Fruit and vegetables epe packing nets for sales

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We can make any size as requested,including the diameter,lenth,thread diameter and quantity .also does the colors ,the lovely colors can help improve the products marketable.

1.EPE Foam Bottle Foam Sleeve Net 

2.Mainly used to protect a wide variety of wine bottle 

3.The color and size can be require

4.  Low price with high quality

5. Tasteless and non-toxic 

Supermarket Fruit & Vegetable Pack Net

1. Scientific name : EPE/PE  Foam Wine Packing Net Set

2. USE: Mainly used for packaging a wide variety of Wine,also used for protecting the fruit

3. Identified components: Tasteless and non-toxic

4. Material: EPE/PE

5.Size & Weight: any size is available

6.Color: white, pink, red, green yellow (can be according to your requirement) class

8. Function 

used for the package for the fruits in growing season , in their transit or display in the supermarket to protect the fruits from damage and the pretty color can make your fruits look beautiful , can greatly reduce protection for transport layer of pressure and to extend the preservation time.

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