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1.0-2.0t wide view three stage all free mast tableModelExtended mast height H 4(mm) The capacity(Load centre distance 500 mms) of Load(kg)CQ10CQ13CQ15CQ18CQ20RTFM5005000700800115013001400RTFM5605600600700105012001300RTFM6006000500600100011001200RTFM6606600--85010001100RTFM7207200--700800900RTFM7507500--650700750RTFM8008000--550600650RTFM8208200--500550600
ModelExtended mast height H 4(mm) The capacity(Load centre distance 500 mms) of Load(kg)Mast height h1(mm)CQ10CQ13CQ15CQ18CQ201.0t1.3t1.5t1.8t2tRM30030001000130015001800200020802080212021202120RM3603600800100014001600180023802380242024202420RM420420070085012501450160026802680272027202720
ModelLift height h 1(mm)Free lift height h 7(mm)1.0t1.3t1.5t1.8t2t1.0t1.3t1.5t1.8t2tRTFM5002340234023402340234016101610161016101610RTFM5602500250025002500250017701770177017701770RTFM6002660266026602660266019301930193019301930RTFM660--288028802880--215021502150RTFM720--310031003100--237023702370RTFM750--320032003200--257825782578RTFM800--332033203320--274827482748RTFM820--338033803380--281528152815
Identification1.1ModelCQA101.2Driveelectric1.3Type of operatingstand on1.4Rated loadQ(K)10001.5Lifting heightH 3(L)6000-80001.6Load centre distanceC(L)5001.7Travel speed(laden/unladen)(km/h)71.8Lift speed(laden/unladen)(L /S)1601.9Max.gradient performace,laden/unladen(%)>121.1Minimum turn radiusWa(L)21801.11Fork frame lateral distance X(L)10001.12Fork frame move times91.13The fork rotation angleDeg1801.14The fork revolves times91.15Service brake  Hydraulicdimemsions2.1Ovwerall lengthL 1(L)35002.2Overall widthB 1(L)15802.3Lowered mast heightH 1(L)37702.4Free liftH 2(L)26502.5Extened mast heightH 4(L)90902.6Overhead load guard heightH 5(L)22902.7Fork size(L)900 *100 *352.8Ground clearance,centre of wheelbaseH 6(L)352.9Minimum aisle width for palletsL17502.1Net weight(K)6300others3.1Driving motor(Kw)6.33.2Lifting motor(Kw)8.63.3battery:( for 5 hours)(V/Ah)48/D6594.1Tire  Solid tyre4.2Front wheel size  250 *1504.3Rear wheel size  430 *1804.4Balance wheel size  130 *504.5The front round is apart fromB 2(L)13505.4Change direction a form  Hydraulic5.2High control method  Automatically settle a layer5.3The speed controls a way  Curtis


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Q:What is the difference between a forklift and a trailer for a hydraulic drive?
Just like the manual, you can hang up the gear without stepping on it, and only go forward and backward. It's better than manual. The left side is going down, and the handle on the right is leaning forward, and then backwards. Actually, you go to the scene and you have to try it first. Step on the brakes and try to go down. this
Q:Why are there two kinds of special equipment operators
Before 2002, it was a special operation certificate issued by the security bureau. It was a two-year inspection. All reviews after 2002 are handled by the bureau of quality supervision. I did it last year for $100. I'll take it back this year. You can easily pick up your money after two months without having to pass the test for the test. It becomes a special equipment operator issued by the bureau of quality supervision. I'm working on the quality technology supervision.
Q:What is the tonnage of a few tons of forklifts?
Ports typically range from 3 tons to 45 tons of forklift trucks and 36 to 40 tons of tall machines and more than 70 tons of front cranes, commonly known as capsizes
Q:How do you drive the forklift
4) loading and unloading (1) fork materials, should according to need to adjust the distance between two goods fork, make the two forks load balancing, not skewed, items side should be posted on the shelves, fork in weight shall comply with the provisions of the curve of load center sign. (2) the carrying capacity shall not obstruct the sight of the driver. In the course of loading and unloading, the brake forklift must be used. (4) when the goods are approaching or exiting the goods, the speed should be slow and steady, and the wheel should not be rolled over the items, wooden pads, etc., so as not to be crushed by the roller. (5) when taking goods with a fork and fork, the cargo fork should be as deep as possible in the load, and the tip of the fork cannot touch any other goods or objects. The minimum door frame should be used to stabilize the load, so the load will not slide backward. When the load is put down, the door is small enough to allow the load and the fork to be drawn.
Q:There are several forklift drivers in China
Short for "motor vehicle driving license", and "driving licence", in accordance with the law personnel required for motor vehicle driving licenses, previously known as forklift driver, now change to code, forklift driver code is N2.
Q:What is the difference between a forklift mechanical drive and a hydraulic drive?
The traditional mechanical transmission is through the transmission, differential and half shaft will drive to the wheels, hydraulic by hydraulic pump hydraulic oil into the high pressure oil, and then through the oil to transform the hydraulic oil to the hydraulic drive device, to drive the wheels. Gear drive inevitably there will be wear and tear, if the lack of oil is more serious, gear damage, damage to the parts of fault, and hydraulic transmission omitted many of the transmission mechanism, reduce the friction, and increase the efficiency of the there will be no collision between gear, also won't have dash, started the phenomenon such as unstable.
Q:Battery lift truck charging requirement
Different types of charging machine output parameters are different, and the method should follow the instructions of the charging machine. The electric forklift truck. The wire and socket should be checked before electricity is damaged. If any damage is found, it should be repaired and replaced before recharging. 3, check whether the battery is intact and wiring are in good condition, and open the charging flap, observe the electrolyte is in accordance with the provisions of the liquid level height, add distilled water when necessary, the injection liquid level higher than protective piece of 15 to 20 mm advisable.
Q:What is the section 4 and 3
Give you detailed answers. 1, the forklift professional qualification certificate: first, medium, high, technicians, senior technicians, five levels, in turn: five, four, three, two, one level. Level 4 is intermediate, level 3 is advanced. This is from the human society bureau. Used to evaluate technical workers' wages. The forklift also has a certificate, which is called the operation certificate of the equipment, which is issued by the bureau of quality supervision, regardless of grade. Commonly known as operation certificate.
Q:There is no clutch for the electric cylinder forklift
Battery forklift truck is no clutch, only the brake and accelerator accelerator, he's moving back done by several parts, the first thing to have a reversing switch control forward retreat, when switch forward, forklift electric controller, receive the signal, after the circuit conversion in the reactor, open the advance circuit, at the same time the throttle to adjust output voltage to the electronic control unit, adjust the voltage of electric controller output to the motor, done by the motor to go forward, when you back in front of the control is the same, just electric controller in the output to the excitation current and voltage of motor is opposite. The electric field in the motor changes and the motor changes. And then I fell back.
Q:The depreciation period and the rate of depreciation of engineering machinery such as forklift truck
The enterprise income tax law of the People's Republic of China regulations on the implementation of article 60: unless it is otherwise prescribed by the competent financial and tax departments under the state council, the computation of depreciation of fixed assets fixed number of year of the lowest is as follows: (1) houses, buildings, for 20 years; (2) aircraft, trains, ships, machinery, machinery and other production facilities for 10 years; (3) the equipment, tools, furniture, etc., which are related to the production and operation activities, shall be five years; (4) transport vehicles, other than aircraft, trains and ships, for four years; (5) electronic equipment, for 3 years.

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