For Iphone5 Lens 3 In 1 Mobile Lens Phone Wide Angle Lens

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For iphone5 lens 3 in 1 mobile lens phone wide angle lens


Universal 3 in 1 Clip Lens Wide Angle+ Macro+ Fish Eye Lens for Apple iphone Samsung HTC Phones
1.easy to install for Universal 3 in 1 Clip Lens Wide Angle+ Macro+ Fish Eye Lens for Apple iphone Samsung HTC Phones
1.easy to install and use for many models of mobilephones for iphones samsung and htc phones
3.wide angle+macro+fish eye lens



* Fashion and clip design, portable and lightweight
* Made of high quality material, durable and sturdy
* Universal type, suitable for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, and other smart phones
* 3-in-one universal clip lens: wide angle, Macro lens, fish-eye lens


* Macro lens can take clear photos of small objects
* Wide-angle lens can shoot larger range of scenery
*180 degrees of the scene can be captured by fisheye lens, which can let you enjoy the unreal world
*To use this lens enable you easily enjoy photography and find the instant beauty of the world



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Q:Camera lens on a small amount of dust is not a little impact on the quality of imaging?
If the lens is not much dust, can not ignore him Do not listen to people say, to buy something that is not cheap to come back to rub, as the lens is not good If the camera is UV mirror before the dirty, it does not matter, can change one Lens words, alcohol rub, the impact of the lens may be smaller, but can not rub, absolutely not rub.
Q:Lengthen the camera lens focal length is zoomed in or out
2, the shorter the focal length of the optical zoom lens smaller, the shorter the focal length of the lens the greater the perspective. the focus is reduced, the subject changes from far to near.
Q:Camera lens how dust?
In order to maintain the X series of high performance and the birth of the shutter assembly of the closed structure, to prevent dust into the fuselage internal measures have also been fully considered. As the basic idea of ​​the XF system, first, the use of "around the sensor to implement a closed structure" to prevent dust from touching the sensor. In the bayonet surface and the sensor inserted between the three pieces of glass, heavy structure to prevent dust from entering. Second, the dust once into the fuselage when the internal countermeasure. The three cups of glass inserted between the bayonet surface and the sensor are mounted with piezoelectric elements as a "dust removal system". Using about 80,000 times / second vibration to remove the glass surface attached to the dust. In order to pursue the miniaturization of X-Pro1, both the bayonet and the dust removal system are kept thin and lightweight, and the basic performance is not affected at all. This rigorous design ensures high accuracy and reliability. Although the simple, but very sincere - which condensed everything for the sake of the user's design ideas.
Q:SLR camera lens how to see the model to identify the quality
Canon red circle, Nikon gold circle, this is just outsiders to see. Now out of the APS-C frame of the lens is no red circle, only full-frame lens has For example, 17-55 lens, you can say less than the red circle of 17-40? But the former aperture is 2.8, the latter is 4, look to see it.
Q:What does the camera lens's ccd mean?
In principle, the digital camera uses a photographic device containing color photographic elements (hereinafter referred to as photographic elements) to record the light intensity and image color taken by the lens, and then generate a color image through the processor in the camera Calculate the complete color value of each corresponding pixel in the final image file, through which the digital photo similar to the film photo is formed. However, not all of the sensor photographic elements can play a role in the final formation of the photo. Because the digital camera will be the outside edge of many "black" (light is blocked) photography as a reference. They are not sensitive to themselves. Since each pixel needs to retrieve data from all the directions around it, there are some "black" photographic elements that provide the edge pixel values, but they do not appear in the final picture, which is the difference between the CCD pixel and the CCD effective pixels
Q:Can Canon's camera use Nikon's lens?
No, unless the adapter ring, but can not automatically focus, with the same can not be used.
Q:Plus what lens can protect the digital camera lens?
UV mirror for the seaside, mountain, snow and open areas such as the shooting environment, can reduce the blue caused by the blue tone. At the same time for the digital camera, you can also exclude the interference of UV on the CCD, help to improve the resolution and color reproduction effect.
Q:What does the camera's lens mean? How to understand
Heart: the center of the convex lens can be seen as a light heart. The lens of the camera we use is equivalent to a convex lens, where the film (or the photographic device of the digital camera) is in the vicinity of the focus of the convex lens, or the distance between the film and the convex lens is approximately equal to the focal length of the convex lens. Convex lens can be imaged, generally with a convex lens to do the lens of the camera, it becomes the most clear as the general will not just fall on the focus, or that the most clear as the distance to the distance (like distance) is generally not equal Focal length, but slightly larger than the focal length. The specific distance is related to the distance between the illuminated object and the lens (object distance), the larger the object distance, the smaller the distance (but in fact it is always greater than the focal length). Because we are photographed, the distance between the illuminated object and the camera (lens) is not always the same, such as giving a picture, sometimes, like the whole body, away from the body, away from the body, away from the nearest. In other words, the distance is not always fixed, so that in order to get a clear image, it must be different with the object to change the film to the lens of the distance of the heart, the process of change is that we usually say " Coke ".
Q:What is the depth of the camera on the lens there is a circle around the symmetrical aperture scale, what is the role of how to adjust the aperture and speed to meet the required depth of field requirements
From the depth of field table, the depth of field with the set aperture value changes: large aperture depth of field, small aperture depth of field long. Depth of field also changes with the subject distance, when the lens close to the scene when the focus, the depth of field is short, when the distance of the object is very long.
Q:Camera lens how to do oil?
In the purchase of lens paper, be sure to go to the regular professional photography store to buy, do not seek cheap and buy low-quality lens paper, this lens paper often contains a certain amount of wood pulp, will seriously damage the digital camera lens Coating, at that time you may be "regret"

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