Forklift Truck Electric (CPD30)

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Product Description:

Forklift Truck  Electric (CPD30)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CPD 30


Type:Powered Pallet Truck

Power:AC Motor


Load Capacity:1T - 5T



Load center:500mm

Lift height:3000~5000mm



Warranty Time:1year or 2000 Working Hours


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:20gp: 2set / 40hq: 4sets



Origin:Shandong, China

HS Code:8427209000


Production Capacity:3000 Sets One Year

Product Description


1)high capacity battery

2)comfortable control

3)high performance AC motor

4)high quality imported electronic

Manufactur`s NameSWLTD (Shandong weili world machinery Co.,Ltd.)
Model Designation
Configuration Number
Load CapacityQ(kg)3000
Load centerc(mm)500
Power Type
Tyre Type
Tyres Number(Front/Rear)
Tread(centre of tyre),frontb10(mm)1000
Tread(centre of tyre),rearb11(mm)980
Tyre Size,Front
Tyre Size,Rear
Load Distancex(mm)485
Mast Tilt Angle.F/Rα/β(°)6/10
Height with Mast Loweredh1(mm)2075
Free lifth2(mm)145
Standard Lift Heighth3(mm)3000
Height with Mast Extendedh4(mm)4182
Overhead Guard Heighth6(mm)2215
Fork Size T×W×Ls/e/L(mm)45×125×1070
Fork Carriage to DIN 15173A/B
Length to fork faceL2(mm)2485
Overall Widthb1(mm)1225
Outside Turning RadiusWa(mm)2210
Ground Clearance at mast,Loadedm1(mm)135
Travel Speed,with/without loadkm/h15.0/15.5
Lowering Speedmm/s500
Tatal Approximate Weight(W/O BATTERY)kg4810/3230
Battery Voltage/rated capacity(5h)V/Ah80/480
Pump Motor-15Min.RationgkW13(DC)
Pump Motor-15Min.RationgkW13.5(AC)
Drive Motor Controll Method
Pump Motor Controll Method
Pump Motor Controll Method
Service Brake/Parking Brake
Relief PressureMpa21

Forklift Truck  Electric (CPD30)

Forklift Truck  Electric (CPD30)

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Q:How to drive a forklift? Detailed point!
If the forklift is stepless left foot will on not move pedal, if it is mechanical left foot on the clutch, for dealing with emergencies, right foot to step on the gas pedal, according to the working environment to master speed at any time, at first does not require fast, skilled speed up naturally
Q:Why is the front wheel of the forklift narrow
The rear wheel is smaller, so the needed floor area is smaller and the radius becomes smaller, making the shift more flexible.
Q:What insurance does a forklift driver need?
The inspection fee of the driver of the forklift driver for every two years is the employee's own solution or the company's unified payment?
Q:What is the cause of my forklift
I also drive a forklift truck for TCM. The forklift doesn't start. You check the battery first. Turn on the light and see if the lights are on. If the light is not on, you again with two wires connect a small bulbs, connected to the battery to 12 v, see if the battery's dead, if the light is, is the problem line. Check each item, the speaker doesn't ring. And so on. Looks like you're a beginner.
Q:How many years can you use a forklift battery
Generally speaking, it can take two to three years, and it can be recharged about five hundred times. Second, charge attention matters Do not unplug or turn off the power switch when charging, otherwise the plug and the electrical component will be damaged. When the charging authority is closed, the plug is removed. The truck. When configuring the electrolyte, do not pour water into sulfuric acid, lest the temperature of the liquid surface suddenly rise, and the boiling acid droplets will hurl.
Q:What are the rules for the forklift
There is an article on this website that is in PDF format that you can't replicate, and you can look it up and look at the rules that include loading and unloading when you can't lean forward
Q:How to change oil for a forklift, no slots and jacks
You can do it long enough to get the wheel on the board so you can get into it
Q:The forklift card has been tried for several years
Forklift driving license (forklift license) is issued by the state production safety supervision and administration of the People's Republic of China special operations card ", forklift only used in the unit within the work place.
Q:What is a forklift for?
One, model choice 1, category 1 Forklift can be divided into three categories: internal combustion forklift, electric forklift and storage forklift. (1) internal combustion forklift The internal combustion forklift is divided into regular internal combustion forklift, heavy lift truck, container forklift truck and side forklift truck. Normal internal combustion forklift Generally use diesel, gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas engine as power, load capacity of 1.2 ~ 8.0 tons, homework channel width is generally 3.5 ~ 3.5 meters, emissions and noise into consideration, usually used in outdoor, workshops or other places with special requirements for emissions and noise did not. Due to the convenience of fuel replenishment, long time continuous work can be achieved, and can be suitable for work in bad environment (such as rain).
Q:What is the invoice for the forklift truck
The special invoices for red letters are issued Mistake in c. the buyer refuse to accept the special invoices for value-added tax, sellers must national tax authorities within the time limit stipulated in the special invoice certification fill in application form, and on the application form to fill out the specific reasons and corresponding blue word invoices information, at the same time provide a medical certificate issued by the purchaser expressly rejected reason, errors, specific projects, as well as the right content written materials, the competent tax authorities after verification and the scarlet letter issued by the notice of the special invoice. The processing of returns General sales returns in the aftermath of the taxpayers to issue special VAT invoices, sales discount and make out an invoice is wrong, and so on and so forth need to issue special scarlet letter invoice, in the sale of goods and to the buyer to issue special VAT invoices, purchase of goods because the buyer in a certain period of time accumulated to a certain amount, or due to reasons such as market prices fall, XiaoHuoFang give buyer corresponding price or the compensation such as discount, discount behavior, XiaoHuoFang scarlet letter special VAT invoice issued by the regulation, and in scarlet letter issued invoices after the corresponding photocopy of proof of charge to an account of the business, submitted to the national tax authorities for the record.

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