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*fuel cells are upgraded version fuel cell of PhyX series with better perfromance in stability and durability.

*fuel cell system is a highly integrated fuel cell system with compact design, who includes: fuel cell stack, fans, IC board and electromagnetive valve. 3000W is a suitable power for the mobile applications, for instance PC,

*motorcycle and backup power system.



Products characters:

1. Light weight and compact design

2. Low noise

3. Simple system and high reliability

4. Quick startup, good dynamic performance

5. Excellent environment adaptability;

6.Simple control and communication policy.



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Q:Help with Hydrogen fuel cells?
Because only idiots think they work. The idea that they may be of benefit violates basic principles of physics. No needs are met by this resource except that of profit by the scammers who promote it. The growth of such scams are unlimited as there is a fool born every day.
Q:Fuel cell applications
The field of electric vehicles has become the main direction of fuel cell applications, the market has a variety of use of fuel cell power generation automatic car appears.
Q:Hydrogen fuel cell schematics.where to download?
the FTC has confiscated hundreds of plans ask them. Make sure you tell them its for a news article, manufacturing and sale of these fraudulent systems are punishable. HHO doesn't exist, IUPAC is the world organization the names all chemicals, they have never heard of HHO. A H2 fuel cell combines H2 gas with O2 to make electricity. They are very complicated and require thousands of dollars of platinium.
Q:What are the significant difference between a dry cell and an hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell?
Hydrogen oxygen represents H2O normally, which is water, therefore the hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell is more liquified.
Q:Microbial Fuel Cell design?
Canada highly the province of Quebec, has tremendous hydro-skill skill and extra to be more advantageous. there's a tide-powered generating plant contained in the Atlantic provinces. And wind farms are doping up everywhere. As oil expenditures will develop and resources dwindle, Quebec will boost and promote further and extra of that is hydro-skill to North American companions and develop right into a significant potential organisation.
Q:Can anyone give me information on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars?
There are two types of hydrogen fuel cars. The first type uses hydrogen gas in an internal combustion engine. The engine is very similar to today's engines, yet requires some engineering changes. There are no large production of these cars, however many of the automakers have working prototypes. BMW has the Hydrogen-7, and there are others. The second is the hydrogen fuel cell car, which stores hydrogen and interacts it with oxygen to make water and electricity. The electricity goes to battery storage and powers electric motors. You cannot get one of these yet, and if you could you would spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly millions. Remember, it takes energy to create diatomic hydrogen (H2), which is the product needed for these cars. The energy would have to come from electrolysis (splitting water from electricity), which has to come from some source. Also, SMR or steam methane reforming is the main way hydrogen is achieved--also dependent on fossil fuels. Renewable energy such as wind or solar can make clean hydrogen, however the scale of production is limited. However, hydrogen production from nuclear energy is somewhat promising, and is currently being pursued by various think tanks. Hope this helps!!
Q:fuel cell installation?
Look around a little more. They have kits out there that come complete with mounting hardware and sending units, even harness adapters.
Q:how do hydrogen fuel cell cars work? what are the fuel possibilities honda has come with?
Honda okorder
Q:Are fuel cells expensive?
Very much soregardless of what you are using the term for. (One term for Fuel Cell is simply an over engineeried gas tank designed for stunt or racing cars to minimise the risk of an explosion in case of a tank rupture (i.e.: it reduces the likelihood of a rupture).) Then there is Fuel Cell Technology which refers to something else all together. And that is uber expensive! Good Luck!
Q:Converting to e 85 or fuel cell?
The proponent of the first answer has a VERY narrow view about the subject of E-85. India, for example, thinks it's inhumane to make E-85 while there are people starving worldwide. Consider a broader view. Technically (meaning illegally) you CAN convert that particular car to E-85 or even pure ethanol. Look up flex tek, or google ethanol conversion kits. Costs about $700, and you need to know some things about your car, because your mechanic won't install it. EPA regs make it illegal, due to (get this) POLLUTION LAWS. The reason we have 10% ethanol in our regular gas is to cut pollution. Most cars made after 1991 are capable, cost varies per cylinder count. You'll have to replace your fuel filter after 500 miles (all the gunk the gas made will break loose and stop there). Also, you'll get about 25% to 35% less mileage per gallon. People are saying it costs so much more to produce ethanol - but they live in metro areas with no infrastructure. The infrastructure will come, and the processing costs are high because the vehicles used to move the plants are powered by gasoline or diesel. Springfield, IL, for example, will have an ethanol refinery in a couple years - and instead of paying crop subsidies to NOT grow things, we'll start GROWING things again. Since we're already not feeding the world with the excess capacity we're paying NOT to grow, why not do something else with it?
The company has the intellectual property rights and key technology on several projects such as: hydrogen scale producing, photo catalysis environmental cleaning, solar cell of new generation, low-cost proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), low-cost and high efficiency LED white light illuminator. .

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2011
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets 30.00% South America
20.00% Western Europe
20.00% Eastern Europe
10.00% North America
10.00% Southeast Asia
10.00% Africa
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

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Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 71% - 80%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, French, Russian
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