FRP Grating for Carwash Floor New Style

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Specification of FRP Grating for Carwash Floor:

FRP grating for carwash floor is one kind of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) by using glass fiber for reinforcement, unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, through special processing and become a kind of plate material, with lots of blank space in hebei leading production of glass FRP grasting can be used as a structural material, used for the floor of the corrosion environment, trench cover, platform, ship deck, stair, catwalks, etc.

FRP grating by glass fiber braiding, resin pouring the whole moulding, production with many rules of distribution of rectangle, square space of glass FRP grating plate, with two-way same-sex mechanics characteristics. FRP grating can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry electronic, electric power, paper, printing and dyeing, electroplating, sewage treatment and other industries, Marine exploration work platforms, equipment platforms, drilling platform, walkway, etc., FRP grating is the ideal product in corrosive environment, at the same time can also be applied to civil construction facilities.

Due to our FRP grating can bear the presence of corrosive liquid, gas, metal corrosion rapidly in these areas, although the anti-corrosion layer and other measures, but for the components of the corrosion is still surprisingly, not only cause bad production environment, and affect production safety, FRP grating sometimes have to stop production maintenance, in the use of FRP grating as structural materials in these regions can have very good effect, it has a long service life, low cost, safe and reliable, no maintenance, and beautiful and easy, and a series of advantages. Of such products in the United States has used more than 30 years, the use, production sales of FRP grating has been standardization, seriation, commercialization, dosage is considerable. , the Middle East oil field in the gulf of reconstruction, the expert argumentation, and think that the use of FRP grating is the most economic and reasonable material, and therefore are a lot of use. In Asia, Singapore and other regions are also using FRP grating.

FRP grating performance characteristics are as follows:

Corrosion resistant

FRP grating has very excellent acid-proof, alkali resistance, resistance to organic solvents and salt, and many other gas and liquid medium corrosion performance, has the incomparable superiority in the field of anti-corrosion. According to the practical application requirements, can choose to use economically o-type, between benzene, vinyl resin base material.

Light weight, high strength, and is convenient for cutting, installation

Because it is by the resin and glass fiber composite, FRP grating density is not more than 2 kg each smaller CDM, is only a quarter of the steel, aluminum two-thirds. 10 times the strength of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), absolute strength more than aluminum and the level of the ordinary steel. Its light weight, can greatly reduce the foundation support, thus reducing the material cost of the project. Its cutting easy installation, without hot and large-scale lifting equipment, only a small amount of manual and electric tools, makes the installation costs are greatly reduced.

Resistance to aging

In theory, the FRP grating service life of over 50 years.

Flame retardant

Ordinary FRP grating flame propagation rate (ASTM E - 84) is not more than 25; Advanced flame retardant vinyl grille the flame propagation rate of no more than 10. Oxygen index is not less than 28 (GB 8924).

Security of FRP Grating

FRP Grating has excellent electrical insulation, 10 kv voltage without breakdown; Without electricity, magnetic available in sensitive to magnetic devices; Glass fiber reinforced plastic FRP grating special structure also has the characteristics such as non-slip, anti-fatigue.

FRP Grating Color

Colors can be arbitrary choice. Can according to customer request custom color, improve the environment in the workplace. General FRP gratings are: yellow, black, grey, green, blue, red and transparent or translucent, etc. In use process can use a single color, also can match.

FRP Grating Can design a strong

Size flexible, convenient and cutting, size stability. 

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