FRP axial fans

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Axial fan is a national committee to promote the use of a mechanical efficiency low-pressure ventilator, the aircraft low power consumption, low noise, and has excellent corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Can be used as industrial plant, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, electroplating, pharmaceutical and other industries; theaters, hotels, office buildings, residential and other buildings. If wind shell removed. Also for their fan, but also in a longer exhaust pipe, installed in series interval, and to increase the total pressure of the pipeline.

(B) Fan Type:

T35-type axial fan impeller diameter divided according to the size NO2.8, NO3.15, NO3.55, NO4, NO4.5, NO5, NO5.6, NO6.3, NO7.1, NO8, NO9, NO10 , NO11.2 thirteen machine number, number of leaves of each machine number are for four. Leaves can be loaded into a 15 °, 20 °, 25 °, 30 °, 35 ° five kinds of angles. Therefore, since the size of each machine number of the blade installation angle, rotating speed of the spindle is different from the fan air pressure, air volume, and power consumption is not the same. (See performance table specific performance)

Transmission: selection of each pole motor with impeller directly coupled, the body shell made of a cylindrical shape, the direction of rotation is clockwise (viewed from the motor direction).

Fan selection table (performance table)

T35-type axial fan performance and choice of performance tables, refers to the standard conditions (temperature of 20, 50% relative humidity, atmospheric pressure 760 mm Hg, gas specific gravity 1.2 kg / m3) of air performance. When the rotor speed is changed, the fan can be converted following formulas:

Axial Fan Maintenance

1, the fan should be carefully checked before installing it because of packaging, transportation and damage, deformation, can be repaired properly after installation. The installation should pay attention to check the availability of loose coupling portion, blade and duct clearance should be uniform, not collide.

2, connecting the outlet of the pipe weight should not be borne by the fan duct, the installation should additional support.

3, in the axial fan air inlet end device must be installed set and installed protective barbed wire.

4, the fan base engaged with the ground plane must naturally not be forced to beat a bolt connection, to prevent deformation of the base. When you install the application level gauge calibration base, padded in order to maintain its horizontal position, and then tighten the bolt facilities.

5, the axial fan hoisting allowed to use, after installing wire transfer must first trial.

6, after a long time fan of unused, re-use, you must first check whether the prison because each coupling portion and reliable, and after the test run before the official use.

7, after the formal operation of the fan, once a year to check for loose screws, wires epidermis is damaged, repaired according to their specific circumstances.

8, always pay attention to the fan is in operation without abnormal noise, vibration is increasing, and timely inspection repair.

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