fuel tank truck with Dongfeng chassis

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Product Description:

Model: CLY5250GJY

Overall size (mm)

9560(L)* 2495(W)*3200 (H)

Wheel base (mm)


Min. ground  clearence(mm)


Min.  turning diameter(m)


Max. Speed (km/h)




Dongfeng motor



Steering system

Power steering, integral power steer machine



Brake system

Dual circuit air-pressure braking system


Common tyre,  amount:10+1, type: 11.00R20


With  air condition



ISDe230 30

Max. Power (hp)


Engine type

L6,supercharged inter-cooling diesel  engine, common rail

Fuel type

Diesel oil

Tank body parameter

Tank actual volume(m3)

21.5, optional for 15-25m3

Tank actual dimension(mm)


Tank material

Carbon steel Q235


aluminum  alloy DN80

Discharge rubber hose

2 set, 6.5m  length

Tank mouth

Two, Carbon steel, diameter: Φ500

Oil pump

circular-arc cogwheel  pump, 80YHCB-60

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Q:What are the configuration of the semi-trailer?
Semi trailer generally have two kinds of structure, one is the gooseneck, one is straight, the most commonly used gooseneck, with three 13 tons of Fu Bridge, can also choose the BPW bridge, 16 tons of brakes, 90 traction saddle, four channel ABS, ZhengXin rims, Fengshen 12 vacuum tyre.
Q:What qualifications do you need to make an oil tank on a tanker?
If you hit the road, you'll have to sign up for the license. You need to sign up for a dangerous transportation company,The driver, of course, the first is to have a driver's license. Then go to the traffic police team, dangerous goods management department for dangerous goods transport qualification certificate ", there may be a need to study and test. Then the driver was in the 60 years of age.
Q:The end of the tank truck has a chain that is dragged to the ground. Why is that?
The tail of the tanker has a chain that is dragged to the ground. Sure is the chain!
Q:Can the tanker driver smoke in the cab?
Oil filling hole should be sealed tight, oil discharge valve, discharge pipe should be no leakage, tank ventilation holes should be smooth, oil pump into the oil filter should be cleaned regularly, feeding oil hose after use should be immediately installed on both ends of joint cover, there shall be no dirt to enter.Regularly check the oil tank in the oil tank, too little or impurities, to replace the lubricating oil, there are problems to check the force box, mechanical wear, disassembly, cleaning and replacement of wear parts.Ball valve through the medium is too dirty, in order to protect the sealing ring, improve the service life of the ball valve, the ball should not be a long time in a semi closed half open state, otherwise it is easy to make the tanker seal deterioration, in driving the valve handle should be in the closed state.The tanker refueling site should be set by the cross-sectional area of not less than 4mm2 copper core wire is connected to a special clamp, breaking crocodile paint etc. so as to be connected with the connecting chuck, loading and unloading tank car body; and the other end should be connected to the grounding device.
Q:Are heavy oils and crude oils dangerous?
. Light oil can be transported by plastic barrels to accumulate electricity and produce electric discharge. The heavy oil and crude oil can be slightly safer, but also belong to dangerous goods.
Q:Now, why don't some oil tankers drag the iron chain and how can the static electricity be released?
Static electricity is generated during the running of the vehicle, and the static electricity generated by the oil tank is easy to cause fire. It is a safe practice to guide the static electricity to the ground through the electrostatic band
Q:How can the tanker keep the cargo clean?
That requires improvements to the lower part of the tank!
Q:Why does the tanker always drag a "tail of iron" that can carry electricity?
Thus, the oil tank will not burn or even explode due to electrostatic sparks
Q:What is the gas station tanks before the end of pole
In the national standard, the vent pipe is clearly defined. The general purpose is to remove the oil and gas in the tank.
Q:How will the tanker get punished for reselling petrol?
If it is in the petrochemical plant or chemical industry, then seriously point out that you are reselling small, big is stealing property, usually is fined money (large amount), and then expelled.

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