FP-GT Outdoor Heater Gazebo Patio Heater Outdoor Furniture Buy at okorder

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Product: outdoor patio heater



  • Type: Fire Pits

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: WELLIFE

  • Model Number: FP-GT

  • Feature: Stocked


  • Specific Use: Garden Set

  • General Use: Outdoor Furniture

  • Folded: No

  • Material: STEEL/SLATE

Packaging & Delivery

standard Package (Details as follows). 1pcs/1carton, Carton Size: 98x52x98cm. 44pcs for 20' Container,88pcs for 40GP Container, 110pcs for 40HQ Container.


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Authorized Safety Certification

Packaging & Delivery

FP-GT Outdoor Heater Gazebo Patio Heater Outdoor Furniture Buy at okorder


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1 sincere

CNBM International is a state company, now is one of the largest state-owned group cooperation in China! All the outdoor heaters produced by CNBM are compliant with the national level quality.

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Our engineers will at your services 24hours to answer your questions. Our goal is to provide the best professional services.

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 CNBM International’s outdoor heater have strict quality control, only the best quality products can pass the test.


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