Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Multi-application: abdomen, OB/GYN, vagina, small parts, urology, peripheral vessels, cardiac, rectum, pediatric, biopsy Supportive of all PC printers and video printers English, French interface ,SVVR (super volume video recording up to 1 hr) RTDT (real-time dynamic transfer of images and videos) ,DICOM3.0,Two USB ports,DVD-RW,160GB HDD,512-frames of Cine Loop,3D internally configured,THI,Max frequency up to 10MHz,Multi-frequency transducer series,15" high resolution non-interlaced LCD monitor, special for medical imaging, High-precision DBF



Multi-application: abdomen, OB/GYN, vagina, small parts, urology, peripheral vessels, cardiac, rectum, pediatric, biopsy

   High-precision DBF

15" high resolution non-interlaced LCD monitor, special for medical imaging

   Multi-frequency transducer series

   Max frequency up to 10MHz


   3D internally configured

   512-frames of Cine Loop

   160GB HDD


   Two USB ports


   RTDT (real-time dynamic transfer of images and videos)

   SVVR (super volume video recording up to 1 hr)

   English, French interface

   Supportive of all PC printers and video printers



Abundant software package

DRF (Dynamic Receiving Focusing)

DRA (Dynamic Receiving Apodization)

DFS (Dynamic Frequency Scanning)

RDA (Real-time Dynamic Aperture)

Embedded High Speed Microprocessor

Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Q:Home decoration radiation source which interior decoration radiation source
2, marble Some consumers do not worry about the quality of domestic marble and choose to buy foreign imports of marble, in fact, regardless of domestic or foreign stone may be a security problem. In fact, many of the imported marble stone radiation intensity is higher than the domestic stone, but has become a home decoration radiation source. High levels of radionuclides imported stone are: South Africa red, Indian red, fine grapefruit, royal tea, etc., of which small green pearl, fine green beads, South Africa, red radioactive have more than c class, are seriously exceeded. So the furniture decoration is absolutely not to buy the above looks tall on the import of marble stone. At the same time to be careful with red, brown series of marble, if used, the shop area of ​​more than 40 square meters. Especially do not buy "mobile stalls" of marble, because many of them are stained with marble. Avoid protection: Eye: uniform fine structure of the stone with a delicate texture, for the stone to share. Ears: good quality of the stone percussion sound crisp; if there is a slight cracks within the stone or due to weathering lead to loose contact between the particles, the percussion rough dumb. Drop ink: the back of the stone drops of a small amount of ink, such as ink quickly spread around the leaching, indicating the existence of cracks within the stone particles, stone quality is not good.
Q:LCD splicing screen how much electromagnetic radiation, how much light radiation
Generally 450-500cd / m2, 700-800cd / m2 more, suitable for indoor projects
Q:Gas stations can not use the phone,
In the gas stations and gas stations around the atmosphere, there are generally volatile gasoline gas, and some of the poor gas stations on the ground there are gasoline stains, as long as there is a small spark, it may lead to the gas Like the explosion of objects. And the phone's call moment will have a very small spark, and if the phone body aging, the internal circuit short circuit phenomenon, the spark situation will be more serious.
Q:X-ray radiation problems, will not cause cancer 5
Radiation is divided into two categories, ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation refers to the high frequency radiation that can ionize the substance, which can damage the DNA molecule and thus may cause cancer. Non-ionizing radiation is low-frequency radiation, there is not enough energy to directly damage the DNA molecules, so there is no evidence that this radiation can induce cancer. For the general population, physical examination is the main opportunity to contact ionizing radiation. In the physical examination, X-ray, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine test, etc., are ionizing radiation, is a careful radiation source; MRI, ultrasound and other non-ionizing radiation, relatively safe.
Q:Does the welder have radiation?
There is still a lot of welding smoke is also more difficult to smoke
Q:TV radiation
Q:Does the 400V cabinet have radiation?
Any electrical appliances have, but the size is different. In general, are within safety limits
Q:Does the refrigerator have radiation? How much is the radiation?
The radiation of the refrigerator is small and can be said to be small. Because now almost all of the refrigerator is completely closed, and are metal shell, the radiation will be screen to avoid.
Q:Is the fluorescent tube fluorescent? Will there be a hazard at the side of the person?
UV rays are harmful to humans and can not be exposed to eyes and skin.
Q:Hebei Yun Yip Hospital four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound check it?
Four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is an ultrasonic inspection equipment, it is based on excellent ergonomic design,

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