FU 2BFY-6A Corn seeder (soy)

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Product Description:

2BFY-6A Corn seeder (soy)

2BFY-6A a corn seeder, is a kind of multi-purpose, all hanging agricultural machines and tools. Can apply to YingChaDe no-till seeding, can also be applied to have arable land, sowing seeds, seeds in the seed manure deep at the same time. This machine can adopt precision planting corn, soybeans and other crops. Can one time deep fertilizer, furrowing seeding, the complex soil suppression of several procedures, such as a project, so it has wide universality, high comprehensive utilization, energy conservation, province, province, reduce farmers' consumption characteristics.

This machine power is 36.75-73 - kw (50-100 HP) wheeled tractor. Basic line number is 6. Homework assignments spaced depth, planting distance, fertilizer rate can be found within a certain range. And wide adaptability.



Technical parameters:

Product model2BFY-6A
Overall dimensions (cm)460×145×118 
Power (kW)36.75~73
Machine net weight (kg)920 
Working speed (km/h)4~8
Homework width (cm)500 
Theory of the planting distance (mm)125~207
Spacing (mm)650~850
Productivity (ha/h)1.4~2.3
Sowing depth (mm)40-70
Kind of tank volume (L)25×6
Fertilizer box volume (L)195×2
Metering device formEye socket type
Distributing device formSlot wheel outside


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Q:When was the earliest seeder in China?
In his search Sudu Wei, concentrated at the time of the advanced craftsmen, created the animal seeder - Aquilegia, in Chang'an near the promotion, later spread to all over.
Q:Auxiliaries for the planter
Some planter also equipped with seed monitoring device, automatically monitor the sowing process and in case of failure to send a signal in order to promptly ruled out.
Q:12 horsepower hand can pull corn planter
For your reference: corn seeding machine sowing the number of rows are the following, single-line manpower, walking tractor two lines, 17 horsepower four wheel tractor supporting three lines, four lines, six lines.
Q:Shandong Dahua corn sowing machine chain drive too tight what reason
The main reason is that the transmission gear is not engaged, or the row of shaft head row gear gear square hole wear, adjustment, repair or replacement.
Q:Principle of Air - sucking Corn Planter
When the seed plate rotates, the seed is adsorbed under the negative pressure of the vacuum chamber and rotates with the seed plate.
Q:China's latest no-tillage planter what brand best use
Wheat no-tillage planter Recommended Model No. Product Name Model Trademark Manufacturing Company Remarks 1 Seeder profit 2BM-10A Hohhot City profit new technology and equipment factory for the former crop for the wheat seed fertilizer division models.
Q:How much is the farmer's 4-line seeder?
First, the million agricultural brand 2BFD-2B (C) -type multi-functional peanut film sowing machine The machine from Qingdao million agricultural up to Peanut Machinery Co., Ltd. production.
Q:How to use a good grid type plotters
The core part is a perforated disc and a circular suction box, the disc is a cover of the box, while the circular box is a small part of the separate, so when the box pumping
Q:Suspended corn planter is not suspended sowing, fertilizer are shallow, what reason
Oil, especially before each operation should pay attention to the transmission chain lubrication and tension and the bolt on the planter fastening situation.
Q:How to play the role of party planner
Party building instructors from time to time in-depth enterprises to understand the production and operation of enterprises, in a timely manner to convey to the enterprise implementation of the party's knowledge and the party's line, principles, policies and national laws and regulations.

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