FU YDW 2BFT-14 Grain drill

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Product Description:

FUYDW 2BFT-14 Grain drill

FUYDW 2BFT-14 Grain Drill applicable to the plains and hills of medium and small plot seeding wheat, sorghum, soybean and crops etc. Seeding and applying chemical fertilizer at the same time. This series of  Grain Drill with 11-13.2 KW wheeled tractor kit, hanging from a three-point suspension and tractor hitch, possesses the advantages of flexible. This series machine use lightweight double disc opener, through sex is good. The machine is installed with empty seed device, covering device and ridging device. Can be done by wheel track, ridging, trenching, applying fertilizer, sow, cover earth at one operation.



Technical parameters:

Machine model2BFT-14
Overall dimensions (mm)1430×2395×1060
Net weight (kg)265
Width of furrows for sowing width (cm)1800
Sowing depth (mm)20-60
Seed row number12
Basic spacing (cm)150
Opener formLight double disc
Drive wayChain drive
Power (kW)15-22
Efficiency (hm2 / h)0.8-.2
Working speed (km/h)4-6
Maximum rate (kg/hm2)525
Largest fertilizer rate (kg/hm2)1050
Volume (L)82
Fat volume (L)97
Shipping clearance (mm)200


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