Fuel Cell Stack for Portable Power

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Product Description:

EOS0403 fuel cell is a highly integrated fuel cell system with compact design.5W is a suitable power for the mobile applications.


Products characters:

1. Light weight and small size;

2. Low noise;

3. Simple system and high reliability;

4. Quick startup, good dynamic performance;

5. Excellent environment adaptability;

6. Simple control and communication policy


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Q:The status of fuel cells
In recent years, China has stepped up its efforts in PEMFC. 2000 Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and the Institute of Electrical Engineering Institute has completed 30kW vehicle fuel cell all the test work.
Q:What is the fuel cell plus dc-dc converter?
DC / DC converter is an important part of the fuel cell vehicle power system. The main function is to convert the non-adjustable DC power supply into an adjustable DC power supply.
Q:What is the burning of the fuel cell when burning, positive or negative?
Fuel cell does not burn, called oxidation. Negative electrode oxidation reaction.
Q:What is the difference between a generator and a fuel cell?
Generators need to provide kinetic energy outside, and fuel cells can rely on their own material to generate electricity; generator is the use of electromagnetic induction to kinetic energy into electricity, fuel cells using chemical reactions to chemical energy into electricity.
Q:Why is fuel cell energy conversion efficiency unrestricted by the Carnot cycle?
Fuel cell chemistry can be converted directly into electrical energy by an electrode reaction, which is irrelevant to the Carnot cycle and is certainly not limited by the Carnot cycle.
Q:Why do some of the fuel cell's positive pass into the carbon dioxide?
In the internal circuit (electrolyte solution), the cation (positively charged) moves toward the positive electrode, and the anion (negatively charged) moves toward the negative electrode. This formed a continuous flow of charge, the electrical trend of the balance of the closed circuit.
Q:How to make simple fuel cell?
At first, we see that the voltage exceeds 2V, as the bubbles emerge, dissolve into the water, the reaction is run out, and then the voltage drops rapidly, and then the descent becomes slow.
Q:What are the disadvantages of fuel cells?
Requiring a high-quality sealed fuel cell can produce a single battery voltage of about 1V, different types of fuel cells can produce a single battery voltage slightly different.
Q:Is the active material of the fuel cell stored in the battery, is it correct, why?
Incorrectly, the active material of the battery is stored inside the battery, thus limiting the battery capacity.
Q:What is fuel cell?
It looks from the appearance of positive and negative and electrolyte, like a battery, but in essence it can not "storage" but a "power plant."
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Main Markets North America; Southeast Asia; Western Europe
Company Certifications CE Certificate; ISO9001:2008

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