Forklift Truck Suitable for Lifting and Carrying in Narrow Ground

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Forklift Truck Suitable for Lifting and Carrying in Narrow Ground

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Basic Info.

Model NO.:FE4D


Export Markets:Global

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Product Description

1.  Security
1)integrally welded chassis with a layout of bottom battery has high strength, low gravity center and good stability of overall structure. 
2)automatic deceleration function when passing a curve;
3)buffering device for lowering mast and tilt lock device with the purpose of hazard prevention.
2.  Advancement
1)integrated combination display instrument have functions of visual parameter display and failure diagnosis to get immediate data feedback from forklift;
2)advanced and imported AC controller is equipped to control accurately behavior of whole truck, meanwhile both regenerative brake and anti-slip on ramp make operation more secure and comfortable;
3)drive system which is imported from Italy adopts updated design with high reliability, low noise,  efficient mechanical properties and high thermal efficiency. Spaced indoor integrated wet brake which has distinguished brake performance, higher efficiency and lower maintenance cost is adopted;
4)dual-drive, high-power AC motor which is adopted as travelling power source is strong engough to accelerate and climb for forklift with a raised hangdling efficiency;
5)high-power dual motor is adopted as working system power supply, and control over motor rev is optimized by computer so that strong working power is provided meanwhile energy consumption is reduced; 
6)design of whole structure and performance is optimized with smaller truck width, lower turning radius and lower gravity center, hence the truck has unparalleled passing performance, stability and maneuverability comparing to other domestic forklifts;
7)high-capacity battery is equipped to meet customer's requirement of longer continual working time (capacity maxes up 80V/900Ah);
8)regenerative braking: drive motor turns into generator to charge battery while forklift is braking, commutating and going downhill, energy-efficient.
3.  Comfort
1)power-assisted braking system makes operation more effortless and braking more reliable; 
2)adjustable steering wheel and adjustable seat are designed according to ergonomics, so that operator can choose optimal driving position as needed;
3)multiway valve is designed sideways to make operation handier and easier; 
4)built-in tilt cylinder is designed to increase enough working space and comfort of operator;
5)large operating space and excellent vision of front and back are designed to achieve a more secure and comfortable operation; 
4.  Maintainability
1)design of open cover makes maintenance of forklift very convenient; 
2)unified arrangement of electric control and hydraulic pipeline makes wiring reasonable and service easy. 



Power typeElectric
Load capacitykg400045005000
Load centermm500
Standard mast lifting heightmm3000
Overhead guard heightmm2265
Overall length(without forks)mm2776
Overall widthmm1450
Turning radiusmm2500
Travel speed(with/without load)km/h14/1514/1513.5/14.5
Total weight(with battery) kg663568697245

Forklift Truck Suitable for Lifting and Carrying in Narrow Ground

Forklift Truck Suitable for Lifting and Carrying in Narrow Ground

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Q:What is the responsibility of the forklift driver for the job?
 is there any fault in the driver? 2 - if there is a fault, it will take the company and then recover from it. 3 - if there is no fault, the company bears the main responsibility and the individual takes secondary responsibility.
Q:What information do you want to prepare for the forklift
Go to the quality supervision bureau exam, still straight out The latter is relatively simple, such as photos, id CARDS and so on
Q:Do forklifts need to be measured?
Forklift does not need to be measured because forklift is not a measuring device but is a special equipment. The forklift needs to be tested annually. According to the factory motor vehicle supervision and inspection procedures "China quality inspection boiler no. 16 [2002], article 3: the new and repair or reconstruction of motor vehicles in the plant, put into use before, shall, in accordance with the provisions of this regulation, a regular inspection every year. Encounter may affect the safety and technical performance of natural disasters or motor vehicles inside the plant after the equipment accidents, and stop using more than one year use of motor vehicles in the factory, again after a make-over, shall, in accordance with the provisions of this regulation the acceptance inspection of the content.
Q:What are some of the common failures of forklifts?
Forklifts cannot be started with the following conditions: 1, the battery without electricity Failure of starter The key switch is bad 4, the oil pump does not supply oil 5, there was no oil tank 6, no oil 7, the crankshaft lock The engine was completely scrapped
Q:How to test a forklift
Information provided by the applicant: Health certificates of medical institutions above the county level; To participate in the certification of safety technical training in the training qualification institutions; received The administrative service center security window accepts Examination and evaluation Education training co., to review the relevant information of the applicant, apply to the provincial bureau examination center for the examination of the application, and examine the applicant. Send the applicant's answer sheet to the provincial electronic examination paper.
Q:Does anyone know what the anti-explosion forklift principle is
Watson explosion-proof forklift truck quality is not bad, it is also one of the domestic rare good explosion forklift truck manufacturer Passed the national explosion-proof test, explosion-proof principle of specific can consult on Watson website, there will be a professional solution for you. The hope can help you..
Q:What are the rules for the forklift
There is an article on this website that is in PDF format that you can't replicate, and you can look it up and look at the rules that include loading and unloading when you can't lean forward
Q:Can a forklift drive into an elevator?
My friend, although it has happened, I still want to tell you that it's ok if you do the right thing. I don't believe that will be difficult for you. Remember to study forklift and elevator operation mode. This way, you have the bottom, more the next time convenient express
Q:How do you start a forklift without a key
This is the electrician who needs to know! Short answer from ignition switch, if you don't understand, I can't tell you with words..
Q:A forklift applies to which industries
There are more kinds of forklifts and special forklifts. Basically, with the more places are logistics warehousing, factories and individual production for self-use (now most factories are used as food, paper, machining industry, equipment manufacturing, parts manufacturers), port (container). The forklift is a kind of can replace the artificial production tools, with low cost high efficiency has a wide application range, and in the process of economic development in the future will be to use more and more. If you need a forklift to contact me, I am a manufacturer.

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