Forklift Truck 890 3000mm Lift Height With CE ISO

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890 Forklift Truck 3000mm Lift Height


    Additional Info.



    Packing:JAC Standard Export Packing



    Origin:Hefei, China

    HS Code:8427209000


    Production Capacity:20000unit/Year

    • Comfortableness
    The whole machine adopts advanced ergonomically design, suspended engine vibration absorption device, 
    and steering gear of low input torque for easier static steering; the adjustable steering wheel can be adjusted 
    according to the operation condition, so the operator will not feel tired during long-time work. The wide leg space 
    makes it more comfortable to operate.
    • Low Gravity Center
    Computerized design of the low gravity center for the most reasonable and smooth operation, and the high strength 
    steel plate with precision welding ensure the stability during the operation.
    • Safety
    The lifting system adopts wide mast, which greatly improves the range of vision and makes it more quick and convenient to operate. 
    There is safety device installed in the system so that the mast will not lose control even when the pipeline ruptures.
    • Cooling System
    it adopts large volume copper water tank with internationally advanced cooling technology, which ensures excellent cooling capability.
    • Electrical System
    It adopts the harness and waterproof plug-in board of the latest technology and multi way fuse collocation, greatly improving the safety 
    and stability of the electrical system.

    FDM 8350Performance Parameter and Dimensions

    Overall length

    No fork


    Mast tilt angle




    Operating weight


    Overall width

    Wheel width


    No load Max. extended speed


    Mast width


    Full load Max. extended speed



    Overall height

    Mast lowered guard height


    Turning radius


    Overall guard height


    No load Travel speed



    Operating max. height


    Full load Travel speed





    Grade ability


    Front overhang




    Front Tyres


    Full load Max. Hauling force


    Rear Tyres


    Rated load


    Min. Ground clearance(no load/full load)



    Load center








    NO load Max. loft height


    Rated power


    Free lift height


    Max. torque


    The free height





Forklift Truck  890 3000mm Lift Height With CE ISO

Forklift Truck  890 3000mm Lift Height With CE ISO

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Q:What is the difference between a forklift and an operation certificate
The certificate that must be dealt with in the labor bureau is the proof that the laborer has the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in a particular profession. It is laborer qualification certificate of employment, office, practice, is unit of choose and employ persons is the main basis of recruitment, hiring workers, and overseas employment, foreign labor service cooperation, personnel skill levels notary valid documents. Mainly used to adjust wages.
Q:How does the fork of a forklift know that there is no balance
Overload detection is the most important thing. This is the prevention of damage to the goods for deformation.
Q:Whether there is a national standard or standard for the charging of forklift truck in the factory
The battery charging or storage site should be kept well ventilated, with ventilation and ventilation facilities to prevent the explosion of combustible gas. Smoking in the charging room of the forklift truck is prohibited from smoking. No phone calls in the rechargeroom, such as phone calls to the charging room. 3, as the electrolyte in the battery is a mixture of sulfuric acid and aqueous solution, toxic and corrosive, so when to battery charging and near its must wear overalls and protective glasses. If your skin or eyes are stained with electrolyte, rinse immediately with water and if you have an electrolyte in your eyes, turn to your doctor immediately
Q:How to tell the truth from a forklift?
Click on "special equipment management" section; On the right, you will see a "operator" under the "integrated query" section. Click "operator" to enter the "national special equipment practitioner information query system"; Enter the query system to click the "operator query" entry, enter 3 items: name, id number, forklift card number, according to the query.
Q:What is the difference between a forklift and a small 5t?
The thickness of the fork is different, the thickness of 5 tons is 5mm, the length is different, the total weight is different. The engine is different, too. So the price is quite different. Different tonklifts are recommended for the operating conditions.
Q:How many years can you use a forklift battery
The battery will produce the gas during the charging process, should keep the charging area ventilated well and there is no open fire. 4, in any case, in the process of charging the electrolyte temperature should not exceed 45 ℃, otherwise should try to cool down, such as to reduce the charging current, measures such as artificial cooling or pause charge, after waiting for the temperature drop charge again. It is strictly forbidden to put metal tools on the battery. There is no excess clutter on the battery.
Q:How many ways to push the forklift truck?
Fuel and electric power. The fuel oil tonnage is big, the power foot, because the burning oil will produce the exhaust gas to the environment the high place is not suitable for use! The relative tonnage of electric power is small, suitable for a small warehouse or clean workshop.
Q:The forklift truck is a motor vehicle solution
1, rated lifting weight: forklift rated lifting weight refers to the center of gravity to goods fork front wall distance not greater than the load center distance, lifting the maximum weight of the goods is allowed, expressed as a t (t). The weight should be reduced by the longitudinal stability of the forklift truck when the weight of the cargo on the cargo fork exceeds the specified load center distance.
Q:What are the rules for the forklift
The forklift management system In order to standardize the management of enterprises, to make the production safety work, the special system is formulated. First, safety management Safety education (weekly) for forklift drivers. 2, the operator must hold relevant certificates and strictly implement the safety operating rules, and the drivers are careful, to yearly check of forklift, qualified by the municipal labor bureau confirmed rear can continue to use a forklift driving and; Strictly according to the motor vehicle driving requirements in the factory: Do the inspection of forklift truck every day (according to the checking table) to keep the forklift in good condition.
Q:Why do you lean forward when you're driving with a forklift?
Brother, who teaches, look at that book, forklift, pallet fork it is forbidden to forward, should receive the back, at least if is flat, not in order to facilitate and cause accidents.

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