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YC Mechanism Meat Grinder is specially designed to chop the frozen meat at -18℃ and -24℃, can produce different sizes of minced meat and slices by changing the cutter. No obvious temperature rise can be made on the products, so the minimum bacteria level can be maintained for your products while the hemoglobin can be properly preserved, greatly improving the shelf life of your products. It also boasts of easy operation and high productivity and efficiency.

Frozen Meat Mincer Advantages:
        Easy cleaning  
        Surface & Hopper stainless steel  
        Ejecting device for meat worm and cutting unit, manually operated
        Hardly noticeable temperature rise with the final product
        Drive shaft stainless steel, seated in special seals and ball bearings
        Worm housing, meat worm and cutting unit stainless steel


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Q:Hello, dear! Thank you for your support for Joyoung.The two machine is mainly the appearance of a slight difference, you can choose according to their own needs.
Clean。 The first ready to clean toothbrush, brush and other auxiliary equipment, according to the reverse direction will dismantle, the clean out machine cavity meat meat, then the global machine to contain detergent in warm water, with a toothbrush will all parts one by one to clean, and then washing with tap water two times. Put it in a cool and airy place. This machine after use, must be all apart, washed with water or hot water, dry to avoid oxidation, the body has inside for anti oxygen treatment, non-toxic and tasteless. But please do not use saline or other chemical properties of the water used to wash the body, otherwise prone to corrosion blackening.
Q:What is the power of the ordinary meat grinder, please?
[electric] meat grinder is a kind of motor drive, using the screw drive, the meat into the screen inside, and the use of rotating blades to cut meat into small pieces. Users can choose different aperture according to the taste of the screen.
Q:Can you mince ginger and garlic in the meat grinder?
Or special appliances, more reliable?
Q:How to grind round blade of multifunctional meat grinder?
This should be a professional grinding, they can not wear, it is easy to damage
Q:Can soya bean milk machine be used as meat grinder?
Two times a time, no problem, I use it. Just in general, or separate good, you can extend the service life of the machine
Q:Long time no meat, the blade is full of meat, how to deal with
Clean it up. It's bacterial
Q:In the market of pork meat dishes, what changes into the meat grinder and the weight? How often does it vary in proportion?
There must be a change. Because you buy pork, meat processing, must be more than a few minutes of water washing, water penetration and attached to the meat, will undoubtedly increase the weight, except myself increase their weight.
Q:Is it different from meat to be mashed with a wooden hammer and meat from a meat grinder?
Wood hammered minced meat taste a little more refinedMaterial ScienceTaro 0.5, lean meat 50 grams, egg 1
Q:Can domestic meat be twisted and twisted?
Also divided into models, big can, small can not,
Q:Why do the meat grinder without artificial chop if meat stuffing delicious, there is no meat machine.
The meat grinder has no manual chopping and kneading. It is because the principle of processing meat is different. The meat grinder is squeezed, rubbed and scraped, and has a little temperature. Especially, the habit of squeezing and wiping is different from that of eating meat

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