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Quick Details

Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:

AC80B high performance vector control drive

Output Power:

0.75 to 630kw

Output Type:



Per as info.


Per as info.

Input Voltage:


Output Voltage:

0 to maximum input


AC to DC to AC

Output Frequency:

0 to 320Hz

Output Current:

0 to 2 tiems rated curent

control method:

SWPM vector control



developed time:


working life time:

10 years



control mode:

OLV, CLV, V/f with PG, V/F without PG


various application

option card:

PG, RS485, profibus


18 months


under appling

AC80B High Performance Vector Control Inverter. ( developed 2011).

A Single Drive for All Your Needs with Outstanding Performance
Applying the most advanced sensorless vector control technology with keeps pace with the leading international technology and 32bits DSP control system and latest IGBT technology. The product enhances its reliability to meet the requirement of environment adaptability, customized and industrialized design with more optimized functions, more flexible application and more stable performance.
AC80B series high performance vector control optimized base on AC80 series vector control drive, which have gain great success in market developed by 2009.

Specification :

Single phase 50/60Hz, 3 phase 220V 50/60
Three phase 50/60Hz, 3 phase 380V 50/60
Three phase 1140V 50/60Hz

1.High precision control for speed in OLV and CLV control.
2.Strong dynamic absorbing characteristic , torque limiter , fast acting current limiter help to reduce OC alarm occur times.
3.Wide power voltage input, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), Continuous operation during momentary Power Loss (voltage ride-through), Restart with speed tracking, powerful adaptive capacity.
4.Completely parameter copy new function
5.Dual direction PID control, quick responsive ( general and constant pressure close loop control PID mode)
6.High efficiency and high stability running
7.Option LCD display keypad.
8.Key code setting is available to protect parameter by foreign modify .
9.Plentiful I/O interface to meet variety of challenging a application requirement.
10.150% rated torque under 150Hz running when basic frequency is 50Hz.

Perfect Torque Characteristic

AC80B high performance vector control inverter apply latest and advanced field-oriented control (FOC ) control technology to get the higher and power torque.

Control Methods:

V/f Control, V/f Control with PG, Open Loop Vector Control (OLV) ,Closed Loop Vector Control (CLV)

Frequency Accuracy:

0.5% of maximum out frequency

Frequency Setting Resolution:

Digital inputs: 0.01 Hz

Analog inputs: 0.5% of maximum output frequency

Starting Torque:

OLV: 180% rated torque under 0.5Hz

CLV: 200% rated torque under 0Hz.

Speed Control Range:

 OLV: 1:100,CLV: 1:1000

Speed Control Accuracy:

OLV: less than 1% (25 °C ±10 °C), CLV: less than 0.02% (25 °C ±10 °C)

Speed Responsive

OLV: less than 20ms, CLV: less than 10ms.

Speed control range: 1:1000 in close loop vector control with PG


Q 1. what's the payment term?

A. We accept T/T, L/C, WEST UNION

Q 2. What's the delivery time ?

A. Normal model,0-3days,

For big order(more than 10,0000 usd),it takes about 7-15days. Customer make will be longer but with not over 15 days.

Q 3. What is the standard of package?

A. Export standard package or special package according to customer requirement

Q 4. what kind of product quality your factory offer?

A. We are top 3 from Chinese market. We offer top quality to help client to get more market.

Q 5. Do you accept OEM business?

A.We can provide no logo machine.OEM can be discussed.

Q 6.Which market do you already sell?

A.We already ship to Middle East, Asia, Russia ,Afria etc.

Q7. what kind of certificate you have ?

A. We have ISO9001, CE, other certification is under doing.

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Q:Delta inverter reported CE4 reasons? Casually asked how many kinds of CE under a total
If the Delta C2000_M is the Modbus drive can not handle Not to the official website under the manual
Q:How does the laptop's power adapter open
Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager - Network Adapter, right click, and the menu appears. If it is infinite, then first follow the above argument to see if it can be enabled.
Q:Lenovo laptop power adapter side of the feet which is positive
Very simple, look carefully on the power there is a symbol on the map (relatively small, carefully looking for all the regular power above the standard), as I shown below is the positive external, most of the power is like this , If the sign on the icon is anti, that is connected to the center of the black point is negative, that is negative inside the positive. This figure is also very intuitive.
Q:Who knows how the frequency converter works
Rectifier circuit The function of the rectifier circuit is to convert the AC power into a DC power supply. Rectifier circuit is generally a separate rectifier module.
Q:Will the 75KW4 pole motor can be used to increase the speed of the inverter?
can! The output frequency of the inverter is higher than 50HZ, the speed of the motor is higher than the rated speed. In a certain range, the higher the frequency of the inverter, the faster the motor speed.
Q:I have a 5.5 kilowatts of 4-pole motor, want to pass through the inverter, slow down to 130 per minute use, eliminating the need for speed,
wo recommendations, the first, the use of vector control of the inverter, you are expected to run the frequency of about 5Hz, this time, ordinary V / F inverter output torque may be small, not necessarily meet the requirements, of course, if it is High-end imported inverter, the problem should be small, with the domestic vector inverter, the frequency can also be full torque output;
Q:What is the difference between the collector and the emitter mode?
The emitter is very high, the base is mixed and the collector is the lowest
Q:Delta VFD-A frequency converter motor number of poles set
According to the actual needs of the motor To provide the required power supply voltage, and then to achieve the purpose of energy saving, speed control, in addition, the inverter there are many protection features, such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overload protection and so on. With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, frequency conversion The device has also been very widely used.
Q:I have a 11KW-4 pole inverter, now with the 4KW-4 pole motor, what impact?
The inverter burns should be. Your motor overload is relatively large,
Q:Laptop power adapter output voltage is not the same as the current? What's the effect?
I would like to elaborate on the basic principle of the large standard current power supply can replace the small standard current power supply. Some friends have misunderstood, that a large nominal current power will burn books, because the current big thing. In fact, how much current in the same voltage depends on the load, that is, the work of the books, when the books of high-load operation, the current larger, the books into the standby time, the current is smaller, in short, On the voltage divided by the equivalent resistance of the books. Large nominal current power supply has enough current margin, will not be replaced by a small standard current power supply after the overheating or output voltage is too low. On the contrary, with a small current power supply instead of high current power on the existence of the above risks. But some friends with 56w power supply instead of 72w with no problem, because the power adapter is usually designed to leave a certain margin, the load power should be less than the power supply,

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