Forklift Truck 1-3.5ton Electric , Clean Energy Forklift

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Product Description:

Forklift Truck 1-3.5ton Electric , Clean Energy Forklift

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:GTFB15-G


Type:Electric Forklift

Application:Construction Usage, Workshop Usage, Container Usage, Mineral Area Usage


Tower Crane Type:Slewing Tower Crane

Sling Type:Chain


Main Girder Form:Double Girder

Power Source:Electric


Moving Type:Wheel



Certification:ISO9001: 2000, CE



Battery 1.0t-3.5t:Color Is Orange

Battery 48/450(V/Ah):Lifting Height 3m


Closed-Loop Control:Abundant Crawling Power

AC Traction:AC Electric Pump


AC Electric Pump Electric Control:Equipped with Temperature and Speed Sensor

Ramp Auto Stop:Outstanding Control Ability


Load Sensing and Single Pump Shut Tech.:Separate Tooth Type Low Noise Pump

Braking Energy Recharge 30%:Interactive Curtislcd Panel


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:with Film Coated on Machines as The Package

Standard:ISO9000, CE, AS, BV



Production Capacity:3000 Unit/Year

Product Description

This small electric forklift adopts internationally-advanced dual electronic control technology, which greatly enhances the reliability, decrease the noise of the DC battery charger forklift. It makes operation and maintenance easy.
It is equipped with emergency switch, imported accelerator, and newly designed cell cover with lock.
It is provided with wide view mast and power assisted steering.

Battery 1.5T

Working PressureMpa14.514.5

Rated Loadkg15001500
Lifting Heightmm30003000
Free Lifting Heightmm135135
Load Centermm500500
Free Lifting Heightmm135135
Fork SizeLong×Wide×Thickmm920x100x40920x100x40
Mast Dip AngleFront/Rear.6/126/12
Minimum Turning Radiusmm18501850
Minimum Right Angle Stacking Aisle Widthmm34603460
Minimum Right Angle Aisle Widthmm18401840
Minimum Ground Clearancemm100100
Height From Seat to Topmm10051005
Front Overhangmm400400

Max. Travelling SpeedFull Loadkm/h1111.5
Max. Lifting SpeedFull Load/without loadmm/s260300
Max. Gradeability%1515
Max. Fork Lifting HeightWith Load Backrestmm38603860

Overall LengthWithout Forkmm19901990
Overall Widthmm10701070
Overhead Guard Heightmm21002100
Mast Heightmm19551955

Wheel Basemm12501250
Wheel TreadFront/Rearmm890/920890/920
Curb weight ?


Forklift Truck 1-3.5ton Electric , Clean Energy Forklift

Forklift Truck 1-3.5ton Electric , Clean Energy Forklift

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Q:The depreciation period and the rate of depreciation of engineering machinery such as forklift truck
The depreciation of engineering machinery such as forklift truck is five years The new accounting standards are not required for the rate of damage. 5% of the original requirements
Q:How does flexsim implement a forklift truck to move the product to the shelf
Press the S button to click the staging area, hold down the mouse button, drag it to the forklift, and release the mouse button on the forklift truck. This completes the S connection.
Q:How many kilograms are on the top of the forklift truck
First of all, this depends on what brand, what specification forklift truck! Different brand of forklift with car body materials, basic is iron, second-line brand premium brands is the basic of steel, the steel quality will also because of the forklift truck manufacturers selected steel sites, brands are different.
Q:What is the responsibility of the forklift driver for the job?
If the driver of a forklift truck is employed, the unit shall be liable for compensation. If the driver of a forklift is employed by an individual, the employer shall bear the liability for compensation. The two sides may negotiate a compensation dispute in advance and fail to bring a suit to the court.
Q:Which is better, solid forklift tyres and inflatable forklift tyres?
Cons: tires are harder and harder to bump Like, the installation is troublesome, the process is much, if the installation is not good still can cause the tyre and the rim to skid.
Q:The forklift truck can't be combined for a license
No, the loading machine belongs to the engineering machine, the forklift truck belongs to the logistics machinery, different industries. And the loading machine is in the security check, can run an operation card, the forklift truck is returned to the quality inspection tube.
Q:The forklift truck is a motor vehicle solution
2, load center distance: load center distance refers to the goods on the pallet fork put standard, its centre of gravity is the arrival of the vertical section of the front wall of the horizontal distance T fork, expressed in mm (millimeter). For 1T to 4T forklift, the load center is 500mm. 3, maximum lifting height, maximum lifting height refers to the flat on the solid ground, forklift truck, loaded with goods rose to the highest position, pallet fork level on the surface of the vertical distance from the forklift truck's horizontal ground
Q:How do you tell if a forklift is retrofitted?
The simplest method, listen, listen to the sound of the engine to have the noise or heterophony, look at the engine to smoke the smoke, the door frame bearing has no wear and tear. Look up from beneath the car, such as no sludge in the sag, paint thinner, door frame without wear and walk it sounds small, small gap control system, the basic is new. Certificate of conformity, the invoice may be.
Q:What procedures are required for a forklift licence
The forklift should be known Number one: you need information for the inspection (2) inspection of motor vehicles in the factory Certificate of forklift (original and copy of each) A copy of the owner's code certificate A copy of the business license of the owner It is not directly handled by the legal person (which is required to submit a power of attorney)
Q:What is a forklift worker
species Forklift trucks are divided into two types: One class is a mechanical forklift: a balanced heavy lift truck with a petrol engine and a balanced heavy lift truck with a diesel engine. The other class is the hydraulic drive forklift: it means turning the engine into a torque converter and turning it into a fluid power. There are three types of forklift trucks: the first is a diesel engine forklift. The second is the petrol engine forklift; The third is the liquefaction engine forklift.

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