Functional Container House

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Product Description:

Mark & model  :  The product is featured as frame structure and prefabricated insulation, elegant appearance harmonizes with scenic spot, free assembly and combination, integrated decoration, complete indoor supporting facilities, being suitable for locations short of convenient facilities.

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2013-09-23

H.S.Classification  :   Furniture & Toys  Furniture   9406 Prefabricated buildings

Product profile  :  Functional Container House
Size: 2435(W)mm×6055(L)mm×2790(H)mm
Notes of Product:
1.The special container-type mobile house designed for the solution of construction workers having bath or washing hands.
2.It is featured as excellent fireproof performance and the heat insulating material adopts incombustible material.
3.Highly integrated, no need of foundation on site or secondary decoration, dwellers can move in at once when it is installed.
4.Modular assembly, free combination in horizontal or vertical direction according to the need.
5.It is easy to move and hoist and could be reused.
Quality Standard: Industrial standard
Origin: China
Commodity Classification: Exported site container house (high-end)
1.The container bathroom is a whole-prefabricated product which solves the problem of inconvenience in the construction site and enjoys the easy hoisting and installation.
2.The washroom is laid with waterproof covering which is equipped with sanitary appliance, bath heater with optional water heaters.
3.Highly integrated with no need of foundation on site, the bathroom could be used as soon as the drainage pipes are connected.
1. The product is featured as frame structure and prefabricated insulation.
2. Elegant appearance harmonizes with scenic spot.
3. Free assembly and multi-floor combination in different directions.
4. Integrated decoration and complete indoor supporting facilities.
It is widely used in the locations where are short of or inconvenient to build bathrooms.

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Q:100 square meters villa size how to calculate?
Villa decoration area how to count? We all know that the modern villa architectural design, the majority of slope-shaped roof
Q:What is the number of years of row of villas?
you can view your land certificate, the above will be explained.
Q:Villa room function how to divide the most appropriate?
Rooms, home theater, balcony, cloakroom, dressing room, workers room
Q:What is the meaning of apartment ?
but must be subject to management constraints, and to deliver a certain amount of management fees
Q:What are the characteristics and requirements of villa property management?
for the property customer service staff and engineering staff in the provision of services for the owners must be more standardized for the owners What is urgent?
Q:Apartment in the end is a commercial or residential?
Hong Kong and Macao region called the unit, refers to a living facilities are available
Q:How big is the container type?
Now the market is common with 20GP 40GP, the introduction of a container room, by the standard container converted from the activities of the room has many advantages.
Q:What is the height of the general villa?
you can certainly from the second floor to the above layers, the majority of the building for the 3.0m
Q:Villa playing floor with which method is good?
and build the attic and related to some of the deeper knowledge
Q:What is the origin of the name of the office?
In accordance with the name of Hong Kong and Taiwan, the office called the office, then the office building will naturally become a office.

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