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1.0-2.0t wide view three stage all free mast tableModelExtended mast height H 4(mm) The capacity(Load centre distance 500 mms) of Load(kg)CQ10CQ13CQ15CQ18CQ20RTFM5005000700800115013001400RTFM5605600600700105012001300RTFM6006000500600100011001200RTFM6606600--85010001100RTFM7207200--700800900RTFM7507500--650700750RTFM8008000--550600650RTFM8208200--500550600
ModelExtended mast height H 4(mm) The capacity(Load centre distance 500 mms) of Load(kg)Mast height h1(mm)CQ10CQ13CQ15CQ18CQ201.0t1.3t1.5t1.8t2tRM30030001000130015001800200020802080212021202120RM3603600800100014001600180023802380242024202420RM420420070085012501450160026802680272027202720
ModelLift height h 1(mm)Free lift height h 7(mm)1.0t1.3t1.5t1.8t2t1.0t1.3t1.5t1.8t2tRTFM5002340234023402340234016101610161016101610RTFM5602500250025002500250017701770177017701770RTFM6002660266026602660266019301930193019301930RTFM660--288028802880--215021502150RTFM720--310031003100--237023702370RTFM750--320032003200--257825782578RTFM800--332033203320--274827482748RTFM820--338033803380--281528152815
Identification1.1ModelCQA101.2Driveelectric1.3Type of operatingstand on1.4Rated loadQ(K)10001.5Lifting heightH 3(L)6000-80001.6Load centre distanceC(L)5001.7Travel speed(laden/unladen)(km/h)71.8Lift speed(laden/unladen)(L /S)1601.9Max.gradient performace,laden/unladen(%)>121.1Minimum turn radiusWa(L)21801.11Fork frame lateral distance X(L)10001.12Fork frame move times91.13The fork rotation angleDeg1801.14The fork revolves times91.15Service brake  Hydraulicdimemsions2.1Ovwerall lengthL 1(L)35002.2Overall widthB 1(L)15802.3Lowered mast heightH 1(L)37702.4Free liftH 2(L)26502.5Extened mast heightH 4(L)90902.6Overhead load guard heightH 5(L)22902.7Fork size(L)900 *100 *352.8Ground clearance,centre of wheelbaseH 6(L)352.9Minimum aisle width for palletsL17502.1Net weight(K)6300others3.1Driving motor(Kw)6.33.2Lifting motor(Kw)8.63.3battery:( for 5 hours)(V/Ah)48/D6594.1Tire  Solid tyre4.2Front wheel size  250 *1504.3Rear wheel size  430 *1804.4Balance wheel size  130 *504.5The front round is apart fromB 2(L)13505.4Change direction a form  Hydraulic5.2High control method  Automatically settle a layer5.3The speed controls a way  Curtis


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Q:The depreciation period and the rate of depreciation of engineering machinery such as forklift truck
The enterprise income tax law of the People's Republic of China regulations on the implementation of article 60: unless it is otherwise prescribed by the competent financial and tax departments under the state council, the computation of depreciation of fixed assets fixed number of year of the lowest is as follows: (1) houses, buildings, for 20 years; (2) aircraft, trains, ships, machinery, machinery and other production facilities for 10 years; (3) the equipment, tools, furniture, etc., which are related to the production and operation activities, shall be five years; (4) transport vehicles, other than aircraft, trains and ships, for four years; (5) electronic equipment, for 3 years.
Q:The forklift should be put on record
According to party policy, we need to deal with it. For special equipment parts will know that you have a forklift truck, after the time limit will mot, found unqualified is money, of course, it is not reported to the also don't know what you are using a forklift.
Q:What is the procedure of the forklift?
The registration form of the special equipment (two copies of the original); The inspection report (original and copy) of the inspection (or periodical) in the validity period; Certificate of special equipment (original and photocopy); Product quality certificate (original and photocopy). Note: all copies need to be covered with the official seal.
Q:What about the steering wheel of an electric forklift without stepping on the accelerator?
Do you have an electric drive or a hydraulic steering? If the oil pressure is turned, will the rise and tilt be normal? If the machine is normal, check the multi-way valve if it is not normal
Q:What information do you want to prepare for the forklift
Go to the quality supervision bureau exam, still straight out The latter is relatively simple, such as photos, id CARDS and so on
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of exhaust and exhaust in the forklift truck
Is, of course, the exhaust pipe in the lower part of the human body work better, to know the heavier than air exhaust, and sinks, operators and there is no bridge closed isolation, all day just breathing exhaust fumes. It's not good for you. If the exhaust pipe is above the person's head or the pressure of the exhaust, the exhaust will be carried over the top of the head, which will not affect the health of the operator. So depending on the size and relative height of the forklift truck.
Q:What oil do you use for forklift
According to the regulations of the engine manufacturer choice, shall not be lower than the quality levels but can be higher than stipulated by the manufacturer, the quality level is usually set by the American petroleum institute standards, such as API (American petroleum institute English abbreviation) CF - 4, and CH, CG - 4-4, including class C on behalf of the engine oil is suitable for diesel engine use, and the English letters represents quality levels, CF - CH - 4 level from low to high The viscosity of the oil also should be selected by the manufacturer's (viscosity and ambient temperature).
Q:Electric forklifts can be used for a long time
Look at the use case, look at work environment, look at worker's labor attitude, average about a year and a half.
Q:How to drive a forklift
Forklift truck than a car drives well No I drive a car but often see loading should see good open in to my factory and other customers in suzhou, Shanghai, zhejiang and so on No, I only in jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui delivery other far away don't run
Q:What is the cause of my forklift
There are a lot of reasons why you can't start, and the owner doesn't say whether it's an internal combustion fork or a forklift truck.

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