Full Extension Push Open Concealed Drawer Slide 663F

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1.full extension push open slide rails for drawers 
2.handle free touch open slide 
3.easy put-in&take-out with full extension

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Q:What is single out slide rail?
Those large and small drawers can freely and smoothly push and pull, bearing, how all depends on the support of the slide rail. From the current technology, the bottom rail is better than the side rail, and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three point connection. The material, the principle, the structure and the technology of the drawer slide are different from each other. The high quality slide rail has small resistance and long service life, and the drawer is smooth.
Q:What's the name of the slot?
Hidden type all out mute slide rail, dynamic load 30kg, good stability, double buffering effect during the opening and closing process. The closing process is uniform and silent, no impact, strong practicability, it can be realized in thrust regardless of how much, can make the drawer closed slowly, collision does not occur the drawer and the fixed frame, ensure the damage of the articles in the drawer.
Q:Which brand of drawer track is cost-effective? What should I pay attention to when shopping?
Buy drawer slide points 4, a price, a sub cargo. Try to choose a good kitchen hardware brand. After all, the kitchen hardware needs to have the durable characteristic, the quality good hardware can let you save many maintenance troubles.
Q:How to distinguish the good and the bad of the slide rail?
Rail is one of the most important hardware in the cabinet hardware, its importance after hinge, cabinet companies to use rail status and ratio similar to the hinge, about 95% of the cabinet companies are using poor guide price low. In comparison, the distinction between superiority and inferiority is not made in terms of appearance or usage. The main difference is that the material, principle, structure, equipment, production processes and other differences arising from the same.
Q:IKEA furniture, there is a drawer drawer testing machine is what? There can be tested sliding doors
I choose a drawer slide from the following aspects: a slide out of strength: use hands to pull open the hidden damping slide, cool looking it out whether to pull hard, intensity to be big, this is not mature performance.
Q:How to disassemble two steel ball slides
The steel ball slide divided into light and heavy steel ball slide slide; for moving parts on the slide track, generally slot, moving parts end is fixed with a roller or ball, slider, slide, roller or ball card into the rail groove can slide in the groove, the moving parts on the rail. Is the use of high precision ball bearing slide as the ball slide, slide outside a general embedded with a bead piece, be fixed on both sides of the ball, the moving parts are arranged in the bead piece, through the ball rolling the moving parts slide forward for cabinets, wardrobe and drawer tool box, tool cabinets, fire engines and so on. Easy assembly and disassembly, without tools, smooth and silent is its main feature.
Q:How about the oil on the drawer of the furniture drawer?
The drawer slide is not in need of cleaning, maintenance, but when it comes to it, try not to let the slide contact to more salty environment, secondly to regularly clean up the slide, slide again to avoid weight exceed the standard, achieve the above points, rail should be holding the best condition.
Q:Drawer slide is not good, what should I do?
No, there are several reasons:Bead groove of a foreign body, pull had a clear sense of frustrationTrack separation from bead to groove;Cabinet or drawer deformation, causing changes in left and right space.
Q:How to choose pulley?
Buy cabinets drawer slide, the most important thing is good bearing, in which the overall connection drawer sliding rail is the best, three points connected next, but also with simple disassembly features. Drawer slide, the poor quality of the material on the quality of the rail has a fatal impact, in the purchase, we should carefully feel the different materials of the slide rail, choose to feel really, higher hardness, relatively heavy slide.
Q:Three drawer drawer how to assemble and disassemble?
Three drawer drawer how to assemble and disassemble step?:1, open the drawer with second slides, you can see a black plastic sheet at the junction of second section and third section of the guide rail. The drawer on each side of a paddle.2, check the paddles is up or down; if it is upward, downward move in the end. At the same time, press the paddles on both sides at the same time to pull the drawer, the drawer can be.

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