Four Post Car Lift/Hoist (Med4B)-High Quality

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four post car lift/hoist MED4B


1. Electric/hydraulic power system; freestanding design;


2. Narrow width for space efficiency, perfect for parking, storageand service;


3. Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway;


4. Fully enclosed lifting cables, safety locks and sheaves;


5. Runways accommodate narrow and standard vehicles;


6. Multi-position safety locks in each column;



Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall height


Overall length


Overall Width


Runway Width


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

Gross weight:


Four Post Car Lift/Hoist (Med4B)-High Quality

Four Post Car Lift/Hoist (Med4B)-High Quality


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Q:Can any one suggest Automotive Car Lift?
i use two 9000lbs Bend Pack lifts in my shop.they are a clear floor design meaning we can park a car under a car safely.they are getting more inexpensive as time goes on it seems like.there are many shops going out of business at this time unfortunatly but you may get a good lift be researching those types of adds.i would definitly go for a clear floor design as long as the concrete you are installing it on meets specs.
Q:Jacking & Lifting Procedure on a car?
When you lift a car using a jack, you are at most only taking one wheel off the ground. You are also shifting the weight of the car by jacking it up. You always want to keep the car in park so it doesn't roll backwards and slide right off the jack or the jack stand that you put on it. You should chock (place obstructions like a brick or block of wood) behind the two wheels that remain on the ground to further decrease the likelihood of the car rolling or moving around. Whoever told you to put the car in neutral to jack it up is a complete idiot.
Q:It is always going to trip the lift pump station
Line no problem Check the electrical insulation, check the switch is overload damage malfunction.
Q:Lift machine with six months, how much money, the new is 5800 yuan, now how much money to sell?
When scrap iron sell it! Because count the freight, disassembly costs, it is better to sell scrap iron it
Q:How to build a very small hydraulic lift that could lift an rc car?
Well, the lifts they put in real race cars to lift the wheels off the ground for changing are compressed air, not hydraulic, to save weight and for fast action in both directions. Are you trying to do it scale or lift the model for working on more conveniently? Clarify.
Q:Since the earth's crust is diamagnetic, could room temp superconducting magnets be used to lift flying cars?
Using a matter anti-matter reaction engine might give you enough energy to accomplish this. Then again with the right type of roads it would merely require the energy used by maglev trains that are being built all over the world. The road could be rolled out like a carpet and then the vehicle could float easily over it if the road itself was metal or magnetic in some way. A fusion or nuclear engine would not be required. Probably an efficiently made turbine engine like what a typical helicopter uses, would be sufficient.
Q:Mercedes-Benz 450 with the lift after the chassis lift does not work
Air suspension with the car, should be lifted before the movement mode should be closed! Otherwise, will damage the air bag
Q:do the wheels need to be suspended for shock replacement if you have a car lift?
If it is the rear, the wheels can be sitting on the lift. It's easier that way with the wheels contacting the ground or lift in this case. Makes it a lot eaiser to do!!!
Q:How is the three-phase lift of the lift machine?
As a professional maintenance staff to tell you. Three-phase connection for the three FireWire. Such as motor reversal, the exchange of two lines can be.
Q:Question about a body lift on my car?
Go ....A Suspension Lift Kit actually raises the ground clearance of the vehicle by replacing front and rear suspension components and shocks. In other words, it increases the height between the frame and the ground which gives greater clearance.... Body Lift Kits are typically 1', 2 or 3 lift kits that only lift the body from the frame using blocks or spacers. These kits are generally inexpensive. They do not increase ground clearance, however they do allow for taller tires to be added due to the fact that they increase the height of the wheel wells.

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