Forklift Truck Electric (CPD30)

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Product Description:

Forklift Truck  Electric (CPD30)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CPD 30


Type:Powered Pallet Truck

Power:AC Motor


Load Capacity:1T - 5T



Load center:500mm

Lift height:3000~5000mm



Warranty Time:1year or 2000 Working Hours


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:20gp: 2set / 40hq: 4sets



Origin:Shandong, China

HS Code:8427209000


Production Capacity:3000 Sets One Year

Product Description


1)high capacity battery

2)comfortable control

3)high performance AC motor

4)high quality imported electronic

Manufactur`s NameSWLTD (Shandong weili world machinery Co.,Ltd.)
Model Designation
Configuration Number
Load CapacityQ(kg)3000
Load centerc(mm)500
Power Type
Tyre Type
Tyres Number(Front/Rear)
Tread(centre of tyre),frontb10(mm)1000
Tread(centre of tyre),rearb11(mm)980
Tyre Size,Front
Tyre Size,Rear
Load Distancex(mm)485
Mast Tilt Angle.F/Rα/β(°)6/10
Height with Mast Loweredh1(mm)2075
Free lifth2(mm)145
Standard Lift Heighth3(mm)3000
Height with Mast Extendedh4(mm)4182
Overhead Guard Heighth6(mm)2215
Fork Size T×W×Ls/e/L(mm)45×125×1070
Fork Carriage to DIN 15173A/B
Length to fork faceL2(mm)2485
Overall Widthb1(mm)1225
Outside Turning RadiusWa(mm)2210
Ground Clearance at mast,Loadedm1(mm)135
Travel Speed,with/without loadkm/h15.0/15.5
Lowering Speedmm/s500
Tatal Approximate Weight(W/O BATTERY)kg4810/3230
Battery Voltage/rated capacity(5h)V/Ah80/480
Pump Motor-15Min.RationgkW13(DC)
Pump Motor-15Min.RationgkW13.5(AC)
Drive Motor Controll Method
Pump Motor Controll Method
Pump Motor Controll Method
Service Brake/Parking Brake
Relief PressureMpa21

Forklift Truck  Electric (CPD30)

Forklift Truck  Electric (CPD30)

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Q:How do you use the gta5 forklift, the one that carries the container on the dock
I only know the PS4 version, with a left joystick.I hope my answer is useful to you.
Q:What is the meaning of a forklift?
The average forklift fuel is diesel and electric. Natural gas forklifts are supposed to be burning natural gas, which is now used by many heavy trucks
Q:What about the exhaust fumes of the internal combustion fork in the workshop
There is a bias towards the diesel fuel and not more than the other is to modify the exhaust system of the engine and the exhaust system is more expensive
Q:What is the difference between a forklift mechanical drive and a hydraulic drive?
The traditional mechanical transmission is through the transmission, differential and half shaft will drive to the wheels, hydraulic by hydraulic pump hydraulic oil into the high pressure oil, and then through the oil to transform the hydraulic oil to the hydraulic drive device, to drive the wheels. Gear drive inevitably there will be wear and tear, if the lack of oil is more serious, gear damage, damage to the parts of fault, and hydraulic transmission omitted many of the transmission mechanism, reduce the friction, and increase the efficiency of the there will be no collision between gear, also won't have dash, started the phenomenon such as unstable.
Q:What are the traffic rules for forklifts
Fork work basket - cannot allow personnel to stand on a fork unless there is a special basket for forklift. When people are in the basket, the forklift cannot be exercised. The standard is that forklift must die on the brake, the engine turns and the driver is on the table. The driver cannot turn off the forklift and leave the forklift while using the staff work basket. 8. The stability of the forklift truck triangle - if you will forklift lifted up, you can see forklift from the bottom of the forklift truck is in front of the support of two wheels, and after two rounds of connection points in the middle. If you wire up three points, you get a triangle. This is the stable triangle of forklift. As long as the center of the forklift is in the stable triangle, the forklift does not tip over.
Q:What is the engine displacement of 3T forklift?
Displacement is an important structural parameter that measures the size of the engine. The engine's performance indicators are closely related to the emissions, and generally, the larger the vehicle's emissions, the higher the power. It is commonly used as the basis for evaluating different engine sizes.
Q:Do forklifts need to be measured?
Trade settlement, security protection, health care, environmental monitoring, your forklift belongs to which category, if it does not belong to do not check. Consult the local quality supervision bureau.
Q:What is the safe speed of the forklift truck
Forklift truck speed can be set, internal combustion forklift usually have speed limiter, domestic forklift factory basic restrictions in 18-20 km/h, battery forklift truck speed can be set according to the request of the buyer the speed of the Settings for each mode.
Q:How many ways to push the forklift truck?
Fuel and electric power. The fuel oil tonnage is big, the power foot, because the burning oil will produce the exhaust gas to the environment the high place is not suitable for use! The relative tonnage of electric power is small, suitable for a small warehouse or clean workshop.
Q:How to start a forklift? Say detailed point
Check for safety around forklifts: make sure there is no one around your forklift before starting a forklift truck. When a large cargo is carried, when the eye is not good, please turn the car or be guided by others. When driving backwards, make sure there is no one around the forklift. When driving a forklift in a narrow passageway, you should be guided. Drivers should stop at the crossroads or other areas of sight to make sure that they drive when they are empty. Unlike a car, a forklift is a rear wheel that moves toward a turning point, lowering the speed and then turning the steering wheel to turn the back of the forklift. Be aware of pedestrians, obstacles and potholes, and notice the clearance above the forklift truck. Upper and lower forklift: stop jumping and jumping off the forklift truck. As you go up and down the car, grab the handle and step on the pedal. You can't grab a steering wheel or a joystick when you're driving up and down. Forklifts are forbidden: forks and pallets are strictly prohibited. Do not allow anyone other than the driver to ride. Don't replace the balance by employing people. Start the power with the key and see if the dashboard is normal: Check if the vehicle is empty;

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