FRP Pultrusion Profilefor Door and Window

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$3.00 - 20.00 / m
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1000 m
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10000 m/month

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Pultrusion process is a mechanized process for FRP composites involves pulling a collection of fibers in the form of roving mat or fabric through a resin bath and then through a heated die to cure the resin, and then take shapes of profiles. FRP pultruded profiles are more than a kind of structure, which is very designable. Changing the choice of the materials and designs of the lamination process can make special properties for it.

FRP Pultrusion Profilefor Door and  Window

Product Performance:

• Corrosion resistant and anti-ageing  

• Water-proof, fire retardant, Heat Resistance

• Very designable, cut discretionarily  

• Easy of installation and dimensional stability

• Bright color and good appearance


By changing different shapes of the mould (die), this production line can produce different profiles or rods.  

 FRP Pultrusion Profilefor Door and  Window



The FRP channel products can resist corrosion from various gas or liquid such as acid,alkali,organic solvent and compound.They can be used as ladder material,and used in the electricity industries. It can be widely use in railing, bracket of water circulation tower, sport equipment, tool handle, bracket of tent and others loading structure components


1.Who will pay for the express cost ?

A: We can support you free samples ,but express cost will be paid by you .

2.How long is the delivery time?

A:within 10-15 days after receiving deposit.


 FRP Pultrusion Profilefor Door and  Window


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Q:How to make waterproof coating for steel structure?
First remove the waterproof layer, the original damaged clean surface, and then place the brush in the lap steel roof joint, screw, pipe, fan, lighting plate, roof and so easy to apply Water Leakage roofexpert base coating, when it is still wet, the suitable size of polyester sewing cloth on it sure, sewing polyester cloth without foaming, wrinkle, and base paint soaked sewing polyester cloth to dry (17-19 square meters /5Gallon coating base); finally coated with two layers of roofexpert surface coating (surface coating amount 33-35 /5Gallon square meters)
Q:The main use of glass fiber
Spray roving for FRP spray roving should have the following properties: cutting and molding good, in electrostatic continuous high speed cutting less; the inefficiency of roving after cutting dispersed into raw silk to be high, namely splitting rate high, usually above 90%; the short cut of raw silk has excellent mould covering, covering every corner of the mold; the resin soak fast, easy to be flat and easy to drive roller of roller and raw silk tube bubble; degradation performance, yarn density uniform, suitable for all kinds of spray gun and fiber transmission system. The roving used for injection is made of strands of raw silk, and each strand contains 200 glass fiber filaments.
Q:Is the nylon material with glass fiber white?
The addition of glass fiber to nylon does make a great difference in the colour and lustre of nylon
Q:The difference between premium polyester synthetic fiber and non-woven fabrics
Nonwoven fabric is a new type of textile that is not spinning or weaving through traditional methods, also known as non-woven fabrics. It is a kind of special fabric produced by continuous melting, spinning, wire laying, hot pressing, coiling and so on.
Q:Is there any nano glass fiber product for automobiles in China now?
Yes, patches, damaged, and rainproof. We haven't found anything else yet
Q:What can be insulated from the outside of the wire?
It is better to apply a PVC wire to separate the wires, and the wire output switch must be protected by electrical leakage (with a shorter type of action). Gas tank, gas tube to long inspection, determined not to leak occurred. This way you can use it safely.
Q:Glass fiber mesh fabric, warp and weft, which is strong fracture resistance?
In our building insulation engineering, the use of glass fiber glass mesh cloth how will not be broken? This depends on the tensile resistance of the product, but it is also a certain knowledge in it. A lot of customers, friends always think that the network of latitude and longitude to pull constantly, folding constantly is good quality products, in fact, this is not entirely critical to determine the quality of the product.
Q:Do toilet partition with cement board, how to do waterproof, what kind of waterproof material is better with?
Toilet directly waterproof with cement is not good.
Q:Is aluminum foil flexible glass fiber flexible hose fireproof material?
It's fireproof material. Aluminum foil and glass fiber are absolutely flame retardant
Q:What are the prospects for fiberglass production? How about the sales?
There are several large-scale factories in China, and many of them have closed down, but there are also many profitable ones. The products belong to high energy consumption and labor-intensive industries. The prospects for small output are not very good.

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