Front Wheel Loader YN 938 3 Tons1.8cbm bucket capacity

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Product Description:


Condition: New

Model Number: YN 938

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Type: Front Loader

Moving Type: Wheel Loader

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High): 7020*2510*3230mm

Rated Load: 3000kg

Certification: CE;ISO9001:2008

  Warranty: 1 year

 After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available

Bucket Capacity: 1.8 cbm


(1)CE Approved.

(2)Obtained the certificate of ISO9001:2008.

(3)Manufacturing license number: TS2510025-2009.

Main Specifications:





Bucket capacity


Min. turning radius (outside of rear wheel)


Rated load


Steering angle


Dumping height


Min. ground clearance


Dumping reach


Wheel base


Boom lifting time


Wheel tread


Max. speed


Rated power


Max. breakout force




Max. drawing force


Overall dimensions


Max. grade ability


Operating weight


Remark:Joystick control and heavy chassis for standard


* Weichai DEUTZ WP6G125E23 diesel engine, higher power and reliability

* Hydrodynamic transmission, three-element and single stage torque converter, high reliability, easy maintenance.

* Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group BS428 power shift transmission, high efficiency and easy maintenance.

* Gear-shift controlled by flexible shaft makes operation more flexible and reliable.

* Single lever joystick control system, comfortable and flexible operation.

* Double sealed hydraulic pipeline joints with 24°awl and O ring of international standard, avoiding oil leakage;

* Air over hydraulic disks on four wheel brakes.

* Large space articulated frames make operation and traveling stable.

* Working device with automatically leveling ability at high position.

* Bucket articulated points take sealed, lubricated, dust-proof layers, which owns good durability.

* Integral, luxury instrument board.

* New, luxury cabin

Front Wheel Loader  YN 938 3 Tons1.8cbm bucket capacity


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There are many kinds. Look at this loader. What's your problem? Mine, mine, regular, and military special model loaders..
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Q:Recommendations for front loader washer & dryer/features?
We bought our front loader when they first became popular....about seven years ago. Our old washer gave up the ghost after 25 years of faithful service, so we returned to Sears and bought a Kenmore. I grew up with Kenmore, and this is only the second washer I have owned in over 30 years. We live in CA and PGE (the utility co.) had a rebate and so did the state. Sears also had it on sale. It was actually cheaper for us to buy a front loader than a top loader. We just bought the basic....and I am glad I did! It is white, not mounted on a base that raises it, and I don't really care-as basic as you get. I was told we needed to buy the laundry detergent that is made special for front loaders, but I just use regular liquid detergent (All is my fav) and I do dilute it in a pitcher of water. The model that we have has a gentle cycle, a regular/permanent press/heavy-duty cycle and our fav. the eco cycle. All of those have delayed start also. There are knobs that let us choose an extra rinse, the temperature choice, and final rinse speed that lets you choose the setting that is the best water and energy saver. Each of these has a little water drop to show the better choice. The drum is stainless steel and it is relatively quiet. Oh, it also has a buzzer that we can turn on or off to alert us to a finished cycle. One of the bonuses is how dry the clothes come out - they dry so quickly. I love my front-loader, and I hope these help you decide. My sister bought one from a hardware store and returned it. Too much of a hassle with delivery and all. They just went to Sears and it was no problem at all. She also has a front loader and swears by her Sears. Sorry, I do not own a dryer. We dry our clothes on a line and with racks. I have raised two kids, and never owned one. The sun shines, and the wind blows....the clothes dry quicker now. :)
Q:What's the brand of a small loader, 4102 engine?
East China engine, 4102 is their classic fist products, excellent quality, national service, this machine is durable, torque, power enough. The difference is suitable for small loaders, as long as the maintenance to keep up, it can take many years. Pressurization is good, power is great. Loader is now more and more demanding of power, generally recommended to buy supercharged, of course, supercharged diesel engine oil requirements are much higher.
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