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GH-450LV is one auto unmanned L Bar Sealer developed by our own company, which is widely used in the packaging assembly line of mass production. It also can automatically feed, transport, sealing, shrink once completed with high efficiency, especially for large products. The machine is also configurable for close type GH-450LVC L vertical shrink wrap machine;

The sealing part is made by up and down vertical driving. The surface of sealing is even. What’s more, the vertical sealing can avoid the crease and messy sealing line to achieve the perfect sealing effect;

It adopts the most advanced PLC controller, which equipped with safety protection and alarm functions. The sealing system can give the continuous and smooth sealing order without replacement. The maintenance and the operation are very simple;

The electric eye and time relay can make a precise measurement of the film length;

The two group of electric eyes are on the horizontal and vertical directions can make sure the thin or small good can be sealed easily;

Separate motor is used to control the auto winding device, which make the waste film is not too loose or too tight to crack. The waste film can be easily removed;

The sealing blade is lifted according with the height of the packaging products by the motor driving; all you have to do is just touch the button;

SF-6040 shrink tunnel adopts the imported double recycling motor, so that the hot air in the tunnel is even to make the shrink effect more beautiful;

The chain conveyor made of solid steel covered with imported silicone tube is very durable. Besides the chain conveyor, we also have different conveyors according the products shape and material;

The frequency inventor controls the speed of the conveyor;

The large wind cooling system can make the packing of the product fixed and unchangeable after shrinking. The aluminum table can be used in the back of the wind cooling system which makes sure the product will not drop;

The machine is suitable shrink packing for tea gift bag, inverter, router, computer and other medium sizes products.













Power   Supply

AC 380/220V 50/60Hz 3PH

AC 380/220V 50/60Hz 3PH

AC 380/220V 50/60Hz 3PH

AC 380/220V 50/60Hz 3PH

Max Packing Size L×W×H

L+H≤500mm W+H≤400mm H≤200mm

L+H≤600mm W+H≤500mm H≤200mm

L+H≤800mm W+H≤700mm H≤200mm


Tunnel Size L×W×H



Horizontal  Blade Length





Packing Speed





External Air Source





Shrink Film





Machine Size L×W×H





Packaging Size L×W×H





G./N. Weight







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Q:What is the working principle of the pillow packing machine?
In fact, the special machine is often better than the packaging of the compatible machine. A packing machine should be packed in no more than 3-5 varieties. What's more, the products with the larger size and the difference in size should be packed separately as much as possible.
Q:Food packaging process is not standardized, there is no responsibility?
Yes, automatic packing machine. I'm an employee of the automatic packaging machinery company.
Q:What kind of reducer is commonly used in packaging machinery?
There are many kinds of packing equipment, such as food packing, filling, quantitative packing, back channel packing and so on
Q:What are the structures of the packaging machinery?
Is a company engaged in outsourcing clients, packaging, processing, packaging equipment, leasing, services, sales in one of the specialized companiesSales of second-hand packing equipment according to the customer's product features and requirements. Reduce customer purchasing costsAccording to the customer's product characteristics and requirements. Select the best packaging equipment for customers, reduce customer purchasing costsPackaging equipment spare parts sales and maintenance services
Q:What is the price of a small jujube packing machine?
Small packaging machine is mainly divided into single grain and multi grain packaging, there are 3-6, there are about 200000. Mainly depends on the performance and use of the machine
Q:Bread packing machine Product features
4., high sensitivity photoelectric eye mark tracking, digital input seal cutting position, so that the seal cutting position more accurate.5. temperature independent PID control, better for all kinds of packaging materials.6. 、 positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no waste of coating.7. drive system is simple, more reliable work, more convenient maintenance.8. all control is realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrading, and never falls behind.
Q:Working principle of packing machine
Then, by heating the sealing part of the bag bottom sealing, again is material, the material into the packaging machine, and then sealing, finally cut off, a complete package came out, this is the working principle of small vertical packaging machine.
Q:Food, equipment, tools, containers, packaging materials, etc. shall comply with food safety standards or requirements
5009.101 determination of antimony in polyester resins and their moulding products for food containers and packaging materialsGB 13113 hygienic standard for polyethylene terephthalate moulding articles for food containers and packaging materials
Q:What are the main functions of packaging machinery and equipment?
Packaging machinery can be realized in the packaging process, including filling and wrapping,
Q:How does the pulp solidify? What additives do you need? Curing agents? Or what do you need as binders?
Urea formaldehyde resin is a water-soluble resin, easily cured, the cured resin colorless, non-toxic, good light resistance, long-term use does not change color, heat molding will not change color, can add various colorants to prepare various brightly colored products.Urea formaldehyde resin is hard, scratch resistant, weak acid, weak base and grease. It is cheap and has certain toughness, but it is easy to absorb water, so it has poor water resistance and electrical properties, and its heat resistance is not highThe use of urea formaldehyde resin is widely used in plastic, mold, laminated plastic, foam, also can be used for the production of water-soluble adhesive, the adhesive for wood; fabric shrinkproof and crepe treatment agent; used as a varnish of paper, in order to improve the wet strength of paper. The following is a simple Shaoxing on it the application of the plastic.

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