Forklift Trucks Gasoline / LPG 3.0t-3.5t

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Product Description:

Forklift Trucks Gasoline / LPG  3.0t-3.5t

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:FGL30T-JA,FGL35T-JA,FGL30T-A,FGL35T-A,FL30T-JG,...


Type:Powered Pallet Truck

Power:Gasoline Engine


Load Capacity:1T - 5T

Rate Lift Height:3m


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Wooden Cases or According to Your Requirements

Standard:CE, ISO14001: 2004, ISO9001: 2000



Production Capacity:50 Sets/Week

Product Description

 Main Specifications
Power Type
Rated Load Capacitykg300035003000350030003500
Load Centremm 500500500
DimensionRated Lift Heightmm300030003000
Free Lift Heightmm145150145150145150
Fork Size(L ×W×T )mm1070×1070
Tilting Angle(F/R, α °/ β °)Deg6°/12°
Fork Overhang(Wheel Center to Fork Facemm478478478478478478
Rear Overhangmm 595635595635595635
Ground Clearance(Bottom of Mast)mm 145145145145145145
Lengthto Fork Face(Without Fork)mm277328132773281327732813
Overall Widthmm 122512251225122512251225
Height When Mast Loweredmm206020602060206020602060
Mast Extended Height(Without Backrest)mm 4160
Height To Safeguardmm2235
Turning Radius(Outside)mm 245024802450248024502480
Min. Right Angle Stacking Aisie Width(Add Load Length and Clearance)mm2160
PerformanceTravel Speed(No Load)km/h19
Lifting Spead(Full Load)mm/sec390360390360390360
Lowering Speed(Full Load)mm/sec450
Max.Drawbar Pull(Full Load)KN22(18)
Max.Gradeability(Full Load)%202020202020
WeightTotal Weightkg431047504310475043104750
Front Axle Weight Distribution(Full Load)kg649073206490732064907320
Rear Axle Weight Distribution(Full Load) kg820930820930820930
Front Axle Weight Distribution(No Load)kg176420401764204017642040
Rear Axle Weight Distribution(No Load)kg254627102546271025462710
Engine Model
Engine Manufacturer
NISSAN Guang Qing GM
Rated Output/r.p.mkw44.2/250036/240054/2200
Rated Torque/r.p.mN•m186.2/1600155/1800255/1800
No.of Cylinder
Bore × Strokemm 92 ×9391 ×86101.6 ×91.4
Fuel Tank CapacityL50
Transmission Type
Powershift( Manual)
Transmission Stage(FWD/RVS)
Operating Pressure(For Attachments)Mpa17.5

Forklift Trucks Gasoline / LPG  3.0t-3.5t

Forklift Trucks Gasoline / LPG  3.0t-3.5t

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Q:Is there a driving permit for the forklift truck?
You don't have to travel. He's just a machine in the factory, but you have to operate the license. The operation certificate is the above certificate
Q:People leave the forklift and do what and what to pay attention to when parking
Unable to park in the following circumstances: The bend, the narrow road, the intersection; The length of the road which is greater than 5%; When there are obstacles on one side of the road, the other side of the road is within 20 meters of each other.
Q:Hydraulic forklift and what hydraulic oil
The working medium of manual hydraulic forklift is oil fluid and needs hydraulic oil.I hope my answer will help you
Q:The operation procedure of forklift truck
1) check the vehicle Before (1) forklifts, the appearance should be inspected, and the fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water should be added. (2) check start-up, operation and braking performance. (3) check the lighting and sound signal to be fully effective. (4) the forklift should check the pressure and the temperature is normal. (5) after the operation of the forklift truck, it should also check the leak and replace the sealing part in time. (6) the electric cylinder forklift should check the contents of the electric car and inspect the circuit of the electric bottle forklift
Q:The forklift license test is for those
Security, the structure of the car, the books. The main thing is to do the exercises. Requirements for forklift license: According to the special equipment operating personnel supervision and management method "(order no. 70 of the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine) article 10: apply for special equipment operating personnel license for personnel shall meet the following conditions:
Q:The component of electric forklift drive system
An electric forklift is a forklift, which USES electricity to do its work, mostly for batteries. The battery is a type of battery that is used to store a limited amount of electricity in the right place. It works by converting chemical energy into electricity. This is the battery in the battery of an electric forklift. Be careful: the battery had better not be horizontal! Because the interior of the battery is typically 22 to 28 percent of dilute sulphuric acid. Battery is put electrolyte can drown plate and left a little space if the battery laid-down there will be a part of the plate electrode exposed to air, this is very bad for battery plate, and the general observation hole or the top of the battery cells are vent communicates with the outside world, so the battery electrolyte askew is easy to flow out.
Q:What if the forklift oil is burned and the oil is burned
Gas in the tubing, not oil.Have you had electricity for half a day? Electricity is not enough,
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of exhaust and exhaust in the forklift truck
Is, of course, the exhaust pipe in the lower part of the human body work better, to know the heavier than air exhaust, and sinks, operators and there is no bridge closed isolation, all day just breathing exhaust fumes. It's not good for you. If the exhaust pipe is above the person's head or the pressure of the exhaust, the exhaust will be carried over the top of the head, which will not affect the health of the operator. So depending on the size and relative height of the forklift truck.
Q:The purpose of the forklift truck
Forklift plays a very important role in the logistics system of the enterprise, which is the main force in the material handling equipment. Widely used in the national economy, such as station, port, airport, factory, warehouse, etc., it is an efficient equipment for mechanized loading and unloading, stacking and short distance transportation. Self-propelled forklifts appeared in 1917. During world war ii, forklifts were developed. China started making forklifts in the early 1950s. Especially with the rapid development of China's economy, the majority of enterprise material handling has been out of the original manual handling, instead of forklift truck is given priority to the mechanization of handling. As a result, demand in China's forklift market has grown at double-digit rates every year for the past few years.
Q:How to start a forklift? Say detailed point
Before leaving the forklift: the door stands slightly forward, and the cargo fork naturally lowers; If a cargo fork does not fall to the ground, there is a danger of stumbling and harming the body; The direction handle is in the neutral position; Pull on the brake handle; Turn off the key and remove the key. Parking in designated places: the parking area must be strong enough; Stop where traffic is safe; Not to park in the vicinity of fire hydrants and affect fire control passages; Stop at or near where inflammable substances are made; Don't park your car on the slope. Charge: to prevent the charging device from being damp, and the ventilation condition in charge of the charging station is better to emit the smell from the battery. When charging the forklift battery, be sure to mark the charge. When the battery is charged, the positive and negative are unable to take the reverse. Do not overdischarge, do not use the forklift truck to stop, when the battery capacity alarm is flashing, the battery needs to be charged. On the incline, Empty car up and down the slope - if the car is over the slope, it needs to be rolled back up and down the slope. The center of gravity will fall on the front wheel. Go up and down the slope.

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