Fuel Tank Truck 45m3 Aluminum Fuel Water 6X6 CE

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Fuel Tank Truck 45m3 Aluminum Fuel Water 6X6  CE

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Model NO.:WL5310GYYSQR45

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Product Description

Fuel Tank Truck
Volume 27250 Liter
Curb Weight 12700 Kg
Low Center of Gravity

Model: JYJ5162GJY
Chassis Model: ZZ1167M4611W
Cabin: HOWO76,with 1sleeper,safety belts, Air Conditioner,
Engine: 266HP, Euro II Transmission:HW15710 Steering: ZF8098, right hand drive
Front Axle: HF7,Drum
Rear Axle: ST16,i=4.42 Fuel Tank:400L
Tires: 12R22.5
High Steel Bumper Oil tank: 15000Liter

Gear Oil Pump,Flow Meter,Measured or Unmeasured unloading oil pump,Ground guide line,Flash Hider,Fire Extinguisher,2 3-meter oil delivery pipes.

Back-to-zero Meter,Fiscal tanker,Automatic reel with refueling gun

EXTERNAL DIMENSION(MM) 11990*2500*3750 
WHEEL BASE(MM) 1950+4500+1350 
TANK BODY DIMENSION(MM) 9000*2430*1770 

Fuel Tank Truck 45m3 Aluminum Fuel Water 6X6  CE

Fuel Tank Truck 45m3 Aluminum Fuel Water 6X6  CE

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Q:How many gas horns are there in the truck?
Generally only install a horn, an air horn has two horn tubes, there are three, four pipes, the volume increases is not obvious. Some large buses have two sets of speakers and four sets, which makes no sense except to increase the waste gas flow. In addition, I have encountered freight trucks, there is only one horn to install the train, but the voice is much larger than the ordinary gas horn.
Q:What is the difference between a large truck and a tractor?
The truck is integral, the tractor is longer, the front and the cargo bucket can be separated
Q:What is the load weight of pickup trucks?
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Q:How many tons of blue light truck to pull
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Q:How do you distinguish the driving forms of trucks?
There are also many Shuangqiao, bridge, in general is only two double axis, and the bridge is to ordinary truck ah, is a front wheel, behind the two, mainly bear the weight of some foreign is drive, like SUV, professional said there is a car, said container trucks, can be said to be the six axis, teach you a secret, you can use this car from the side, from the side to see how many wheels, there are fewer axles..
Q:Truck brake shake reason
On the brakes, shaking what is the case, if it is high speed (80 feet or more) on the brakes, steering wheel slight vibration is normal, because there are road resistance coefficient influence and body deceleration impact.
Q:How to calculate the toll rate of freight cars and highways? How much is the surcharge?
Weightcharge billing standards are as follows: the light load (no load) heavy trucks (the current charges 4, 5 types of vehicles, namely 3 or more axis trucks) according to the current highway and other closed toll road fees reduce a vehicle charges tolls charged (the minimum current charges of 3 kinds of models);
Q:What's the difference between a truck and a truck?
Truck, English TRUCKS; a freight car used to transport goods;"Truck" it is no studio (top). Compared to the BUS (bus) is not blocked, so it is not suitable for transporting guests truck when the design is made for freight, trucks. In short, the structure function and complex.
Q:What are the trucks good, man?
These brands of tractors in China also have a certain market (relatively comfortable, good quality, but the price is too high, general knowledge of large enterprises to use more), other models in the country basically no market. MAN has been in China and Chinese's cooperation, has produced a joint venture brands "Shantou Deka", specific mass market has yet to be verified
Q:What are the brands of truck gearboxes?
Truck gearboxes generally have the following brands and models.

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