Full set gasket for car

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Place of orgin: Beijing China   Brand name: CMAX  Standard or non standard: Standard     Certificate: ISO 9000

Packaging & Delivery

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Neutral cardboard/Neutral carton

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7-50 days


Engine gasket kit: MAZDA SL


  Material: NBR. SIL . ACM. EPDM. FPM. H-NBR. PA

  Available in customized specification

  Available in OEM and ODM

  Raw material pass FDA, measure up ROHS LMBG/LFBG. PAHS

Salient Features:

  Resistant to temperature&stressful conditions

  Withstand chemicals. acids, heat and pressure

  Effective sealing

  Long lasting operation

  Made from excellent raw material

CNBM is a professional motor and car oil seal manufacturers, manufacturing  more than a thousand varieties,  involving a series of models : Santana, Jetta,  Beverly, Isuzu, Toyota, Otto, John Shalikashvili and  micro-car series seal, and manufacturing machinery, household appliance industries the oil seal, O-rings,   gasket ,the best-selling products throughout the country and around the world.

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Q:What parts of the mobile cooling water system specifically refers to?
Cooling water system: cold water through the need to cool the production equipment (often known as heat exchangers, such as heat exchangers, condensers, reactors), to cool, and cold water temperature rise.
Q:Engine cooling system
The cooling of the automobile engine is a forced circulating water-cooled system, which uses a pump to increase the pressure of the coolant and forces the coolant to circulate in the engine. The cooling system is mainly composed of water pump, radiator, cooling fan, compensating water tank, thermostat, engine body and cylinder cover in the water jacket and ancillary equipment.
Q:The size of the engine cooling system is the state of each cycle
Small cycle refers to the water from the pump to the engine inside the cycle, the big cycle is through the tank engine cycle
Q:What is the reason for poor car cooling system?
serious damage to the engine, wear increased
Q:How long will the cooling system in the car care be maintained?
In areas where the climate is relatively mild, the coolant should be replaced every year and the car cooling system should be flushed once.
Q:The purpose of the vehicle to pressurize the cooling system
The engine cooling system consists of radiator cover, radiator, storage tank, hose, water pump, fan, thermostat (thermostat), cylinder and cylinder head and intake manifold
Q:Classification of cooling systems
Cooling system in accordance with the different cooling medium can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. If the high-temperature parts of the engine heat directly into the atmosphere and the cooling device called air-cooled system. And the heat first passed to the cooling water, and then into the atmosphere and the cooling device called water cooling system. As the water cooling system cooling evenly, the effect is good, and the engine running noise is small, the current widely used motor vehicle water cooling system.
Q:What is the cooling system for motorcycles?
Cooling system in different types of motorcycles are not the same, the natural air-cooled car (the most common street ride and curved beam car), conducive to driving the wind blowing in the face of the wind, its cooling system is the most simple, Its only on the engine cylinder and cylinder head surface heat sink. The oil-cooled system includes the outside of the oil radiator (like a water-cooled tank installed in front of the engine), tubing and oil pump, the higher temperature of the oil will help the external radiator cooling and then back to the engine cycle lubrication, cold That is better than the air cooler. Water cooling effect is the best, but the structure is also the most complex, cost is also high, and more for large displacement high-grade models, it has a dedicated cold water tank, water pipes, pumps, fans, temperature switches, Cylinder head and so have to open a sink to meet the cooling fluid circulation cooling requirements.
Q:Car turbocharger has a cooling system called what
Turbocharged No separate cooling system Both oil-cooled or water-cooled are "borrowed" the engine's own oil and cooling water
Q:What is the working principle of a car cooling system?
In fact, the cooling system in addition to the cooling effect of the engine, there are "insulation" role, because "too cold" or "overheating", will affect the normal work of the engine. This process is mainly through the thermostat to achieve the engine cooling system "size cycle" switch. What is the size of the cooling system cycle? It can be simply understood that the small circulation of the coolant is not through the radiator, while the large circulation of the coolant is through the radiator.

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