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Axial fan is a national committee to promote the use of a mechanical efficiency low-pressure ventilator, the aircraft low power consumption, low noise, and has excellent corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Can be used as industrial plant, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, electroplating, pharmaceutical and other industries; theaters, hotels, office buildings, residential and other buildings. If wind shell removed. Also for their fan, but also in a longer exhaust pipe, installed in series interval, and to increase the total pressure of the pipeline.

(B) Fan Type:

T35-type axial fan impeller diameter divided according to the size NO2.8, NO3.15, NO3.55, NO4, NO4.5, NO5, NO5.6, NO6.3, NO7.1, NO8, NO9, NO10 , NO11.2 thirteen machine number, number of leaves of each machine number are for four. Leaves can be loaded into a 15 °, 20 °, 25 °, 30 °, 35 ° five kinds of angles. Therefore, since the size of each machine number of the blade installation angle, rotating speed of the spindle is different from the fan air pressure, air volume, and power consumption is not the same. (See performance table specific performance)

Transmission: selection of each pole motor with impeller directly coupled, the body shell made of a cylindrical shape, the direction of rotation is clockwise (viewed from the motor direction).

Fan selection table (performance table)

T35-type axial fan performance and choice of performance tables, refers to the standard conditions (temperature of 20, 50% relative humidity, atmospheric pressure 760 mm Hg, gas specific gravity 1.2 kg / m3) of air performance. When the rotor speed is changed, the fan can be converted following formulas:

Axial Fan Maintenance

1, the fan should be carefully checked before installing it because of packaging, transportation and damage, deformation, can be repaired properly after installation. The installation should pay attention to check the availability of loose coupling portion, blade and duct clearance should be uniform, not collide.

2, connecting the outlet of the pipe weight should not be borne by the fan duct, the installation should additional support.

3, in the axial fan air inlet end device must be installed set and installed protective barbed wire.

4, the fan base engaged with the ground plane must naturally not be forced to beat a bolt connection, to prevent deformation of the base. When you install the application level gauge calibration base, padded in order to maintain its horizontal position, and then tighten the bolt facilities.

5, the axial fan hoisting allowed to use, after installing wire transfer must first trial.

6, after a long time fan of unused, re-use, you must first check whether the prison because each coupling portion and reliable, and after the test run before the official use.

7, after the formal operation of the fan, once a year to check for loose screws, wires epidermis is damaged, repaired according to their specific circumstances.

8, always pay attention to the fan is in operation without abnormal noise, vibration is increasing, and timely inspection repair.

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Q:The development of steel profiles
From white to color: color profiles change the steel doors and windows in the past monotonous white, with the building as a whole with the perfect color. Color profiles market share rose rapidly, especially in some high-end residential area widely used.
Q:What is the steel profile?
The profile is still visible when the window is still visible
Q:Will the model of steel profiles (such as 88-type extrusion profiles, 80 extrusion profiles) is based on what to develop ah
Press the bottom width. Plastic steel profiles are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, plus a certain proportion of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, UV absorbers, etc., by extrusion of the profile. Ordinary steel profiles will be deformed, the color is relatively monotonous, usually white, if you want to change the color will add PVC with the film, a long time the PVC film will fade.
Q:How many meters of a conch plastic steel profile
Plastic specifications of a lot of steel, do not know what you want to know? But each type of material has a standard weight of rice, their own to know, for example: Conch 60 two-track sliding box weight is 1.22kg, then 1000kg divided by 1.22 = 819 meters
Q:Plastic steel window profile specifications models which
Plastic window is a form of window that is actively promoted by the state in the mid-1990s after the wood, iron and aluminum windows. Because of its low price, performance and price is better, is still widely used.
Q:What belongs to plastic profiles
Plastic profiles are used more: window frames, staircase handrails, troughs, wall feet, shaped tubes and so on. Raw materials are mainly hard PVC, a few are semi-hard PVC, soft PVC, polyurethane low foam and other materials. Plastic profiles with its excellent thermal insulation performance is listed as one of China's key development of building materials. In the production of plastic profiles, the need to pay attention to what problems in order to ensure the quality of profiles and technology.
Q:It is good for aluminum alloy
It is also good for aluminum alloy. The strength of the aluminum alloy is three times the strength of plastic, wind pressure strength than plastic two high. Aluminum alloy frame cross-sectional area of only steel 1/3, window frame weight is much lighter. Plastic doors and windows due to the strength of the material and low steel, although the steel lining by adding enhanced, but its wind pressure and watertight performance than the aluminum alloy window two levels. Just because the plastic window steel lining is not in its profile lap angle to connect the complete frame system, window frame, fan four corners and the T-shaped plastic angle of penetration is relatively low, so the high-rise buildings should be used with caution.
Q:The difference between steel and aluminum alloy profiles
The quality of steel doors and windows is very difficult to identify, steel doors and windows of the steel liner standards should be GB 1.2mm, but you buy after the identification of its compliance, it is very difficult. But the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows in the identification of the quality is relatively easy, broken bridge aluminum window wall thickness standard is 1.4mm, the door profile thickness of 1.6mm, these thickness is on the surface can be Depending on the measured, so after the identification on the purchase, it is very easy. Another point to note is that no matter what kind of profiles you choose the doors and windows, we must focus on the strength of the manufacturers and workers of the technology, doors and windows performance is playing a good effect, depends entirely on the manufacturer's design, measurement , Installation and production. No matter what kind of profiles of doors and windows, to become a good door and window, are three points for seven installs. Obviously, the installation of technology is much more important than the type of selection.
Q:China 's top ten brands of steel profiles in 2014
In the financial financial steel doors and windows is a national key high-tech enterprises, is the industry's well-known brands, the national one of the top ten brands of steel doors and windows, it has Zhejiang Zhongcai profile company production. A large multinational company headquartered in Germany. It is the international profile of the North New North new steel doors and windows is China's largest new building materials group. The company has created more than 30 years of history, it is also well-known trademarks in China. The market occupies a certain proportion.
Q:PVC extrusion profiles compared to ABS, PE and other plastic profiles have any advantages?
PVC extrusion profiles compared to ABS, PE and other plastic profiles have any advantages? PVC is PVC, PVC in all plastics, the price is the cheapest, the advantage is cheap, toughness is better, the disadvantage is PVC Resin powder can not be used directly, but to add the relevant additives and stabilizers and auxiliary materials into, and then to produce products, the extrusion screw and barrel have special requirements. Because the plasticization of the relationship, so the equipment targeted.

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