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Axial fan is a national committee to promote the use of a mechanical efficiency low-pressure ventilator, the aircraft low power consumption, low noise, and has excellent corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Can be used as industrial plant, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, electroplating, pharmaceutical and other industries; theaters, hotels, office buildings, residential and other buildings. If wind shell removed. Also for their fan, but also in a longer exhaust pipe, installed in series interval, and to increase the total pressure of the pipeline.

(B) Fan Type:

T35-type axial fan impeller diameter divided according to the size NO2.8, NO3.15, NO3.55, NO4, NO4.5, NO5, NO5.6, NO6.3, NO7.1, NO8, NO9, NO10 , NO11.2 thirteen machine number, number of leaves of each machine number are for four. Leaves can be loaded into a 15 °, 20 °, 25 °, 30 °, 35 ° five kinds of angles. Therefore, since the size of each machine number of the blade installation angle, rotating speed of the spindle is different from the fan air pressure, air volume, and power consumption is not the same. (See performance table specific performance)

Transmission: selection of each pole motor with impeller directly coupled, the body shell made of a cylindrical shape, the direction of rotation is clockwise (viewed from the motor direction).

Fan selection table (performance table)

T35-type axial fan performance and choice of performance tables, refers to the standard conditions (temperature of 20, 50% relative humidity, atmospheric pressure 760 mm Hg, gas specific gravity 1.2 kg / m3) of air performance. When the rotor speed is changed, the fan can be converted following formulas:

Axial Fan Maintenance

1, the fan should be carefully checked before installing it because of packaging, transportation and damage, deformation, can be repaired properly after installation. The installation should pay attention to check the availability of loose coupling portion, blade and duct clearance should be uniform, not collide.

2, connecting the outlet of the pipe weight should not be borne by the fan duct, the installation should additional support.

3, in the axial fan air inlet end device must be installed set and installed protective barbed wire.

4, the fan base engaged with the ground plane must naturally not be forced to beat a bolt connection, to prevent deformation of the base. When you install the application level gauge calibration base, padded in order to maintain its horizontal position, and then tighten the bolt facilities.

5, the axial fan hoisting allowed to use, after installing wire transfer must first trial.

6, after a long time fan of unused, re-use, you must first check whether the prison because each coupling portion and reliable, and after the test run before the official use.

7, after the formal operation of the fan, once a year to check for loose screws, wires epidermis is damaged, repaired according to their specific circumstances.

8, always pay attention to the fan is in operation without abnormal noise, vibration is increasing, and timely inspection repair.

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Q:Specification for steel profiles
At present, the smallest domestic steel profile section for the 60 series, a screw-connected window called steel-plastic composite doors and windows,
Q:Plastic doors and windows and plastic doors and windows have anything to do
American doors and windows: the main formula for the use of environmentally friendly organic tin heat stabilizer, to avoid the production, processing, use of lead salt toxicity of the drawbacks; development for the multi-cavity section, the second is to reduce the profile wall thickness, 1.80mm; while increasing the number of internal reinforced steel and the chamber, the chamber generally have 9 to 13. In addition to reducing the strength of profiles, but also improve the thermal insulation and sound insulation effect. The sliding window for the frame package fan, improved the sealing and safety performance, cancel the fan pulley, reduce the fan section at the same time, the window lighting performance has been improved. Developed a standard installation method for pulling windows and new mounting wings. In addition the market has a total of steel and plastic doors and windows, plastic and steel machinery is a combination of new materials.
Q:How to identify the installation of plastic or plastic
Through the cutting, welding, etc. made of doors and windows of the frame fan, equipped with sealing tape, tops, hardware and other accessories made of doors and windows, in order to enhance the rigidity of the profile, more than a certain length of the cavity need to add reinforced steel (steel Lining), this kind of doors and windows called plastic doors and windows.
Q:Plastic steel profiles how to open V mouth
Plastic profiles open V mouth has a special V mouth saw, with a manual cutting machine are not allowed, angle, V port depth can not be determined.
Q:PVC plastic profiles dip in the seam, how to deal with seamless docking
Stabilizer too much or too little stabilizer is to inhibit the degradation, or with the release of hydrogen chloride reaction and to prevent the discoloration of PVC processing. Stabilizer according to the different types of different, but the total point, the amount of excessive will delay the material of the plasticization time so that the material export mold when the plastic is not, the formula system between the molecules are not fully dissolved, Its intermolecular structure is not strong cause. And the amount of too little will result in the formulation of relatively low molecular weight degradation or decomposition (also can be said to be plasticized), the stability of the intermolecular structure of the various components of the damage. So the amount of stabilizer will also affect the impact strength of the profile, too much or too little will cause the profile strength caused by the phenomenon of brittle profile.
Q:What is the broken bridge of aluminum? What are the characteristics?
Broken bridge aluminum bridge is actually aluminum material, but in the middle of the aluminum through the insulation bar, the aluminum cut off the formation of broken bridge, which is characterized by: 1, broken bridge aluminum insulation is good, good air tightness: aluminum-plastic composite profiles in the plastic thermal conductivity is low, good insulation effect, coupled with a good air tightness, in the cold area despite the outdoor minus tens of degrees, Indoor is warm as spring.        2, broken bridge aluminum sound insulation is good: its structure has been carefully designed, seams tight, using the insulating glass. Test results The sound insulation standard is: 30db, in line with the relevant noise material standards.        3, broken bridge aluminum is not easy to deformation, impact resistance: the broken aluminum and aluminum plastic composite profile of the outer surface of aluminum alloy material, so it is much stronger than the impact resistance of plastic window profiles, long years of use is not easy to deformation.
Q:What is the meaning of steel profiles 80?
The so-called 88,80,60, refers to the bottom of the profile width. The unit is millimeter. The profile manufacturers have these specifications are refers to the bottom of the width is the same, but different manufacturers of profile height is not exactly the same
Q:The main features of steel profiles
In the building construction is mainly used for sliding, sliding doors and windows, fence, pipe and ceiling material applications, through the new process is also widely used in automotive engine protection board, not only light weight, and good toughness, with just fine Nature, and sometimes also known as alloy steel.
Q:Plastic doors and windows and plastic windows do not like?
Plastic doors and windows that use U-PVC plastic profiles made of doors and windows. Plastic doors and windows with wind, water, insulation and other good features. Plastic doors and windows are made of steel and steel profiles of doors and windows, steel profiles are made of plastic and steel profiles made of mixed.
Q:How many meters of a conch plastic steel profile
The length of the material factory standard is 6m Frame material is generally a bundle of four, or a bundle of six, the fan material is generally a bundle of 6-8, pressure line 20 - 30 bundle

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