Foundry Pig Iron Steel for Metal foundry Use

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China main port
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50 m.t
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2500 m.t/month

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Product Description:

1.Structure  Description

High Quality Pig Iron Steel for Foundry Use is for construction use.

2. Main Features

Steady and high quality

Fast shipment

Good experience for export work

For the surface, Plate uniform in thickness,uniform and smooth tin coating, without flaws,rusts,scratch,wave,nick of tin coating etc.

Price competitive


Foundry Pig Iron Steel for Metal foundry Use

4. Specification

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Type: Foundry

  • Weight: 15kg

  • Grade: Steel

  • Chemical Composition: C 3.5-4.5%;Si: 1.00% MAX;Mn: 0.05%

  • Fe (Min): 94.5%


A. What is the package of pig iron?

It is for seaworthy package.

B. Can you provide some inspection certificate?

Yes, we can arrange the SGS inspection and provide the certificate as customer's request.

C. If there are some loss for weight once make the delivery, how to solve this problem?

The situble loss is acceptable for bothside, if too much loss of weight once delivery or other conidition, we can discuss and make some solution together.

D. What is the dlivery?

Normally we can finish the production within 30days, if you have some special request, pls inform in advance.

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Q:What is what is called pig iron, wrought iron? What's the difference? Not by electric welding or wrought iron iron can not ah, why?
: wrought iron is relatively pure iron with refined iron. The carbon content below 0.02%, also known as iron, iron. Pure iron requires low content of carbon, phosphorus, sulfur and other impurities. The smelting is difficult, and the manufacturing cost is much higher than that of pig iron and steel. The main difference is that the pig iron, wrought iron and steel carbon content, carbon content of more than 2% of iron is iron; carbon content of less than 0.04% of the iron, the carbon content in the name of wrought iron; 0.05~2% iron, called steel.
Q:Legendary turret, pig iron, crystal, wood, how to get iron, crystal, wood access?
At present, these three materials are only useful when forging equipment. Different quality equipment needs different materials for forging.
Q:Who knows the proportion of pig iron and coke used in cupola?
Blank export rate: raw materials into melting after the formation of blank, under normal circumstances, the common casting investment for every 1 tons of pig iron, scrap steel and other major raw materials, the lowest to 85% iron, after casting output blanks, nozzle, nozzle, riser, riser for smelting iron ratio of about 30% pieces of standard blank; the export rate, nozzle, riser re melted continue after put into use; production enterprises invested 1 tons per dryer, iron scrap and other major raw materials to the lowest 85% of the hot metal, roughly the same with ordinary casting, casting blank after the (standard yield) for hot metal ratio is about 70%, accounting for the proportion of the molten iron outlet riser about 15%, nozzle, riser also re melted after continued use.
Q:What is ball cast iron?
It should be ductile iron.Ductile iron is a kind of high strength cast iron material developed in 50s twentieth Century, its comprehensive performance is close to the steel, it is based on its excellent performance, has been successfully used in casting complex stress, strength, toughness and wear resistance requirements of the higher parts. Nodular cast iron has developed rapidly to be second only to grey cast iron and widely used as cast iron material. The so-called "iron instead of steel", mainly refers to ductile iron.
Q:Pig iron and wrought iron welding can do
Refers to the so-called pig iron, wrought iron is made of carbon steel.
Q:Is the concrete well covered or made of pig iron?
As for the cast iron that everybody says is easy to throw, it is really a problem, but now the well rings and manhole covers are all connected together. It is not the cast iron manhole cover of the past few years.
Q:The difference between pig iron and iron oxide
Pig iron is a mixtureIron is a simple substanceIron oxides are compounds and substances
Q:Pig good or good iron wok?
But the fine iron also has advantages, first, because it is the essence of iron, less impurities, so the heat transfer is relatively uniform, not prone to stick phenomenon. Second, due to the use of materials, the pot can be made very thin, the temperature can reach higher. Third, high grade, smooth surface, good to do the cleaning work.
Q:Why is Xinjiang pig iron the best quality?
But I have the customers reflect, Xinjiang production of the cast iron which causes some trace elements exceed the standard, casting (not all castings are cast out after this) is not qualified, the performance does not meet the Xinjiang iron is not so perfect, therefore, but Xinjiang iron price is really invincible, if I can find a wagon Xinjiang, iron profits than many other places.
Q:What are the welding methods for brass and pig iron?
When the fire is the key well blew rotten iron also can not do things so the copper parts don't know what you said is completely experience so after a period of time to heat to prevent the temperature difference because of the sudden change and let the workpiece separationSweat!!! It's difficult to explain to you. This experience is bad, especially the fusion phase

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