Forklift Truck 1-3.5ton Electric , Clean Energy Forklift

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Product Description:

Forklift Truck 1-3.5ton Electric , Clean Energy Forklift

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:GTFB15-G


Type:Electric Forklift

Application:Construction Usage, Workshop Usage, Container Usage, Mineral Area Usage


Tower Crane Type:Slewing Tower Crane

Sling Type:Chain


Main Girder Form:Double Girder

Power Source:Electric


Moving Type:Wheel



Certification:ISO9001: 2000, CE



Battery 1.0t-3.5t:Color Is Orange

Battery 48/450(V/Ah):Lifting Height 3m


Closed-Loop Control:Abundant Crawling Power

AC Traction:AC Electric Pump


AC Electric Pump Electric Control:Equipped with Temperature and Speed Sensor

Ramp Auto Stop:Outstanding Control Ability


Load Sensing and Single Pump Shut Tech.:Separate Tooth Type Low Noise Pump

Braking Energy Recharge 30%:Interactive Curtislcd Panel


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:with Film Coated on Machines as The Package

Standard:ISO9000, CE, AS, BV



Production Capacity:3000 Unit/Year

Product Description

This small electric forklift adopts internationally-advanced dual electronic control technology, which greatly enhances the reliability, decrease the noise of the DC battery charger forklift. It makes operation and maintenance easy.
It is equipped with emergency switch, imported accelerator, and newly designed cell cover with lock.
It is provided with wide view mast and power assisted steering.

Battery 1.5T

Working PressureMpa14.514.5

Rated Loadkg15001500
Lifting Heightmm30003000
Free Lifting Heightmm135135
Load Centermm500500
Free Lifting Heightmm135135
Fork SizeLong×Wide×Thickmm920x100x40920x100x40
Mast Dip AngleFront/Rear.6/126/12
Minimum Turning Radiusmm18501850
Minimum Right Angle Stacking Aisle Widthmm34603460
Minimum Right Angle Aisle Widthmm18401840
Minimum Ground Clearancemm100100
Height From Seat to Topmm10051005
Front Overhangmm400400

Max. Travelling SpeedFull Loadkm/h1111.5
Max. Lifting SpeedFull Load/without loadmm/s260300
Max. Gradeability%1515
Max. Fork Lifting HeightWith Load Backrestmm38603860

Overall LengthWithout Forkmm19901990
Overall Widthmm10701070
Overhead Guard Heightmm21002100
Mast Heightmm19551955

Wheel Basemm12501250
Wheel TreadFront/Rearmm890/920890/920
Curb weight ?


Forklift Truck 1-3.5ton Electric , Clean Energy Forklift

Forklift Truck 1-3.5ton Electric , Clean Energy Forklift

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Q:What is the difference between a forklift and a trailer for a hydraulic drive?
The so-called hydraulic drive is the idea of automatic stop, which is not disconnecting, only the throttle and the brakes. The rocker, which moves forward and backward, is usually positioned at the wheel. As for leaning and lifting, you can go to the scene and pretend to be a professional
Q:What type of rubber forklift tyre
How many tons do you have, my friend? And the usual thing is 3T The front wheels of the 3 ton forklift are 28 * 9-15. The rear wheel is 650-10; Can I help you?
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of exhaust and exhaust in the forklift truck
Imported forklifts are used for exhaust, and of course the cost will increase. The reason is that the height of the exhaust is exactly the same as in the middle of the body, which causes the pollution to spread to the human body, causing damage. The exhaust will blow up the dust of the ground and cause pollution. Are you satisfied with the answer?
Q:4 tons of cross-country forklift lifts the four-meter cross-country forklift
Electric cylinder forklift: suitable for indoor or environmental protection Advantages: low noise, no exhaust emissions, easy operation. Disadvantages: high maintenance requirements, poor continuous working ability, high cost of high cost of materials. Choose different forms of forklift in accordance with your site
Q:Where is the enterprise forklift special operation certificate?
The operation certificate of special operation of the forklift truck is handled in the administrative service center. A special operations training organization shall apply for a certification procedure The training courses for special operations must be reported to the city security bureau in advance. The special operations training organization shall, in the week before the application for examination, be submitted to the municipal security bureau for reference. 3, city bureau to apply for the inspection report, and training institutions agreed to the inspection date and send inspection member to the examiners training institutions, examination paper copies, according to the register population to determine test after sealed by the inspection member carry. After the evaluation is over, the appraisals will be evaluated within 2 days.
Q:How many years can you use a forklift battery
Generally speaking, it can take two to three years, and it can be recharged about five hundred times. Second, charge attention matters Do not unplug or turn off the power switch when charging, otherwise the plug and the electrical component will be damaged. When the charging authority is closed, the plug is removed. The truck. When configuring the electrolyte, do not pour water into sulfuric acid, lest the temperature of the liquid surface suddenly rise, and the boiling acid droplets will hurl.
Q:Battery lift truck charging requirement
The battery produces a gas during the charging process and should be kept well ventilated and there is no open fire. 4, in any case, in the process of charging the electrolyte temperature should not exceed 45 ℃, otherwise should try to cool down, such as to reduce the charging current, measures such as artificial cooling or pause charge, after waiting for the temperature drop charge again. It is strictly forbidden to put metal tools on the battery. There is no excess clutter on the battery.
Q:What is a forklift for?
One, model choice 1, category 1 Forklift can be divided into three categories: internal combustion forklift, electric forklift and storage forklift. (1) internal combustion forklift The internal combustion forklift is divided into regular internal combustion forklift, heavy lift truck, container forklift truck and side forklift truck. Normal internal combustion forklift Generally use diesel, gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas engine as power, load capacity of 1.2 ~ 8.0 tons, homework channel width is generally 3.5 ~ 3.5 meters, emissions and noise into consideration, usually used in outdoor, workshops or other places with special requirements for emissions and noise did not. Due to the convenience of fuel replenishment, long time continuous work can be achieved, and can be suitable for work in bad environment (such as rain).
Q:What is the principle and function of the forklift differential
Forklift differential classification: the structure of the conical wheel (umbrella), the structure of the cylinder wheel, such as torsion and torsion and so on, with more differential on the forklift at present widely used four planetary gear (umbrella gear to form), the range of the structure of the twisted to form a differential. Normal form of differential forklift: is mainly composed of shell, planetary gear (cross shaft to form) and four quadrant gear, planetary wheel axle and half axle gear, adjusting shim, half shaft, and so on
Q:How about the forklift truck training, the forklift wages
As the saying goes, the skill is no burden, for some have no record of formal schooling, and without any special skills, learn a skill alongside the body should be the right thing to do, learning forklift is right choice, forklift worker's monthly salary composition material member forklift driver: post salary + skills allowance + fall class expense + on performance-related pay receiving, issuing forklift driver: salary + month performance salary + skills allowance job salary is the basic wage, this related to many factors, such as local economic level, the wage, the skill level of the individual, etc., usually ranging from 2000-3000 implementation skills allowance for forklift driver positions. The reward salary for the skill level that the individual has received in the position, encourages the employee to do the job well

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