fuel tanker truck with HOWO chassis

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Product Description:

Model: CLY5257GJY

Overall size (mm)

9300(L)* 2500(W)*3200 (H)

Wheel base (mm)


Min. ground  clearence(mm)


Min.  turning diameter(m)


Max. Speed (km/h)




Sino truck



Steering system

Power steering, ZF8098 steer machine



Brake system

Front axle is disc brake, rear dual axle is  drum brake


Common tyre,  amount:10+1, type: 11.00-20






Max. Power (hp)


Engine type

L6,four strokes, water cooled, supercharged inter-cooling diesel  engine, EGR

Fuel type

Diesel oil

Tank body parameter

Tank actual volume(m3)

21.5, optional for 15-25m3

Tank actual dimension(mm)


Tank material

Carbon steel Q235


aluminum  alloy DN80

Discharge rubber hose

2 set

Tank mouth

Two, Carbon steel, diameter: Φ500

Oil pump

circular-arc cogwheel  pump, 80YHCB-60

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Q:What procedures should the tanker carry out?
In addition to driving license and operation permit, the driver of the tanker should also apply for the certificate of dangerous goods".Vehicle operation certificate is the legal evidence of vehicles engaged in road transportation business. If the vehicle has no operation certificate, then it is operated without a license, that is to say, "black car"".Dangerous goods qualification certificate is engaged in dangerous goods (such as oil, explosives, chemicals and other raw materials) transport drivers, in addition to a driver's license, but also to the local administrative department of transportation issued by the corresponding training of dangerous goods transport qualification certificate, be engaged in dangerous goods transport.
Q:The use of tanker transportation for which the provisions of the
The engine exhaust pipe of the oil tanker is a front type structure, and it should be equipped with a fireproof cap in case of accident. Tanker must be equipped with fire extinguishers, safety measures as necessary.
Q:The tanker needs grounding when refuelling. What's the purpose of this?
Only the resulting electrostatic discharge is rapidly connected to the earth's safety, so ground handling is required.
Q:What are the requirements for fire extinguishers equipped with an oil tank?
The ground scale, crane pipe, fuel gun and pipe line of loading and unloading area shall be connected across and equipped with static grounding device. The grounding resistance is not greater than 100 omega. The resistance between the tank and the body shall not be greater than 106 omega. The resistance value of the conductive passage at any two points in the metal pipe or on the conductive part of the oil tank and the end of the mopping tape is not more than 5 omega.
Q:Do you have to pull the chain behind the tanker to prevent static electricity?
The chain will rub against the ground and produce static electricity that will be introduced into the ground when it comes into contact with the ground
Q:How much is the price of a small tanker?
It depends on the type of car you need, the size of the tonnage.
Q:Can the tanker go downtown?
There is no uniform regulation, and the major cities in China are prohibited from entering the main urban areas by big trucks and dangerous goods vehicles. In case of business dealings, it is necessary to go through the relevant procedures to the relevant departments.
Q:The 10 ton tank car how much money, want to buy 10 tons of oil to prepare how much money
Dongfeng 145 type 12 party mobile fuel trucks and mobile fuel oil system: the car is a car, equipped with automatic oiling machine, reel, gas gun, pump and other components on the basis of a tanker, mainly used for oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar oil). Transport and storage. According to different uses and environment, there are many functions of oiling or transporting oil. They have the functions of oil absorption, pump oil, various oil packing and separation.
Q:When the tanker is carrying oil, the oil and the tank friction produce static electricity?
According to different uses and environment, there are many functions of oiling or transporting oil. They have the functions of oil absorption, pump oil, various oil packing and separation.
Q:Now, why don't some oil tankers drag the iron chain and how can the static electricity be released?
Ha ha, did not tow the chain, all practical tape

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