Four Post Car Lift/Hoist (Med4B)-High Quality

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four post car lift/hoist MED4B


1. Electric/hydraulic power system; freestanding design;


2. Narrow width for space efficiency, perfect for parking, storageand service;


3. Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway;


4. Fully enclosed lifting cables, safety locks and sheaves;


5. Runways accommodate narrow and standard vehicles;


6. Multi-position safety locks in each column;



Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall height


Overall length


Overall Width


Runway Width


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

Gross weight:


Four Post Car Lift/Hoist (Med4B)-High Quality

Four Post Car Lift/Hoist (Med4B)-High Quality


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Q:What are the disadvantages of lifting a car?
When you lift a vehicle you put a LOT more strain on the suspension especially ball joints, shock mounts, sway bars, tie-rods, and steering stabilizers. You'll wear these parts out a LOT faster, and your vehicle will get worse gas mileage, and the drive-train will have to work harder.
Q:what is a lift kit for a car?
Lift kits basically stretches your springs using a socket and a rachet to spread the spring apart from other coils. Or the other lift kit are longer coil springs that you'll have to install. But you'll need different shocks due to the added height travel . If you plan on rock climbing then that would be the kit to buy. However if you just want to raise you suv a couple of inches the first set would be the way ya go. Two spreading clamps per coil = 8 to adjust and measure and adjust and measure until all four are at equal height. Also to make sure your shocks has enough traval because the wheels will move up and down on the road terrain
Q:Suzhou where to sell lift and four wheel positioning device
Now most of the direct to find manufacturers, the brand has a lot, I was bought in 2017 Tomahawk, the current use can also
Q:Qingdao Xinhong car lift quality is good
It should be very good, do car lift machine
Q:is there a way to get your car lifted a couple of inches but still get an air bag suspension?
The best way to do this is by adding a body lift. This actually lifts the body of the car off the frame a couple of inches and leaves the suspension in the same place. Most of the time when you see a Hi-riser sitting tall and then hitting the bags and raising it up, it has a combination of a body lift and then an airbag suspension. For the fast travel that you're talking about, you'll need to use nitrogen instead of compressed air. Compressed air usually operates off a compressor and a tank. When you release that pressure from the tank into the bags, the compressor kicks on and you have to wait before the pressure builds back up to get quick actuation. When you use a nitrogen tank the pressure is more consistent and faster because of the nature of the gas. To get a better idea, try checking out a mini-truck show when one comes around you area.
Q:Do cars naturally have "lift" or air pushing up on them from underneath?
lift is usually on the air goes over it creates vacuum lifting back end...[spoiler provides down force]...on front air gets under causing it to want to fly...[counter acted by air dam]
Q:Does the lift service require a special industry operation certificate?
Q:Why does the front end of a reer wheel drive muscle cars lift off the ground?
Regardless of which wheels are driven (front, rear, all 4), the front end of a car will lift when accelerating forward. It works in reverse too - lifting the rear end when accelerating backward. Front-drive cars can't lift the tires off the ground though, because as the front tires have less and less weight on them, they have less and less traction to apply that force. Front end unloading is very simple to understand when you consider the forces involved and their respective vectors. In the simplest terms (and ignoring gravity for a moment), the ground is exerting a force on the car. In order to imagine the correct force, understand that the force is being applied to the center of mass of that car, but the force is applied through a contact point. The center of mass is different with each car, but it's obviously always going to be above the ground. So the force is acting in a straight line from the contact point (where the tires touch the ground) toward the center of mass, which is above ground. Therefore, the force always has an upward component. A racecar is very low to the ground, so the upward component of the force is much smaller than a lifted truck's would be. The same effect can be achieved by altering the length of the wheelbase as well. Linkage-based suspension setups can reduce the effect by causing the rear end to lift a similar amount, but cannot completely eliminate it due to the physics discussed above.
Q:I want to leave my my car lifted on four jack stands for 3-4 months to avoid flatspots?
Yes, but I don't think it's necessary for 3-4 month layover. Your tires are not going to get flat spots in that length of time.
Q:Can any one suggest Automotive Car Lift?
You really should have walked around your car and checked for damage before driving off their lot. And whenever having any repairs or maintenence done, you should try to hang around and keep an eye on the workers. The only thing you can do now is get a lawyer, file a civil lawsuit, and obtain a court order from the judge to subpoena the security video tapes from Walmart. Make sure you do it quickly before they destroy or erase them.

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