Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

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Product Description:

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Product Description


Schneid intelligent heating panel adopt imported insulation fireproof PET material, and have below features:


Low investment cost: combine decoration and heating in one, integrated heating panel, automatic control after connect to electricity, low electricity consumption and easy installation


Low maintenance cost: no need maintenance, easy repair


Quick thermal conductivity & low energy consumption: National certified energy saving low consumption, green material new product,quick thermal conductivity, thermal conversion can reach more than 98%;


Healthy: After connect to electricity, it will create far-infrared which was named “light of life” in medical science, and it is widely used in human health and treatment.


Safe and Intelligent: Professional electricity leakage protection settings, creative “intelligent thermal management system”, can realize time-sharing partition management, intelligent and thermostat, can automatically switch on or off according to room temperature.


Environmental friendly: no formaldehyde and no radiation. Approx. 100% recyclable materials, environmental friendly.


Fire proof and damp proof: stone base, can withstand fire and water, anti-termite, anti-corrosion, anti-aging.


No deformation: New technology one-time formation production process, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, no deformation


Anti-termite: Resistant to termite and insect attack, will not split, rot or warp.


Resilience: Inner hollow design reduces noise and provides underfoot comfort.


Durabilityspecial surface treatment technology, wear proof and stain resistant.


Strong weatherability: mold proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and resist deformation


Easy installation: Locking system-ensure the strongest pulling strengtheasy installation and easy dismantle;


Application: can be used in hotels, schools, and at home.


Specification: 300*600*15, 600*600*15,150*1000*15


Schneid products mainly consists of wear proof & fire proof layer, heating chip, environmental protection base, heat preservation & insulation layer, special connectors and intelligent temperature controllerit can realize board warming in 2mins, and room warming in 15mins, and bring you a warm and comfortable environment !


Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system


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Q:how do u clean up soda on a hardware floor?
I always use the Clorox readymop mopping system to clean my hardwood floor. It give me a sparkling floor that is not sticky. The floor cleaner spray is safe on hardwood floor. I haven't use wet mop anymore after i found readymop. Just hit the trigger to spray some cleaner on dirty or hard to clean spot. Dry mop it and the floor is clean as new. It dries so fast that i can step on it right away
Q:Anybody still use floor speakers?
Keep them. Large speakers like Cerwin Vegas are actually very efficient - in other words you don't need a lot of power to get a given volume level. That spec is called sensitivity and the big Cerwin Vegas always have a high rating for that. Large speakers have gone out of style only for aesthetic reasons.
Q:Laminate flooring and doorways?
just keep in mind that laminate floats, so it needs to be able to move underneath the door jamb. when you say doorways, are there doors or just openings? if its an opening, then you can cover it with a baseboard. if its a door, then use a dremel cut off wheel to notch out a little of the jamb, and tuck the laminate just barely under the jamb, so there is a little hollow there but you cant see it. cover the ends with a transition or a reducing moulding (sold at hardware stores, depends on if the laminate is taller, shorter or the same as whats on the other side of the door)
Q:Multi-layer solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring difference, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Solid wood flooring is made of stump wood or pieces of wood. Solid wood multi-layer floor is the use of 3-8m thick layer of solid wood veneer (usually cut wood veneer), the bottom of the multi-layer veneer crossed the use of adhesive from the pressure together. It is characterized by solid wood flooring decorative effect, compared with solid wood flooring also has a small deformation, better stability, more economical advantages. But if the use of glue may be excessive formaldehyde content.
Q:How to swap the slide floor into another template
Point the upper right corner of the slide design, drop down the menu in the selected slide template, select the desired template style, press the right button, select the blessing Fung Fen Phoenix Yu good sleep pupil applied to all the slides on it. The second method, right click on the slideshow blank, background, select the desired background image, click Apply to all, you can! Hope to help you
Q:What is a good flooring?
I sell floors for a living. Your tile company should have installed backerboard under that tile. If it has been less than a year (most companies have a one year labor warranty) MAKE THEM FIX IT. If their labor warranty is expired, sue them and make them fix it anyways. You paid good money for that floor...make them do it again right. And you can install most any floor covering you want over a plywood floor. If you don't like the cleanability of ceramic (grout can be a pain to maintain), then consider a solid vinyl tile, like Adura from Mannington. That's what I have in my house. Love it, easy to keep. Good luck
Q:Hot tub room floor?
Do you mean under the tub or around it? Concrete and tile are my suggestions.
Q:What kind of tiles is good?
OKorder many, want to buy what kind of have
Q:Is it possible to fix some voids in the laminate flooring I just installed?
if you can get under the floor, like in the basement, you can shim it up from there, if not i think the epoxy might mess up the floor and might even void the warrenty
Q:In your opinion which type of flooring is better?
There is good wood flooring and the bad stuff. The bad stuff is the 1/4 wood veneer you get maybe one sanding out of it. The good stuff is 3/4 wood through and through. If I had a choice between the wanna be wood flooring and laminate I would choose the laminate. But nothing is better then a real wood floor.

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