160 t, used for the construction of the bridge piles.The cable stay bridge, made of 2 x 230 m high piles and an overall reach of 648 m, had to be constructed within a very short time and had to resist 200 km/h out of service wind speeds.The piles were made of 160 t pre-assembled steel elements bolted to each other. Then the steel elements were filled with concrete. Each crane was located at 10 m from the bridge median axis and anchored at 4 levels.The 2 independent LCC hoist winches were equipped with 2 redundant brakes for service and safety. The 2 synchronized 250 hp winches lifted the 160 t loads with speeds from 0,2 to 10 m/min.Slewing and trolleying mechanisms with frequency variation allowing reduced positioning speeds.

The bridge is located above the Yang Tse river near Nantong. It was constructed with 2 steel and concrete piles reaching 300 m high. The bridge has an overall span of 1200 m. Each pile was built by a MD 3600 tower crane anchored at 6 levels. It was equipped with 2 hoist winches and trolleys : one 20 t trolley for constant loads and one 80 t trolley for heavy loads. Cranes were equipped with an integrated operator lift.Each 250 LCC hoist winch were equipped with redundant service and safety brakes.Slewing and trolleying movements were based on frequency inverter technology with reduced positioning speeds.
A method has been determined for dismantling each crane by using mobile crane from the bridge deck after installation of the cable stays.
Cranes specifications
•  MD 3600, 6 anchorings
•  Front trolley: 80 t at 27,86 m, 38 t at 48,4 m
•  Rear trolley: 20 t constant
•  Hook height 306 m
•  Max. out of service wind speed 220 km/h


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I take it you are still in school. I would say 25 cents apiece, 50 for more complex designs.
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Q:The role of slewing limiter in tower cranes is limited
The crane or winch motor winding rope arranged on the roller loose, hoisting large demolition, resulting in the large load fast rope rope cut into bundles, causing fast rope severe jitter, vulnerable to instability, the results often appear to work and stop dangerous, can not stop the embarrassing situation.
Q:A crane lifts a 2.75x10^3N bucket containing 1.20 m^3 of soil (density = 2.00 x10^3 kg/m3)to a height of 6.95m?
Crane work = weight to be lifted x 6.95 m Weight to be lifted = 2.75x10^3 N + 1.20 m^3 (2.00 x 10^3 kg/m^3) (9.8) = 2750 + 23520 = 26270 Therefore, Crane work = 26270 x 6.95 = 182576.5 J
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Q:There is no CAD map attached to embedded parts of tower crane?
4810 as long as 16. The middle spacing is different. It's almost impossible to install
Q:How do you fold a piece of paper into a crane?
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