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YC Mechanism Meat Grinder is specially designed to chop the frozen meat at -18℃ and -24℃, can produce different sizes of minced meat and slices by changing the cutter. No obvious temperature rise can be made on the products, so the minimum bacteria level can be maintained for your products while the hemoglobin can be properly preserved, greatly improving the shelf life of your products. It also boasts of easy operation and high productivity and efficiency.

Frozen Meat Mincer Advantages:
        Easy cleaning  
        Surface & Hopper stainless steel  
        Ejecting device for meat worm and cutting unit, manually operated
        Hardly noticeable temperature rise with the final product
        Drive shaft stainless steel, seated in special seals and ball bearings
        Worm housing, meat worm and cutting unit stainless steel


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Q:Can the electric meat grinder squeeze the juice?
Don't use it, juicer motor only hundred watts, meat more than motor 500W also hold. I wonder how big your Juicer motor is. Look at the power.
Q:Delevin, the butcher, Delevin, and gold anchor? Which one is good? Why is the epic butcher 20 yuan more expensive than the legendary gold anchor? No
The gold anchor is legend though. But at the same time is the confabulator. From the beginning to the end, full effect. The meat grinder didn't know it. The only good thing is less words. See what you like
Q:What meat grinder is good for making meatballs?
With meat pulp Suihua Rice-meat dumplings beater processing made of Rice-meat dumplings, delicate, low-fat, crisp taste, good elasticity, good toughness, is the ideal equipment for producing Rice-meat dumplings.
Q:Where the meat grinder is of good quality, where can I get the meat grinder?
Production type: food can be frozen meat or meat cutter directly, made of different specifications of the meat product description: meat grinder is the meat industry, a cutting equipment in the production process of the most intestinal type. It is the function of the granular bulk meat stuffing raw meat into different sizes according to process requirements so, with other materials are fully mixed, to meet the requirements of different products.
Q:Can you mince ginger and garlic in the meat grinder?
Yes, but not too long. Otherwise, it will become foam
Q:Points for attention of domestic meat grinder
Make use of.Domestic meat grinder with grinding meat, only the meat cut into thick strips into the machine, press the button you can wear uniform color meat, without you on the chopping block rattled chop arm sour, save time and effort. Help you quickly and easily make the sausage. Beautiful shape, smooth curve, easy to clean. A good kitchen helper, much taste of life.Domestic Mincer when in use, every 20 seconds to play the middle pause, the machine is durable its use function, when the motor has occurred when abnormal conditions such as fever, smell, must let it stop cooling after use, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the motor, or cause loss. No more than 1 minutes of continuous use.
Q:The difference between a domestic food grinder and a meat grinder
Food grinder according to the actual requirements of production, working principle is different, with blade type is common;
Q:How does the meat grinder rust every day?
Can go to the store to buy some rust spray, spray a can remove the rust. But this method does not know whether there is poison in addition to rust, can clean up?.
Q:How does sausage yk12 combine with sausage?
If the yk12 type meat sausage machine, need to add a transition joint on a discharging machine yk12 meat outlet joint is connected to one end of the meat grinder, the other end is inserted in the casing. This way you can mince meat, stir, side sausage.
Q:Can the meat grinder be minced with meat? Meat comes out with bones
Yes, of course, but the fish bone will be mixed inside

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