Four-wheel counterbalance battery truck-CPD1530TK

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Product Description:

Max load capacity is 1500KG;
Max lifting height is 3000MM;
Battery cover can be opened for routine maintenance;
Small turning radius,low center of gravity,superb steering stability;
Lower cost."

Rated capacity Kg1500
Load centermm500
Max lifting heightmm3000
Mast tilt angle6\12
Wheel(X=driving wheel)2x/2
Fork size(LxWxT)mm1070x100x35
Fork adjustable rangemm200~930
Overall length(with no fork)mm2015
Overall widthmm1070

Standard equipment:Option:
Battery made in ChinaImported battery
DC motorAC motor;
Rear axle steeringAttachment of forklift:sideshift,flat clamp,
Double pump frequency FET Controllerpaper roll clamp,drum clip,rotary fork,boom and so on


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