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YC Mechanism Meat Grinder is specially designed to chop the frozen meat at -18℃ and -24℃, can produce different sizes of minced meat and slices by changing the cutter. No obvious temperature rise can be made on the products, so the minimum bacteria level can be maintained for your products while the hemoglobin can be properly preserved, greatly improving the shelf life of your products. It also boasts of easy operation and high productivity and efficiency.

Frozen Meat Mincer Advantages:
        Easy cleaning  
        Surface & Hopper stainless steel  
        Ejecting device for meat worm and cutting unit, manually operated
        Hardly noticeable temperature rise with the final product
        Drive shaft stainless steel, seated in special seals and ball bearings
        Worm housing, meat worm and cutting unit stainless steel


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Q:Is the stainless steel meat grinder easy to use?
Now I have a home, too small, and sometimes automatically card and, really is the clothes, commercial how much money, suitable for home, right, I also want to buy one.
Q:What kind of meat machine is used for household?
If it is home with Murphy brand meat grinder, brand products, specializing in the production of meat grinder, it can maximize maintain meat flavor, and he on the board chop stuffing almost!
Q:Hello, dear! Thank you for your support for Joyoung.The two machine is mainly the appearance of a slight difference, you can choose according to their own needs.
Installation. Many people like to complete the machine after each meat, but in fact this method is not advisable. Ideally, each time after use, should be a meat grinder clean in the form placed in wooden cabinet, or completely dry after the assembly, the assembly should not be immediately. The installation starts with the assembly. The first roller feeding machine cavity, to reduce friction and wear, at a drop of oil in the shaft, between the propeller shaft and the rear end of the plastic sleeve Please add a small amount of edible oil, so easy to use. Then the cutter head is arranged on the roller blade, attention outwards. Then the leak is mounted to the head, gently shake the three with the machine cavity closely aligned with then, fastening nut mounted to the chute outside, pay attention to an appropriate degree, too loose will make roumo from side seam leakage will damage the wire mouth tightly. Finally, the installation of the handle, note the handle outward, the gap after the alignment into, and then screw the strong screws. The mounting machine is relatively simple, the most important thing is to choose a suitable fixed, such as the large wooden chopping board, the occlusal port at the edge, chopping board, tighten the fastening screws. Because the meat is harder, so it is better to use a screwdriver and other tools to strengthen the body, so as to prevent the machine from loosing during the working process.
Q:How does sausage yk12 combine with sausage?
Did not hear, oh, the general family, you can use lexen manual meat grinder, you can also fill sausage!
Q:Is it different from meat to be mashed with a wooden hammer and meat from a meat grinder?
Wood hammered minced meat taste a little more refinedMaterial ScienceTaro 0.5, lean meat 50 grams, egg 1
Q:How do you clean the meat grinder every time you use it?
The procedures for cleaning the meat grinder are as follows:1, first clean toothbrush, test tube brush and other auxiliary supplies;2. Unplug the meat grinder;3. Use tools to separate the cutter and the cup body of the meat grinder;4. Wash the warm water containing detergent into the meat grinder. Clean the meat grinder with a toothbrush and a test tube brush;5, rinse with tap water two times, place in cool and ventilated place, control dry.
Q:How to clean the meat grinder manually
After the completion of each use, the meat will be three, screw, blade, hole plate and so removed
Q:Can you mince ginger and garlic in the meat grinder?
Or special appliances, more reliable?
Q:Is the meat grinder good for electric or manual?
Household manual more appropriate. Electric quality is good, more expensive. If the quality is bad, if the bad, and beat out the meat broken into paste, uneven. Large kitchen special, dangerous, if the family has children.
Q:Long time no meat, the blade is full of meat, how to deal with
Just give it a blister

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