Form a complete set of dc motor cooler/ Completo grupo Enfriador de DC

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Product Description:

Designed with large and medium-sized internal enclosed heat exchange device, 

ac/dc motor has good cooling effect, convenient installation and maintenance, 

energy saving, etc.
Working principle:
Cooler in the motor at the top or side, the agency is in a copper welding into 

the ventilation cabinet mount fan, cooling unit, and filters and other major parts.

Into the outlet of the cooler and motor on each other, into a closed loop system.

Its function is to produce the motor of the hot air to the heat exchange device 

for cooling, hot air and cooling water through the cooling device, rely on the 

special structure, cooler heat exchange between water, gas, and heating the air 

cooling, cooling water absorbs heat, through the circulation flow out of the closed, 

through constant circulation of gas, water, keep the motor temperature within 

the limits prescribed in the parts.Filter is to filter the wind road carbon powder in the wind the dust.

Motor cooler is the main heat transfer components, is one of the important products 

to maintain motor operation, a direct impact on the rise of temperature of the motor, 

the output, and life, all of the steam turbine generator, hydraulic generator, ac/dc 

motor use cooler, application scope is extremely broad, play an important role in the 

national economy and people's livelihood.
An electric motor exhaust air cooler is 20 M ^ 3 / MIN cross-sectional area is 0.085 M ^ 3 

wind speed can reach?Through air volume equal to 20/60 = 0.33 cubic meters per second.

By the cross-sectional area is equal to 0.085 square meters.So a second average wind speed 

is equal to the ventilation rate divided by the cross-sectional area is equal to 0.33/0.085 = 4 m/s.

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