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1.    Brief Introduction


Pultrusion process is a mechanized process for FRP composites involves pulling a collection of fibers in the form of roving mat or fabric through a resin bath and then through a heated die to cure the resin, and then take shapes of profiles. FRP pultruded profiles are more than a kind of structure, which is very designable. Changing the choice of the materials and designs of the lamination process can make special properties for it. It can be widely use in railing, bracket of water circulation tower, sport equipment, tool handle, bracket of tent and others loading structure components




• Corrosion resistant and anti-ageing  

• Water-proof, fire retardant, Heat Resistance

• Light weight, high strength and impact strength  

• Non-magnetism and non-conductive  

• Very designable, cut discretionarily  

• Easy of installation and dimensional stability

• Long service life and maintenance-free  

• Bright color and good appearance


3.Product Specifications 


By changing different shapes of the mould (die), this production line can produce different profiles or rods. The following list is some products photos for reference.






Rectangular tube  


Cable tray


Square tube




Round tube


Profile for door & window








End fitting of Radome




Shaft of the umbrella& tent


Epoxy rod


Profile for bridge


Platform and ladder





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Q:Can the glass fiber pipe be riveted in conjunction with the other parts?
The ceiling diffuser plate extrusion line pressing buckle terminal wiring reflector on the ceiling lamp cover bolt (screw) nut LED drive power rivet wire cable glass tube (wax tube) bushing (supporting coil) elastic pad PE bag packing box outside the box in the box outside the box label label label label products the installation instructions manual card pin on the Neckar set pearl cotton
Q:Color steel roofing waterproof anti-corrosion construction?
Metal roof joint: metal roof joint first coated with a layer of paint on the base, is still wet, 15 to 20 cm wide sewing polyester cloth embedded therein, then from the above base coating fully infiltrated sewing polyester cloth, and the whole stem.
Q:Glazed roof tiles leaking
Cause analysis of glazed tile roof leakage:Because the roof tile floor pouring large and steep slope, the actual construction has certain difficulty, therefore lead to local vibration of glazed tile floor, there is no dense bee hole phenomenon, coupled with the glazed tile floor without doing waterproof treatment, caused directly by the rain after the glazed tile seam enters into indoor floor.
Q:How to deal with the construction of glass fiber groove
Precautions before installation:1. when the product arrives at the construction site, the products should be checked and accepted before installation, whether it conforms to the required model and check for breakage. 2. check the direction of the inlet and outlet when the product is in place. 3. check whether the pit depth meets the design requirements of the project elevation. 4. check whether the dimensions of inlet and outlet are up to specification. 5. check the product installation after irrigation 1/2 after backfill, backfill backfill is dense, after reaching the standard check whether the water from the top of the product 3040cm.
Q:How hot is the PPR composite pipe?
Hello, there are several kinds of PPR composite pipes. The most common ones are aluminium plastic PPR pipes, PPR steady compound pipes, and glass fiber pipes.
Q:Why use glass fiber to modify it?
Because of the PA strong polarity, strong moisture absorption, dimensional stability, in PA with 30% glass fiber, PA, mechanical properties, dimensional stability, heat resistance, ageing resistance performance is obviously improved, the fatigue strength is 2.5 times higher than that of nylon reinforced
Q:Is glass fiber material suitable for long-term direct contact with body appliances?
Glass fiber material is not suitable as a material for long-term direct contact with body apparatus.
Q:Self extinguishing tube silicone fiberglass sleeving silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve
Single glass fiber casing (MBQGD) using alkali free glass fiber yarn, after coated with silicone resin, then through high temperature drying and shaping material. Products with heat resistance, corrosion resistance, anti aging characteristics, softness, and can play a good role in insulation.
Q:PPR fiberglass pipe, okay?
This involves several concepts of mechanics of materials. Toughness and brittleness represent only fracture States, and the strength of the product is measured by impact strength, flexural strength, and other indicators.
Q:What are toughened glass and glass fiber reinforced plastic respectively?
Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a kind of reinforced material, which is made of unsaturated polyester resin and reinforced with glass fiber yarn or cloth.

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