Full Extension Push Open Concealed Drawer Slide 663F

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1.full extension push open slide rails for drawers 
2.handle free touch open slide 
3.easy put-in&take-out with full extension

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Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the automatic rebound rail drawer?
The principle of automatic rebound Rail: depending on the damping in the track (with chemical composition).Automatic rebound rail, another name: damping slide rail, self closing slide rail, hidden slide rail, self closing slide rail, buffer rail, silent guide rail.Automatic rebound rail applications: civil furniture cabinets, office furniture cabinets, cabinets, cabinets, blue, office drawer cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom cabinets, etc..
Q:How do I use the damping rail for the wardrobe?
Damping, also called damping slide drawer. The utility model comprises a panel, a soleplate, a backboard, a side plate and a slide rail. The utility model is characterized in that a damper is symmetrically arranged on the soleplate; the side plate is astride on the slide rail; the panel, the bottom plate and the back plate are connected with the side plate.
Q:How to install the push and pull table slide?
Finally, the installation of cabinet, you need to first side of the plastic hole on the side of the cabinet screw, and then installed on the track from the above, a slide, respectively, using two small screws, one after the fixed. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and fixed.
Q:How to disassemble two steel ball slides
Is it separable or non detached?.If it can be divided, there is a plastic part on the inner frame, the plastic part is pulled and the inner frame is drawn at the same time, so that the disassembly can be achieved.If it is not separable, it is necessary to break the bending part of the outer frame and remove the inner frame so as to achieve the purpose of disassembly.
Q:How to choose the covered platform?
Observe the lines of wood finishesMethod: touch the finish with hand and see whether the lines are clear and natural and coherent. Ask about the kinds of finishes and compare prices.About finishing process:Wood finishes allow for more flexible, exquisite, beautiful, fan-shaped, square, decorative borders, or inlaid strips of decorative patterns. They can only be made with finishes. The use of wood finishes helps to control the expansion and contraction of wood and to maintain the stability of wood by the interaction of cross grained wood. Since the wood's texture extends longitudinally, and the finish has three or five layers, the vertical bonding of the wood's own texture helps to avoid the expansion and deformation of wood.
Q:Which brand of drawer track is cost-effective? What should I pay attention to when shopping?
Buy drawer slide 1 points, pay attention to the structure of drawer slide. The whole connecting slide rail is the first choice for the drawer load, while the three point connection is slightly inferior. With the progress of the slide rail design, the high quality slide rail has the characteristics of simple disassembly. At the same time, also need to pay attention to the rail material, inferior material on the quality of the rail has a fatal impact. Therefore, when buying, use more hand feel different material of the slide rail, choose to feel really, higher hardness, relatively heavy slide rail.
Q:The drawer of the computer desk has been taken down by my hand, and I can't get it
According to your picture: next to each side of the drawer has two slide, two slide the outer end of each has a wheel and rail track parts; the drawer agreement should also have two wheels, and the wheels should be at the inboard anastomosis site.
Q:Recently saw a drawer slide, installed up, as long as a light press, you can open, hands free, or personally feel good,
You should be hidden DTC Dongtai metal damping slide bar, it is a popular track, is to increase the rebound and damping effect, based on hidden slide on the one hand, it makes the cabinet drawer according to that, a push off, but also free in hand, look more beautiful and generous.
Q:How do I install the bedside cabinet?
Drawer slides are commonly used in furniture fittings, guides for moving drawers or other moving parts, and are often equipped with bearings. The drawer of the material of the pulley is determined when the comfort of the drawer slide, plastic pulley, wear-resistant nylon, steel ball is the three most common drawer pulley material, sliding silent, comfortable and smooth, it is the best way to distinguish the quality of rail.For the cabinet, if the hinge is the heart of the cupboard, then the slide is the kidney. Large and small admission drawer, whether it can freely slide push and pull, all rely on the drawer slide support. Generally, the bottom drawer rail is better than the side drawer slide rail, and the whole drawer is connected better than the three point connection.
Q:What slides are used in vacuum?
In the naked eye can not see the inside of the slide, it is the bearing structure, this part is directly related to its bearing capacity. At present, there are steel ball slide rail, roller slide rail and silicon wheel slide on the market.

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