Frosted clear color PC Chair Mat for Protect Floor

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Item specifice:

Material:: 100% Virgin material Color:: frosted clear Thickness:: 1.5mm,2mm

Product Description:

Frosted clear color PC Chair Mat for Protect Floor



unbreakable PC for high impact strength 
Slip resistant 
Ideal for allergy sufferers 
Suitable for use above floor heating 


Detailed Product Description

Polycarbonate officce chair mat,Office Floor Protected Pad

unbreakable PC for high impact strength
Slip resistant
Ideal for allergy sufferers
Suitable for use above floor heating


1)The safer,extremely durbale,and more enviromental alternative to traditional PC general office and chair mats.

2)No cracking,no curling,no yellowing,no smelling

3)Clear and very durable-due to its hardwearing capabilities,this high quality plastic is used in the air craft industry and in the manufacturer of bullet-proof glass

4)High clarit and impact resistance-virtually unbreakable

5)Environmentally safe,odourless and completely free of any toxic chemicals

6)Easy to clean-simply wash with soap and water

7)Fure resistance-in accordance with 4102/B1(resistant to burning cigarettes),polycarbonate fulfils fire related insurance regulations

8)Very engonomic-minimal gliding resistance for chairs with casters

9)Compatible with floor hearing systems

10)Negligible gas emissions make our mats ideal for people who suffer from allergies

11)Safely health features make polycarbonate a recommended material for use in the vicinity of children







Corner type






no lip



frosted clear 















Frosted clear color PC Chair Mat for Protect Floor


Frosted clear color PC Chair Mat for Protect Floor

Frosted clear color PC Chair Mat for Protect Floor

Frosted clear color PC Chair Mat for Protect Floor

Frosted clear color PC Chair Mat for Protect Floor

Frosted clear color PC Chair Mat for Protect Floor

Frosted clear color PC Chair Mat for Protect Floor

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