Forklift Truck 890 3000mm Lift Height With CE ISO

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890 Forklift Truck 3000mm Lift Height


    Additional Info.



    Packing:JAC Standard Export Packing



    Origin:Hefei, China

    HS Code:8427209000


    Production Capacity:20000unit/Year

    • Comfortableness
    The whole machine adopts advanced ergonomically design, suspended engine vibration absorption device, 
    and steering gear of low input torque for easier static steering; the adjustable steering wheel can be adjusted 
    according to the operation condition, so the operator will not feel tired during long-time work. The wide leg space 
    makes it more comfortable to operate.
    • Low Gravity Center
    Computerized design of the low gravity center for the most reasonable and smooth operation, and the high strength 
    steel plate with precision welding ensure the stability during the operation.
    • Safety
    The lifting system adopts wide mast, which greatly improves the range of vision and makes it more quick and convenient to operate. 
    There is safety device installed in the system so that the mast will not lose control even when the pipeline ruptures.
    • Cooling System
    it adopts large volume copper water tank with internationally advanced cooling technology, which ensures excellent cooling capability.
    • Electrical System
    It adopts the harness and waterproof plug-in board of the latest technology and multi way fuse collocation, greatly improving the safety 
    and stability of the electrical system.

    FDM 8350Performance Parameter and Dimensions

    Overall length

    No fork


    Mast tilt angle




    Operating weight


    Overall width

    Wheel width


    No load Max. extended speed


    Mast width


    Full load Max. extended speed



    Overall height

    Mast lowered guard height


    Turning radius


    Overall guard height


    No load Travel speed



    Operating max. height


    Full load Travel speed





    Grade ability


    Front overhang




    Front Tyres


    Full load Max. Hauling force


    Rear Tyres


    Rated load


    Min. Ground clearance(no load/full load)



    Load center








    NO load Max. loft height


    Rated power


    Free lift height


    Max. torque


    The free height





Forklift Truck  890 3000mm Lift Height With CE ISO

Forklift Truck  890 3000mm Lift Height With CE ISO

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Q:What about the exhaust fumes of the internal combustion fork in the workshop
A forklift exhaust gas purifier. Shanghai jiekai supplies imported forklift exhaust gas purifiers, which is 90 percent efficient.
Q:What are some of the common failures of forklifts?
The source power of the forklift truck is diesel, and the diesel engine can't be started: can diesel be turned around? Is the starting system normal (the starter and the relay are intact? Does the battery have sufficient power?) Right? Is the oil road unimpeded (the oil supply system has no trouble? Is there no oil? Is there air? Is the oil pump intact? Is the nozzle intact?) Right? Is the inlet system in good condition (the air filter is in good condition? Is the valve closed in good condition? Right?
Q:Hydraulic forklift truck classification
Walking speed (full/empty) : 3.6/5.4 Km/h high hoisting manual hydraulic forklift truck is a kind of hoisting load and unload and short-distance transport vehicle, because do not produce sparks and electromagnetic fields. It is especially suitable for the handling of inflammable, explosive and forbidden goods in car handling and workshop, warehouse, wharf, station and yard. The product has the characteristics of lifting and balancing, turning flexibly and convenient operation. The work is safe and reliable. It is the ideal tool for reducing the intensity of labor, improving the production effect and realizing the full loading and unloading.
Q:Forklift, forklift, loader, which is a special equipment
Passenger ropeway, refers to the power drive, using the flexible ropes box transportation vehicle, such as mechanical and electrical equipment, including passenger cableway, the passenger transportation cable car, passenger ropeway, etc. (7) large amusement facilities, is used for business purposes, carrying passengers amusement facilities, its scope for maximum design line speed is greater than or equal to 2 m/s, or running height above the ground is higher than or equal to 2 m manned large amusement facilities. (eight) special field (factory) in motor vehicles, refer to only in addition to the road traffic, agricultural vehicles in the plant, scenic spots, such as playgrounds for special motor vehicles used in a particular area. The special equipment includes the materials used, the attached safety accessories, the safety equipment and the facilities associated with the safety protection device.
Q:Learn the forklift truck, will you be tired in the future?
Generally not tired if you usually have a fork in the shelf and you can get a good habit of driving a forklift
Q:What is the meaning of a forklift?
Forklift: A variety of wheeled transport vehicles for handling, loading and unloading of a pallet of cargo. Forklift classification: Diesel forklift truck, electric forklift truck, warehouse forklift truck. The attached: The forklift truck belongs to the internal combustion forklift truck.
Q:Can a forklift drive into a container? Can the pallet be installed on the second floor?
Small tonnage forklift (3 tons) can into a container, pallet items mainly depends on the item's packaging can withstand you to put on weight, can be 2 layers stacked in the outside, and then together to cross into the box. It is important to note in advance to see if the height of the layer 2 is beyond the box in the high, general goods height than some box is high enough.
Q:Notice those items before the forklift
Forklift yearly check just need certification, then the body on the nameplate on, can clearly see that the above information such as the factory number, if not the first time a yearly check, just the last annual inspection report, but your forklift every performance must be in good condition.
Q:Is it dangerous to drive a forklift?
Of course there will be, the forklift truck is also a big guy, hey hey. But the operator's technology is good, and there is nothing wrong with concentration
Q:I want to learn about the forklift truck. I don't know how well the forklift man works.
Friend hello, forklift words don't go to school, you can find companies to practice, to find relationship between warehouse and his lane, can learn, then it is ok to go to the school take an examination of a certificate,

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